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    ULTRA RACING Chassis Tuning Specialist

    any product suit for x trail 05?
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    Eibach Federn Sport Spring

    bro, nissan x trail year 05 have?
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    Bendix Brake Pads

    Nissan x trail year 2005, front and rear, how much??
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    L.E.D Side Sill Plate

    x trail 05 have?
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    REDLINE Power Drop In Filter

    Bro best price for nissan x trail 2.5?
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    Kaitospeed: NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

    Bro bear price for x trail 2.5 year 2005?
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    [WTS]RED LINE Lubricant

    Bro, how much the cvt gearbox oil? Do u provide flush gearbox oil service? Pls pm me for good price.. Thanks
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    VOGTLAND Sport Lowering Spring from Germany

    product for nissan x trail 2005 ??
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    L.E.D Side Sill Plate

    bro,do u have for x trail year 2005?? pm me pls..thanks
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    Eibach Spring for Nissan X-Trail

    Price?? Spring with absorber?? did the car lowered with eibach spring?
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    L.E.D Side Sill Plates

    any for x trail 2.5? year 2005
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    Tein Ha. Hilo/softhard

    do u have hi/lo soft/hard for x trail 2.5 (T30) ?
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    Bendix Brake Pads

    do u have x trial 2.5 brake pad? how much per set?
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    (new)michelin ps3 tires for sale.

    can u pm me the price for 245@255@265/70/16. thanks
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    Tein Ha. Hilo/softhard

    any product for x-trail 2.5?
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    Freelance Investment Agent

    Email me more
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    Anyone interested in part time job?

    me the detail pls
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    G spray work-custom bodywork

    How much for Wira black change to 2k white?? exterior Only
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    Subang USJ1 - Auto Service, Repair, Spray Paint and Detailer

    bro,how much for a wira repaint ? from black color to myvi white?
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    EG Bumper

    bro, interested with this,but from the picture,there is gap between bumper and headlamp,can it fitted nicely?
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    ProRide Sports Springs

    sport spring for wira 1.5 price?? lowered how many mm??
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    4G1Series, (Save the SOHC's)

    Re: 4G1Series, we are proud for what we are! (Save the SOHC's) hi guys, 4G15 report in.. anyone members know where got sifu doing full overhaul for this engine with cheaper price?? a mechanic quote me RM2300 to get a 4G15 "engine kosong" and he say tht my block need to skim ask me...
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    Monza Racing Coil Sport Spring - Comfort

    how much for wira 1.5 full set ? pls pm the price..thanks
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    [WTS] 16" CESAM Sports MYGALE GUN 'ULTRA RACING' Light Weight Rims + Goodyear EAGLE

    Re: [WTS] 16" CESAM Sports MYGALE GUN 'ULTRA RACING' Light Weight Rims + Goodyear EAG Wanna swap with Wira OEM rim?? need to top up how much?
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    Trade in Price.

    Bro, this is my car how much can it sell ? Manufacture : Honda Model : City 1.3 Auto (Sx8) Year : 1997 Milage : 190K++ Color : Metallic Dark Blue Jus Finish with new paint and new recon gear box,no modification, all original condition Pls pm me, thanks
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    Anyone finding for 2nd hand cars(ANY) COME !!

    any perdana with evo engine???
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    New-Honda EG 6 PU bumper/Lip

    pls pm for the bumper include shipping fees???
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    Honda EG6 Front Bumper

    wat is the best price for the whole bumper??
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    Soon-Ho Autoparts/Halfcuts.

    bro can pm best price for EG6 front bumper...thanks
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    Adjustable Suspension For Wira/Waja/Gen2/Persona/Putra/Satria

    how much for wira 1.5 whole set?
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    Hwl hi-low adjustable

    pls pm for wira 1.5
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    Adjustable Wings Wira...

    boss,the stock still available ? wat is the best price? under warranty?
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    Fiber/Polyurethane Bodykits @ Rock Motorsport Auto Styling

    bro pls pm me the best price for front bumper LLPU1016 bumper...thanks..and do u have the actual picture which after installation??
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    original proton wira leather seat

    erm...accept trade in old 1??? can pm me?
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    satria R3 Front Lips...

    can fit to wira original bumper?
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    Hight Quality Door Visor

    do u have visor for city year 97?? and best price for city 09..pls pm
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    Looking for Half Cut??????

    b16a or d15b,wanna swap into city year97..
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    3M Carbon Fiber Sticker - Grade A Superb Quality

    how much for 90cm x 60cm??
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    {GUANG} Honda vtec single cam sohc engine

    where is the location dude? honda city 97 can use?
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    carbon fiber stickers

    how to buy from u???postage?? or selling in pertama??? pls pm me for more detail..
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    [WTS] Honda City 5G Bodykit

    bro do u sell city facelite like accord 1??
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    Mugen RR kit For Honda CITY 09'

    bro,do u selling the chrome facelite ? and how much for RR front bumper only??
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    L.E.D Side Sill Plate

    pls pm price for city 09 and camry 07..thx
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    carpet honda city vtec red

    which year city?
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    [WTS] Side Sill Plate LED for most Imported Cars

    do u have city09?? how much?? pls pm
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    D.I.Y. Windscreen Car Registration Number kit.

    bro got sample for honda???
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    {{{{High Quality Car Mat For Ur Car}}}}

    pls pm for honda city 09 as well..with rear 3 pieces combine.. and how much for a truck car mat?? where ur location? thx Bump: pls pm for honda city 09 as well..with rear 3 pieces combine.. and how much for a truck car mat?? where ur location? thx Bump: pls pm for honda city 09 as well..with...
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    [WTS] Side Sill Plate LED for most Imported Cars

    have city 09 ?? pls pm woo