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  1. evilmaycry2004

    Malaysian Skyline Club?

    count me in but subject to free time oso laa..:itsme::biggrin:
  2. evilmaycry2004

    UY-GTJ Uphill Breakfast 30th Jan 2011

    how many cars goin??
  3. evilmaycry2004

    where can buy Infometer Touch Non-OBD Harness Nissan

    doc.. u'll be going to super autobacs nextweek rite???:biggrin:
  4. evilmaycry2004

    Malaysian Skyline Club?

    1) dr.d 2) gobiz 3) eagle 4) blood red 5) [PIMPIN] 6) Temujin 7) Tomiya Takato/Kyle 8) geber 9) V-Spec 10) frootloops 11) BNR 12) POKKU 13) Rokok_sebatang 14) lemon_demon @ andy 15) anep 16) feezdya (00\______/00) 17)fokyerdoder 18) paddy!! (padi83) 19) alvinT 20) koe (koe...
  5. evilmaycry2004

    Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    ok bro.. but subject to 'availability' of my car... now its still static @ the front of tuan gobiz cars @ ums.. hopefully can be on the road today..:biggrin:
  6. evilmaycry2004

    Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    maybe attending.. but a bit takut to drive along wif the experts.. how??:hmmmm::biggrin:
  7. evilmaycry2004

    Renault Megane RS spied at Sepang

    yup.. but can do 'roti canai' to gti & scirocco...:burnout:
  8. evilmaycry2004

    A true enthusiast is not necessarily a good driver

    keep at ur own pace bro.. just relax & enjoy the scenery.. hehe:driver: ---------- Post added at 11:36 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:22 AM ---------- u are 1 of them rite?? hehehe
  9. evilmaycry2004

    R34 GTR cabin noise

    my ogura twin plate oso got sound... i think most of twin plate is like that one... or not???:hmmmm:
  10. evilmaycry2004

    Your *opinion* on best workshop for Skyline

    vote for UMS Puchong... AKENTARO!!!!
  11. evilmaycry2004

    acktiviti post

    lets go la bro... the drive is after 10pm... sure can follow...:biggrin: co pilot oso can... who wouldnt know maybe in near future u bcome the organiser for the drive.. hehhehe
  12. evilmaycry2004

    acktiviti post

    my car is stock standard.. for sure ur car can chase me pokku... hehehe rokok sebatang, wanna go for a drive this weekend?? its a fun drive all the way..:burnout::biggrin:
  13. evilmaycry2004

    acktiviti post

    well doc.. as usual... WSGxx on for the drive.... just bring it!!! :driver: :biggrin: pokku.. sori last nite didnt know ur car 'sakit perut', if not can reverse back to help.. bz chasing doc running here & there @ NKVE... huhu
  14. evilmaycry2004

    acktiviti post

    lukut?? miss the fried mee so much... but cannot make it this week.. :bawling: got to go to kedah la doc.. if nextweek then confirm i can join... hee