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    Mini? L2? Out of my depth! Help!

    Ok here's the deal. I know nothing about the old school Mini but even less about the L2/L5 upgrades but currently babysitting a friend's Mini with an L2 conversion, Eterna turbo, Matspeed regrinded cams, E-Manage and some other odds and ends including a custom dash which is pretty wicked. So...
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    I'm tired..

    Ok, here we'll be discussing tyres. I know there is a section on tyres but I need input from Skyline owners as the Wheels and Tyres section mainly discusses smaller diameter tyres and not all are really performance oriented. Nothing wrong with that but I want relevant information which we can...
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    Bad News re: rokok_sebatang

    Dear all, While most of us are busy preparing for Hari Raya and enjoying the company of family members at our respective home towns, one of our members rokok_sebatang (Mac) isn't quite as lucky. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident earlier and his wife is in critical condition at...
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    Read my lips, no bush!

    Sorry to disappoint any in-house perverts but we're not talking about those lips and certainly not that kind of bush. But its as good a title as any for the subject of Skyline replacement bushes. With many of us here driving either R32s, R33s or R34s with the youngest being a 9 year old car and...
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    Mega Gathering 2011

    It's that time of the year where all Skyline owners nationwide come together for the Mega Gathering which is just another way for us to get to know one another even better and also swap/trade ideas and parts. Therefore, I tentatively suggest that this years Mega Gathering be held on Saturday...
  6. The ins and outs of chassis strengthening?

    What are everyone's thoughts regarding chassis strengthening? Would you say that your Skyline already is perfect from factory meaning its not too stiff that road use is unbearable yet able to handle any extra power not to mention extreme driving? By that I mean it absorbs the forces acting...
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    You can't handle the truth!! A look at handling upgrades for Skylines.

    Dear all, I've always been curious about how much thought Skyline owners put into the handling aspect of their rides. It seems that most of the threads on this forum seem to lean more towards modifications that increase power and perhaps occasionally supporting modifications like cooling...
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    The ins and outs of chassis strengthening

    What are everyone's thoughts regarding chassis strengthening? Would you say that your Skyline already is perfect from factory meaning its not too stiff that road use is unbearable yet able to handle any extra power not to mention extreme driving? By that I mean it absorbs the forces acting...
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    HICAS Diagnostics

    Several days ago, someone approached me on Facebook asking for help with the HICAS problem in his BNR34. After eliminating the obvious such as wheels not being straight while battery was disconnected/reconnected and a few others, I suggested he attempt the self-diagnostic mode to determine which...
  10. [PIMPIN]

    Tool boxes

    Hi, Recently have had to work on GTR at home which is something I haven't done regularly in awhile. Other than swapping out dead batteries, the last thing I did was probably short shifter install years ago. Anyway, as I was about to remove plugs I realized that my tool box was not as complete...
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    Buka Puasa

    Buka Puasa (Tentatively 13 or 14 August 2011?) Buka Puasa (Tentatively 13 or 14 August 2011?) Well Ramadan is upon us once again and as usual Malaysians regardless of religion take the opportunity to get together and break fast with friends, family etc. But its also a time for us to remember...
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    Car Cover?

    Hi guys, Don't know if this is the right forum for this topic but I'm after some advice regarding car covers. I'm forced to park a couple of my cars outside since they do not fit under the porch and some of them don't get driven as often as they should. So I was thinking of covering them...
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    Skyline downsides

    Since this forum has been rather quiet lately, I thought I'd create a thread with something a bit more fun to discuss for once. The topic is - What is it about owning and driving your Skyline around that pisses you off/irritates you? I've got quite a list but I'll start with one: Random...
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    Malaysian Skyline Club?

    Last week I received an email from our friend Azmir/Blood Red regarding the official formation of a Malaysian Skyline Club (“MSC”) which he had discussed with another friend, Dr.D. Unfortunately, I did not take him seriously at the time as I was preoccupied with personal matters. Guilty as...
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    My Dad is Cooler Than Your Dad!

    Hands down Uncle Nas' kids win! :burnout:
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    RX7 Manuals in PDF

    I've amassed a collection of PDF files which I refer to and for other Skyline owners to download. However, as I was looking for a PowerFC Hand Controller manual, I found that I had downloaded the FD3S version by mistake. As I continued searching I came across a couple more PDF files related to...
  17. [PIMPIN]

    Kereta Merajuk!

    When I was in high school, my best friend's elder brother and his group of friends were into Honda EGs, EKs etc and from time to time used to give us advice, pearls of wisdom really and cars and such. At the time, we looked up to them as they were not only cool but also wise. Hahaha One thing...
  18. EOI: Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec II (01/07)

    Car will be available for viewing hopefully by end of next week so please don't get all excited just yet. You can contact Gary Ng at the number above to view, negotiate etc. Obviously in terms of price there is much room for negotiation since the sound system can be removed if so required...
  19. [PIMPIN]

    Skyline plastic pillar panel

    Ok, so I don't really know the proper term for it but you all know what I'm referring to - the plastic panels that are on the B-pillar. I had lost mine awhile ago; was driving down the highway and the passenger side simply flew off. Well, I did see it flapping briefly in the wind but at the...
  20. [PIMPIN]

    The Hari Raya thread! :)

    Dear all, It's that time of year again when Malaysians come together in celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Keeping in line with the spirit of forgiveness that has become our custom, I would like to apologize to all members here whom might have taken offence at anything I've said or posted...
  21. [PIMPIN]

    Rear Seat belts

    Took my sister and her bf out for a ride over the weekend (first time I've carried someone in the backseat for a long time) and realized that my car has no rear seat belts! Given the current JPJ ruling that requires rear seat belts, I guess I need to have them fitted. Any idea where to go for...
  22. [PIMPIN]

    Getting Serious

    Since I'm too old to be a 'boy racer', it's time to take racing more seriously - something which I have always wanted but when I was a student. I have slightly more cash nowadays so I'm thinking of racing more seriously but I'm at ends as to how I should go about it. I'd say that I'm leaning...
  23. [PIMPIN]

    Tech Time: Drivetrain Power Loss

    What you guys reckon the drive train losses of a GTR should be? Basically, the % variance between power at the engine and at the wheels? I've been reading and some reckon 20-30% which is considered 'about right' for 4wd cars and is consistent with Evos and Subarus. However true that may be, I...
  24. [PIMPIN]

    Fire Extinguisher

    I've noticed on overseas Skyline forums that once most Skylines cross a certain level of power, seems to be around 600-700hp, they tend to have fire extinguishers in their cars. I'm curious as to what could possibly ignite/catch fire at that sort of power levels and if this were true, what sort...
  25. [PIMPIN]

    The Reality of Speed

    Note that this thread is to explore the top speed potential of a GTR and if possible to separate fact from fiction based on first hand experience or knowledge (basically not something we read online or heard from your friend's cousin who heard it from his best friend's college mate's uncle etc)...
  26. [PIMPIN]

    Turbo Upgrade

    Well, it seems like circumstances surrounding my car have resulted in me needing to look at my turbo set-up. When the engine blew last year, bits and pieces of the engine flew out the exhaust (via turbos) and during the rebuild, I inspected the turbos and sure enough they were on their way out...
  27. [PIMPIN]


    During my SAU days, we had to deal with so much off-topic posts that more than not ended up becoming a nuisance since some of them were so irrelevant to the original topic. To overcome the situation, we had a sticky thread called the Wasteland which was for random off-topic banter.I propose...
  28. [PIMPIN]


    Hey guys, Yesterday around lunch I was about to start up my car when I remembered the silencer which I put in before I got home late the previous night. So I jump out and use my handy tool (a metal road with a hook on the end - primitive I know) to yank out the silencer. Anyone who has tried...
  29. [PIMPIN]

    Nismo Merchandise

    Like the rest of you guys, I have come across numerous postings that highlight the range of Nismo merchandise available locally. So last week I happened to pass by Nissan in PJ and dropped by in hope of buying something.. anything really. But imagine how disappointed I was to see that there...
  30. [PIMPIN]

    Turbo - Yen stands in the way

    I've had my heart set on a twin turbo upgrade from my GTRS to 2835s. However, HKS recommended, in fact strongly suggested a T04Z setup instead. Problem is that at the time I was going for the 2835s, the T04Z kit sold for RM20.5k but no its RM27k or something like that. So I decided to look at...
  31. [PIMPIN]

    Brake Dilemma

    Well turns out I'm gonna be needing a new pair of front rotors. Currently have Endless 6pots up front with the 355mm. I had previously asked around for prices maybe a year ago and they were in the RM3k range per pair (before discount). Last night I contacted Speed & Safe Racing (SSR) and...
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    Neighbors - how do THEY cope with you?

    Hey guys, Just curious as to what sort of feedback/response/treatment you guys get from your neighbors regarding your car's exhaust and how loud it is. Recently just shifted into new house and suddenly I'm very much aware of how loud the GTR can be especially at night or early in the morning...
  33. WTS: Original R34GTR bodykit/panels

    As per topic, I have available these items from my 2001 Bayside Blue GTR V-Spec II: 1) Original front bumper 2) Original side skirts I have not set any prices cause the parts are in Bayside Blue and would need a little touching up before repainting to suit your car. Therefore I'm open to...
  34. [PIMPIN]


    Well, life sure is interesting. Two days ago I was looking at complete engines from Tomei and OS Giken sequential. Was considering something wild and now I have no choice. Yesterday, while driving to Sunway, my engine went to GTR heaven. From what I can tell, the block is gone and most...
  35. [PIMPIN]

    Getrag 6spd

    Hey guys, Any idea whom is best to approach for getting an R34GTR gearbox other than Japan obviously. What's the current market price - I remember someone getting a new one a couple of years back and was in the 20k range IIRC. Besides that, what sort of gearbox upgrades do most people use...
  36. [PIMPIN]

    What to do?

    Well, I've been talking about this to Russ and a few others for quite awhile and finally I've gotten my Do Luck kit (call it a fetish, my 350Z had one too). Anyways, IMHO, the rims now look too small cause the kit is bulky. My options are: 1) Powdercoat / spray existing rims to lighter colour...
  37. [PIMPIN]

    FS: PowerFC and some other stuff

    Hi guys, Despite being a bachelor living in a three room apartment, I am constantly rearranging my furniture as there is just too much stuff. Somehow in the last month, I bought 10 guitars and converted my home office into a mini studio but thats besides the point. I need to get rid of some...
  38. [PIMPIN]

    Hicas and tyres

    thought i'd ask around to see what tyres gtr owners run on their cars and how long between changes Also, anyone removed Hicas? Yay or nay? Thanks guys
  39. [PIMPIN]

    White GTR @ Cahaya Bumi

    Hey guys, Came across this V-Spec II at this dealer on Jalan Tun Razak. Anyone know anything abt this car?
  40. [PIMPIN]

    Where to make LANYARDS

    Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you know where to make lanyards in KL? or if anyone works for a company that makes them?
  41. [PIMPIN]

    E30 M3

    hey guys.. was wondering if there are any E30 M3s running around KL coz the ones in Oz get snapped up as soon as they're offered for sale :( how much do they go for in KL (if any)? E30 > E46 :P