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  1. alantan

    Interior & complete Restoration job by Espada Motors

    I'd like to know what's the expected price for rewrapping the A,B and C pillars for BMW e46? thank you. Alan Tan
  2. alantan

    BMW E46 318i

    just sent you a pm
  3. alantan

    Silverstone NS700 215/50/R17

    Still up for sale..price negotiable. Thank you
  4. alantan

    Silverstone NS700 215/50/R17

    Bump//price is negotiable..trying to just let it go!
  5. Silverstone NS700 215/50/R17

    2 piece tyres only - good for spares/replacement on a budget about 40% thread i think. call/text/PM for more details. self pickup in sri petaling, kuchai lama
  6. alantan

    WTOffer: Corporate Photography Services, Greener Photography for you

    Ipoh Century Ride 2012 is one of the most anticipated roadies challenge in Malaysia. This year, it also marked as most participated events with bicycle in Malaysia. If you have any queries for events photography, please do not hesitate to drop us a message. ---------- Post added at 11:40 PM...
  7. alantan

    WTOffer: Corporate Photography Services, Greener Photography for you

    Please email us at for any photography service enquiries
  8. alantan

    WTOffer: Corporate Photography Services, Greener Photography for you

    Check out our new wedding collections at Sheridan Photography | Facebook
  9. WTOffer: Corporate Photography Services, Greener Photography for you

    WTOffer: Events & Weddings Photographer Name of Company: Sheridan Photography Services: Corporate, Architectural, Industrial, Business Portraiture What is greener photography: Sheridan Photography is an environmentally sustainable photography service for everybody. The world is...
  10. alantan

    Government To Phase-out Import Of Used Car Parts & Components Starting June 1

    the items that should be banned in the phase one sound fair enough to me but i think used-tyres is a big this going to work? and never mention anything on phase 2 , 3 and tightening the lisence and stuff.. it is like - no workshop within commercial area but tyre shop
  11. alantan

    Automotive technicians save lives with proper technical training

    Dear TOCMalaysia, i sent my brother into TOC about 1 1/2 years ago. He enjoy his time spent in TOC because for many years he had a burning passion into cars/automotive in general and not because of your facilities and your philipines tutor(your cheap labour). I'm not racist but it used to be...
  12. alantan

    Jian Hang Motorsports there any 3 inch mid box? something that can suck noise pm me please
  13. alantan

    Proton acquires stake in Renault, Lotus set to be main sponsor funny these proton guys
  14. alantan

    Six left standing in the Subaru Impreza Challenge

    last time got mitsubishi storm challenge before in when it was first launch... its not touching but living in the cabin as long as you can... crazy marathon man...
  15. alantan

    Driven: The new Proton Inspira 1.8 manual

    yehh..i like the previous 'skyetan' comments...first car-daihatsu charade, second car-toyota corolla SE90, current car - Subaru Forester i don't like proton so i never buy them but the family owns them so i drives one around occasionally. if proton invited zth to review the car they might as...
  16. alantan

    Buying a Forester Blues...

    hehehehe..first be very sure if its a spec c, 2001...its tough to get around with one.. make sure its not some converted ones or you'd be screwed..... tips: check under/inside the seats or seatbelt, you can see white tags, the tags will have details of the manufacture year. If its not 2000/2001...
  17. alantan

    vios drift??

    there's one time i saw this vios drifting somewhere la in a remote industrial park...wah i so curious so i taruh my auto vios and try to tailgate the drifting vios....damn scary wei..cos the road also very bumpy but i make sure i stay in the rear of the vios and try to 'scare shit him'... wah...
  18. alantan

    Revealed: New Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a Carbon Fiber wetdream

    its really a great piece....its like owning a bat mobile now....gotta look for a suit
  19. alantan

    The end of Lotus F1? Proton terminates contract with the 1 Malaysia Racing Team

    'LOTUS RESTAURANT DAUN PISANG PJ - Who's the owner?? This restaurant should be the best sponsor ever if they manage to sponsor the curry foodie for the team! hahaha :P' so if Lotus Restaurant decided to ventures into Formula 1, they are not rightful to use the word 'Lotus' anywhere in their...
  20. alantan

    Subaru's third-gen boxer set to KO the rest

    its not all about better performance but at the same time a more linear and efficient internal combustion. i think that is what it's focusing. the boxer's, subaru is wearing right now is already one of the best but in terms of reliability its still questionable compared to honda's and toyota's...
  21. alantan

    JailBreak /Theme customize/software repair [IPhone]

    curently updated to 4.1 on 3g 16gb.. can jb? package 2? pm me
  22. alantan

    Bridgestone Potenza RE01-R 215/45/17

    nice-price is negotioable? Regards, Alan Tan
  23. alantan

    Rumourmill gives the FT-86 extra doors

    mebbe then they call it 4 door version : FT-80 / FT-82 coupe version: FT-86 GT Apex just like the olden days guys
  24. alantan

    Car held for ransom @ Seremban

    auturo, i'm not sure if it's the same gang/shops but its the same kind of trick. I could check with my friend but i don't think he remember the shops actual location. sigh..
  25. alantan

    Car held for ransom @ Seremban

    this shit happens to my friends car too..very similiar situation from ts. On the way from KL-Melacca 1) car boils up 2) helper arrives in split seconds 3) offer help to fix radiator 4) towed to workshop for further inspections 5) next thing he notice was the engine cam cover being removed (...
  26. alantan

    What if the Satria Neo was a 4 door...

    ermm..if they want a 4 door neo?..then why is there a need for gen.2 and persona?
  27. alantan

    help on my myvi!!!

    surely la not monster but a creature something the norms refer to as 'LaLA'
  28. alantan

    satria to install 4wd

    i dont think you should do it...having AWD system fitted in your ride will causes the car to loose it might have the system running perfectly but the control of your car due the the in balance will not make you go far..and will probably cause unnecessary stress to your satria...
  29. alantan

    NA turbo car with knocking sound

    mebbe its a sign that you should remove your 'bolt on turbo' and leave the poor engine alone. your type of knocking is probably due to 'abnormal combustion' in the internal parts of the engine. Its not the type of fuel in your case but the a/f mixture. my guess is overide the stock ecu or...
  30. alantan

    Malaysian petrol prices could go up by 15 cents if government approves proposal

    the analisis and the proposal above makes no looks like as it was from a college students only. Its not convincing that by reducing the subsidy it will solve problems ahead. Politician will continue to use the money saved building another cyberjaya or buying the PM another trip to...
  31. alantan

    Digital Photography Workshop

    Hey ya'll, IAM Academy and Asiae University jointly organizing a Digital Photography Workshop entitle Exploring Digital Photography for all beginners to intermediate level. Digital Photography Workshop Exploring Digital Photography Venue : Knowledge Centre, AeU ( Location Map ) Time ...
  32. alantan


    I'm using ermm..Endless FS-104 , far so problem too -RM200 for 5 litres! value for money and its from japang! btw my ride is forester sf5
  33. alantan

    [WTB] S30 240z/260z/280z

    thornys: + most of the z's here is usually 2+2 wo
  34. alantan

    Brax eXvibration Sound Deadening, Good way to eliminate noise (ICE)

    how much surface is covered with a single tub? does it requires multiple layer for better insulations?
  35. alantan

    [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    Re: Looking for parts ? - Post here !!! hey guys, need some urgent help..looking for a 2E 1.3 SE Manual Gearbox. Please call/sms 012 662 9449 if you have any! regards, alantan
  36. alantan

    Trade in Price.

    I've PM-ed you! Thanks
  37. alantan

    WTS : Corolla SE 1.3(M) 1991.

    car still for sale! price is highly negotiaoble
  38. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade

    front nose still up for trade!
  39. alantan

    I think i need to change engine la

    trading the front top up..just need to get it done and be happy with it... help!
  40. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade

    okay..waiting for it..thanks
  41. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade

    nnik..yea i am upgrading my ride. thanks
  42. alantan

    WTS : Corolla SE 1.3(M) 1991.

    hahahha.....uncle fred! long time no see...thanks for the compliment
  43. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade

    Actually i need the original Nose because i'm going to sell my car and my trueno head would not pass the JPJ inspection i think..hahahahaha regards, alantan
  44. alantan

    Scully's Offer: Autogauge Clearance!!!

    I have sent you an emali..plkeae check
  45. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade problem mate.. could you send me some picture of your my email and we discuss further okay? regards, alan tan
  46. alantan

    AE92 Trueno Front nose for trade

    As mentioned in the subject, My corolla is fitted with AE92 Trueno Front Nose (GT Apex) I am seriously selling my car this time and i would like to trade my Trueno front nose with original EE90 nose. Parts include; -Headlamps -Bumper -Fender(modified to fit) -Bonnet -Fog Lights(pair)...
  47. alantan

    I think i need to change engine la

    After much consideration, i have decided to let go my corolla. sobs... ---------- Post added at 02:03 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:25 AM ---------- Refer to...