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  1. bnr_32

    Atessa stop functioning after changed clutch n transfer case oil

    As per eyong suggested, fill it up first and if the 4wd light is still on : for r32 - go and take a look at the attessa control unit. It should have a led flashing error code. For r33 and r34 - follow these instruction Once you know...
  2. bnr_32

    [WTS] Osram Night Breaker PLUS

    h11 bulb best price please.. tq
  3. bnr_32

    wts your skyline? post it here

    a stroked rb30 motor ler kot :dontknow:
  4. bnr_32

    Original Vogtland Sport Spring for most cars!

    price for audi a4 b8?
  5. bnr_32

    Skyline VS GT-R VS Corvette ZR1

    because 17 inch tires are cheaper hehehheeh
  6. bnr_32

    Mega Gathering 2011

    haha sama laa kita :rofl:
  7. bnr_32

    what rims and tires? how much?

    my all time favorite wheel for skyline GTR is 'black nismo LMGT4 limited edition'
  8. bnr_32

    Bad News re: rokok_sebatang

    Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Ya Allah! Berilah pahala kepada saudara kami fahami dan gantikanlah dengan yang lebih baik dari musibah yg menimpanya.. amin ya rabbal al aminn
  9. bnr_32

    Still possible to find blue color STOCK Skyline GT-R 34 in Malaysia???

    17s on gtr34 'is the new black' bro kekekkeek
  10. bnr_32

    Pivot Speed Meter "V" Car Speed Pulse Setting Questions...

    owh ok now i understand.. i tot your car came with rb25 auto and u switch to rb20 manual gearbox from r32.. your case is car came with rb20 manual and u change the engine to rb25 and retain the rb20 manual gearbox right? if that the case than it shouldn't be any problem speed sensor pulse x...
  11. bnr_32

    Pivot Speed Meter "V" Car Speed Pulse Setting Questions...

    RB20 gearbox using speedo cable bro and your r34 cluster need signal from speed sensor.. and why your speed sensor located at rear axle?
  12. bnr_32

    HICAS Diagnostics

    pimpin the code showing error 33.. so its engine speed signal error.. ask him to swap his CAS.. if still not working check the CAS wiring continuity to ECU (pin 4 CAS to pin 41 ECU & pin 3 CAS to pin 42 ECU).. also check pin 2 CAS for power and pin 1 CAS for earth
  13. bnr_32

    expert please come in

    definitely not BNR32 subframe
  14. bnr_32

    Buka Puasa

    I'm in insyaAllah.. anyone from south attending (johor & melaka)? lets convoy :driver: 1) [PIMPIN] 2) Feez&dya 3) Temujin 4) khairil 5) Eagle 6) geber 7) Mistaken_Identity 8) Rokok + wife + kid 9) Pokku + friends.. 10) Loki 11) bnr_32
  15. bnr_32


    u r in jb? pm me bro.. need tu kumpul all skyliners from jb :biggrin:
  16. bnr_32

    Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    bro feezdya for r33gtr & non gtr item 15 pm me the details please tq
  17. bnr_32

    Looking for Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin Series for Nissan Skyline R32

    Eujin mind selling saperately? I'm interested at cdi.. Pm me please tq
  18. bnr_32


    i think i heard about rb26/30 that currently being run in.. and i heard it is insanely fast :stupid: kekekek
  19. bnr_32

    Looking for Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin Series for Nissan Skyline R32

    pehhhh m800 tuuuu.. agak2 brape eh used m800 priced?
  20. bnr_32

    Pic Lame 2004

    nic old pic u got there mac heheh :top: bring back old memories
  21. bnr_32

    Looking for Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin Series for Nissan Skyline R32

    its not that azharil don want to buy from gt auto.. its all about looking for the lowest and best price because he is on a very tight budget hehe.. hey how r u razlan? gimme a call when u r in jb ya :itsme:
  22. bnr_32


    i personally know one r32 with frankenstein rb26/30 motor that was build years ago and still run till today
  23. bnr_32

    skyline rb26 expert in JB

    torque racing permas jaya :top::top: .. same row as vis
  24. bnr_32

    Godspeed Roll Cage

    got for R32?
  25. bnr_32

    doesnt ne1 know the owner of this R34?

    there is no ad on your link laa bro... but if you mean this car ---> Nissan Skyline Gtr V-spec Bnr34 - Cars for sale Perak - den i know the owner
  26. bnr_32

    Sepang Open Track Day - 10 Jun 2011

    dah2 jom solat dulu.. kejap lagi bleh sambung kekekkeke
  27. bnr_32

    Open Day Kolej Komuniti Bentong Pahang

    kita kenai depa.. depa yg x kenai kita.. right bro? kekekke
  28. bnr_32

    WTS: AMSOIL 100% Sythethic Motor Oil & Accessories

    good stuff u got there.. price oso good then what i get previously.. will look for u when my next oil change interval.. free bump for u bro
  29. bnr_32

    Need help for rb25det....

    emanage blue sure have 'anti engine stall' function like what kaminari mention earlier :top:
  30. bnr_32

    Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    need help looking for RB26 IAT (intake air temp) sensor.. need it urgently.. if you have it or know where i can get it please pm me.. thanks guys
  31. bnr_32

    HKS Torque Split Controller-r32&33

    how much hp are u running? if below 500whp it should be fine and wouldn't too tail happy when hard launch (personal experience on gtr32).. please check your attesa system bro.. do your 4wd or abs light on the meter cluster turn on? if not please check if the bulb is not blown.. this is my...
  32. bnr_32

    BUGATTI VEYRON in Johor Bahru

    Are u a johorean? if not don't talk anything that u don't know! please study about johor royalty history first bro IT is not often that one's generosity is questioned. I feel duty-bound to shed light to prevent jaundiced criticisms on Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. His kind...
  33. bnr_32

    Dyno'ed the R33 GTR - Dyno Sheet, Pictures & Videos Inside

    nice n balanced figure from a stock engine n turbo bro :top:
  34. bnr_32

    Malaysian Skyline Club?

    jb member reporting for duty :proud: 1) dr.d 2) gobiz 3) eagle 4) blood red 5) [PIMPIN] 6) Temujin 7) Tomiya Takato/Kyle 8) geber 9) V-Spec 10) frootloops 11) BNR 12) POKKU 13) Rokok_sebatang 14) lemon_demon @ andy 15) anep 16) feezdya (00\______/00) 17)fokyerdoder 18) paddy!! (padi83) 19)...
  35. bnr_32

    r32 GTR 1992

    i think its unregistered
  36. bnr_32

    too much Skyline/GTR i feel like in heaven

    might be a R34 GTT-R
  37. bnr_32

    convert turbo to bigger housing question

    speedspin :top::top::top:
  38. bnr_32

    RB25 upgrade

    go for bep s256 non ett laa ;)
  39. bnr_32

    2:28:249 FD2R Vbox video by Kazama Autoworks at the Time To Attack 3

    agree with you.. after all its lai wee sing that we are talking about that has won many race before.. and i don't think its poor driving since he make the fastest time :driver:
  40. bnr_32

    Selangor plate BNR

    :adore::adore::adore::adore: now only i know kehkehkehkeh
  41. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    let me guess.. today bro pimpin underwear is black rite??? :burnout: cabuttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    yes this might be your problem.. one of tps (throttle position sensor) function is for idle speed control (ecu need to know 0% throttle = idling).. not too sure bout rb26 from bnr34 (i think should be the same laa.. bnr34 owner with pfc please look at your commander n comfirm this tq) but on...
  43. bnr_32

    Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    400hp @ 1bar? geeezzzzz he must be using garrett gt42r or hks t51 spl to get that sort of hp @ 1 bar
  44. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    not so complicated laa bro.. i'll help you.. pm me your contact number
  45. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    what i said is in response to what bro lemon_demon says.. i believe that he is still using MAF sensor thats why he is using hks eids to alter the signal of his MAF to prevent his engine from stall.. and my explanation why his engine stall is based on engine thats run on a MAF sensor.. in your...
  46. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    then u should visit your tuner bro.. no need for dyno just remap on the idle side yes it should be no prob if using v-pro like bro pimpin said[COLOR="Silver"] basically its the same thing interm of functionality.. its a sensor thats ecu use to determine the engine load and how much air is...
  47. bnr_32

    *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    its a common problem for engine that is using maf n vent the aftermarket bov to atmosphere.. to solve the problem u need to recirculate back the bov outlet vent to maf.. otherwise you can install hks eids or emanage (it has the function of hks fcd, hks eids, apexi safc, apexi sitc, hks aic and...
  48. bnr_32


    bro hope can edit the 2nd runner up.. it should be Ratah Racing and from kl.. tq