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    Fuiyo!!! Somebody transplanting v8 into altezza?

    update us on the's the engine fitment? :)
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    Altezza spotted!!!

    wah..all can easily spot me nowadays khoyos: of course u can spot me in sepang...i was with u kot..
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    After market Break kits

    This one i can confirmed...i try it already.. :smile:
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    emanage ultimate installed........

    adian's a good driver...who's gonna enter the next SNF with altezza?heheheh harrison-your car now can install vpro also wat :p hulk-good luck on your tuning bro..didn't know whether u remmeber me or not but we did meet once in dori²..
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    TT in The 19 USJ City Mall

    Attendance: (please feel free to list your name here, everybody welcome...) 1) E S K A Y 2) Stepwyew 3) Green 4) 1JZtezza 5) Porosaki 6) bigbigfoot a.k.a. 'THE GREAT WHITE' 7) YellowNic 8) The 1JWireman 9) Mechanic Under The "CherryTree" 10) AtoZ 11)StormTrooper 12)wfhan 13)lemanmuslim 14)shazli...
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    Toyota Altezza 1JZ Turbo VVTi -01

    powerful monster
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    Super Charge better or Turbo Charge better

    Mr. khoyos..yours it 2jz can compare with our slow altezza(not refer to those 1jz :D)...twin turbo some more... :thefinger:
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    Max Speed On Ur Tezza?

    rilex rilex... :biggrin: don't get too worked up...i know what u mean... ferio is just asking bout the location on where we test our car..rilex
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    Turbo-charged Altezza

    wah..meriah giler kat sini... nematoth, i think u better google or meet up with some of the guys.i'm sure u will get a lot of options. Your topic is turbo-charged altezza, but there's a lot of meaning in one sentences, it can be turbo-charge your original 3SGE or simply transplant an...
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    Euphoria Motorsport Night

    happening...ask monsterezza if u don't believe me..FRESH AIR inside :biggrin:
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    Euphoria Motorsport Night

    1. Monsterezza (wan) 2. Rizal82
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    GIALLA Bodykit

    Morning bump!!!
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    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.. :cool:
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    GIALLA Bodykit

    yup...previously bought it from one of our members...
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    GIALLA Bodykit

    wanna sell one whole set(bumper+side skirt+ rear skirt).. :biggrin:
  16. GIALLA Bodykit

    Front Bumper, Side Skirt, and Rear Lip goes together Condition : may have to repair a bit and respray to suits your car Viewing Location: Dori Dori Auto Works 4, Jalan Penggawa U1/75, Taman Perindustrian Batu Tiga...
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    Service Your Altezza!

    Jahax: Nanti saya balik bukit jelutong saya calling2 pun kat BA..hehehe AE111_SEG: I agree with u too on the uniqueness in terms of their offering..try it then you'll know it. :biggrin:
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    Service Your Altezza!

    Chill out guys. i thought this is where we share all the info and knowledge bout our cars. It is good to have options on where we want to send our car. Btw, i've been to dori2, trial and tom's.. all of them did do a good job on my car. So, at the end of the day,it is our choices on where we...
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    Hi to all!!!

    Do you have a facebook account? You are cordially invited to Join Altezza Club Malaysia on Facebook Please click the following link We would like to recruit altezza owners in malaysia. Do support us! Long Live Altezza! ;)
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    Service Your Altezza!

    i think u are the taikor la monsterezza...hehehehe... whatever it is.. u know why i'm saying this...
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    Service Your Altezza!

    been there...done that...thanks monsterezza
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    Michael's BBQ on 20th September

    the 1jz not mine la..monsterezza la..mine slow la..u ask him la...hehehe
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    Michael's BBQ on 20th September monsterezza also know how to yamseng already :thefinger:
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    Official Altezza Club Gathering

    Got work to do yesterday...finished at 6 p.m.surely can't make it after that. Maybe next time.
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    Power FC for sale (Non-Turbo)

    haih...u all ah...kuat racun la..
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    Power FC for sale (Non-Turbo)

    Power FC for sale (Non-Turbo) for M/T Call or SMS for Best Price 012-2470056
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    Nice event

    When is the event??have to recheck my schedule first.
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    AE111_SEG, I never felt that you are hijacking my are one of the members and just trying to make the club thingy works, it is wise for for u to help's good to have someone volunteer to take down all the details..thanks.come on people..give your details to AE111..
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    yeah....agreed on that when the T.T for discussion? now only for survey and opinion..i believe everyone has their own view.
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    ask the members to vote on who should be the president...of coz not me and monsterezza bout u Mr Platinum? need more opinion guys..come on!
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    Me and Monsterezza would like to ask you guys for opinion. What if we form our altezza club formally and start to have our own website, detailed database about our members from here. We can start to do gathering, events and pictures and etc. Feel free to vote and leave a comment.
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    Vision or Trial

    haiya monsterezza...cover la bout the power lobang bocor ad..thank u for wasting your time and energy to tuning my power the respond,performance and fuel consumption are better than before. Been servicing at dori-dori autoparts almost one year far the service never...
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    Blue Tezza Smashed

    confirm it's not mine....:
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    ALTEZZA - ZTH Member Registry!!

    Re: (NEW!!) ALTEZZA - ZTH Member Registry!!
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    how many of us have AT and MT survey

    1.kanna_altezza - 6MT 2. hansc - auto tiptronic 3. DjAtB - Auto 4. Greytezza - Auto 5. rinagi - ( ex-owner ) auto convert manual 6. JaHaX - (ex-owner) 6MT 7. Jishin - 6MT 8. tengsh - Auto 9. rizal82 - 6MT 10. 11.