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    FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres

    Wheres your shop? What number to call? Tq
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    Looking for Half Cut??????

    Hi there, Possible to find F20C half-cuts? THanks
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    (WTS) Proton Wira A/B [Selling cheap]

    Bump~ Still available for grabs.
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    Meet-ups??? TTs??? Convoy??? anywhere n everywhere...

    Got Movie TT tonite?
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    Meet-ups??? TTs??? Convoy??? anywhere n everywhere...

    Maz & Red,good luck for your team races. Anyway, jus buzz me when you guys free.. Thanks..:driver:
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    Meet-ups??? TTs??? Convoy??? anywhere n everywhere...

    Hi Mike, Red n Maz, Hehe...:burnout: arrange another TT for movie. Free movie tickets below the link: I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry :biggrin:
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    (WTS) Proton Wira A/B [Selling cheap]

    Hi..THanks for Bump~ Just helping Friend to sell off his car. :burnout:
  8. (WTS) Proton Wira A/B [Selling cheap]

    Make: Proton Model: Wira Aeroback Series: 1.3L Fuel: Petrol Registered: 1999 Manufactured: 1999 CC: 1300 Transmission: Manual Exterior Color: Dark Grey Interior Color: Grey, Doors: 4 Seat: 5 Mileage:180000 Price:Rm17k nego. Reason Selling: Owner getting Honda Contact Number: Mr...
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    Old Klang Road !!

    hi~ sorry does anyone of you know last time there was a place called "Indiana Steak House" beside the hotel. As I still looking for that shop.
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    Modded Myvis... Join this post... haha

    Hi TeamAdvan,The front bumper is custom made with fiber material or Mix?
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    Samsung DSLR Camera @ Unbeatable Price!

    what is the ideal price you expecting? Pm me~ tq. Merry Xmas. .. ehe
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    LLumar Security Tint Promo

    Thank You for replying my question. Sigh~ can't remove my tint~ else will be my $$K flying.
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    Just Signup~ Thanks Man hehe
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    LLumar Security Tint Promo

    Just want to ask can i add-on this tint but without removing my current tint? Meaning putting this as the 2nd layer tint.
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    Cut Off Switch For Battery Or Fuel Pump

    can send to me also
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    WTS viper alarm

    can i know the price also?
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    Subang Jaya TT session

    I just found out that Yuen SB u guys mention near to my place. Can I join the crowd? 6th of Oct?
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    ZeroToHundred Girls TT~!!!

    :shades_smile: when can i see your supra? :_: After the BK where u guys went?
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    ZeroToHundred Girls TT~!!!

    Hi all~:X-: i couldn't follow up cause lost the way that u guys go Subang Next Tt ~:embaressed_smile: 6:04am haven't sleep still posting .. wow hehe.
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    Magline Forged 17'

    Nice stuff free bumpz~ From city clubz hehe..
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    Travel Package in Malaysia RM1 ?

    need to register and pay
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    Radiostar Promotion Mailing List

    Can mail me too~ .. Would like to know the new updates promotion. Thanks
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    Sound Proof For All Cars
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    myvi passo bodykit

    the whole set include the spoiler? any others bodykit for myvi?
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    -carbon Fibre Srray- 10q
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    how about warranty?
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    Modded Myvis... Join this post... haha

    singapore very small place , so if got crime they also easy to deal.. malaysia if crime with the dark tinted then hard to track. Can post some pic of side view? I wanted to see how it's like.Cause i saw one jazz will reflect but still can see the girl inside seems quite nice. I see if i can...
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    Modded Myvis... Join this post... haha

    Nice mod man, waiting for you mod of back then i can get my idea on my modding hehe..
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    Sound Proof

    i want some of the pic also .. thank you
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    Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Special Edition 2006

    any other watches? pls sent me the catalog at :
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    closed ..tq
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    Its nice for gaming.. as u can see the captured screen of 'burnout' hehe~ Sri petaling which part? PM me.. your address and contacts~
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    You really want sincere to buy issit? ok.. if u pay me Rm270 and COD at OUG asap..
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    Sorry, the offer now is Rm280. Let go it fast .. if anyone.. able to come COD asap at OUG / Mid Valley. Pm me for my contacts or leave your contacts here.
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    The Pics pics... Front View, Side View, PS2 Gaming Screen Capture. Sorry, for the not so nice quality image cause pic taken using phone. No Digicam :sad_smile: .
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    {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    yeah with remote.. Rm200 is way too low~ My mail was cleared.~
  37. {wTs} 25' TV Toshiba

    As the topic named. Selling 25' TV Tosiba for RM350 (neg) Make your offer ~ *Pic will be upload soon.
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    {wTs}Nokia 7610

    Phone been reserved..thank you for viewing.
  39. {wTs}Nokia 7610

    Selling Used Nokia 7610 item bought September 2005 (AP) With 256mb MMC phone +box+manual+charger+battery 98% like new. Selling for Rm800 (neg) PM or post here to make your best offer ..:_:
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    Seeking for fren

    Hi ~ hehe.. new here.. not from setapak but wanna join TT also hehe.. can?
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    [WTS]8850 Silver Edition

    any pic ?