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  1. J

    Modify premium car amp service

    how bout Mcintosh?can challenge Mcintosh not?
  2. J

    Acc Store Closed set Clearance - Car Amplifiers.

    pm me best price for steq bro..=>
  3. J

    alpine 9855

    might be me bro..wut u have?
  4. J

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8MR

    wahhh...evvo lover here..=>.. btw how much all moding cost u?hehe
  5. J

    Used 9887

    attachment dere to send pictuure bro.. how long u using it? ---------- Post added at 10:43 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:43 PM ---------- attachment dere to send pictuure bro.. how long u using it?
  6. J

    Alpine CD player CDE-101E

    alpine model?
  7. J

    Used 9887

    i pm u bro
  8. J

    Used 9887

    no pic bro?=>
  9. J

    WTS-P80RS HU, Myvi SE 2007 Door panel Wit Speaker Panel

    hu still available?pm me bro..=>
  10. J

    Pioneer P80RS II CD Player

    still available?
  11. J

    [wts] liqui moly, torco, m7, hks & redline engine oil

    bro.. i went to kakimotor d other day..theres a guy introduced me to octane booster... jz want ur opinion.. does it really work?.. cz wan to try it la if its ok...
  12. J

    <WTS>Mcintosh MC420+MC425 Amplifiers

    bro im interested...=>
  13. J

    Look who picked up a new exhaust...

    how much for the upgrade..
  14. J

    WTS: Focal 165 A1 + Audio System F190

    ausio system f190 itself how much bro?.. i oready got focal comp. sets..=>
  15. J

    Part Time Work From Home

    pm me details... student waiting for intake next year..=>
  16. J

    [WTS] Pioneer P99RS 3 weeks old

    bro still selling it?how much? local set or sg? me..=>
  17. J

    [WTS] Alpine IVA-520E Double Din

    bro pm me ur bestest price..=>
  18. J

    [wts] alpine product

    pm me bro.. IVE-530 IVA-520
  19. J

    ROADNAVI GPS For Alpine Player

    pm me ur best price bro..ty
  20. J

    ALPINE W502 Head Unit

    best price for double din bro...ty
  21. J

    Alpine IVA-W520

    bro u sell IVE-530 me..
  22. J

    [wts] original focal utopia 165 wrc

    best price bro..=>
  23. J

    One month work from home project for college students, RM5,000!

    im interested bro... pm me...fresh graduate..=>