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  1. Myvi 1.3 (A) EZ

    Second Owner Good condition DVD Player complete with reverse camera Security 8 mm tint Using only fully synthetic engine oil Sport Rim Direct Owner Owner upgrading - not looking for profit, just to clear the car loan balance Family used no modification stock standard please call for...
  2. D

    WTS: Honda NSX

    my dream car since i was in form 3. damn but too bad i cant afford..
  3. Mitsubishi FTO

    - Original Parts running in good condition way better than my friends 95' wira.. - Tip top condition - 2.0 (M) V6..Manual and very powerful engine. - 17" Sport Rim with 70% tire thread - Stainless steel piping with Subaru Forrester Muffler (Gnome) - powerful sound system - Original Seat -...
  4. Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 MIVEC (M) 94/97

    - Keep Well By Last Owner - Wear & Tear Interior (almost 20 years car what do u expect :) ) - Smooth Engine & powerful - Manual Transmission - 7mm security tintel worth rm1000. - Hi Lo Soft Hard Tien adjustable - falken back tire (80%) and toyo front ( 90%) - 1 careful owner - Powerful...
  5. D

    Original Oz 17x8 pcd100x5 for sale

    nice rim but i have a budget. looking for this size and pcd. so what is the last price? :D ---------- Post added at 12:15 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:04 AM ---------- and how much your selling your TE37? :)
  6. D

    [WTS] Searching for Brand New, Second Hand, Unregistered or Recon car

    Make: Toyota Model: Wish 1.8S or XS Transmission: Automatic tiptronic Year: 2009 Budget Price: 125k and below Down payment: Color: prefer red, black, white Spec: S or XS only Any other additional information’s: Unreg If sunroof, let me know the price. please call me at 1096623479
  7. D

    (WTS) - FTO gearbox Mivec for 6A12 engines (F5M42)

    still available? let me know ok..
  8. D

    Mitsubishi GTO or FTO?

    can i know where can i find fto club malaysia? i wanna join.. pls help me..
  9. D

    eg b18c gsr

    kinda interested to view your car. price negotiable?
  10. D

    Honda Civic Eg9

    yeah i was about to ask the same question..
  11. D

    Buying any second hand car with highest price

    how much you will take for kembara dvvt 03/04 auto. pm me . thanks.
  12. D

    high trade-in value here!!!

    how much you will take for kembara dvvt 03/04 auto. pm me . thanks.
  13. D

    Proton Putra 1997

    price negotiable? can loan or cash?
  14. D

    Get Good Price. Cash. Fast & Easy For Your Car!

    how much you will take for kembara dvvt 03/04 auto. pm me . thanks.
  15. D

    Trade in Price.

    how much you will take for kembara dvvt 03/04 auto. pm me . thanks.
  16. D

    Fast Trade In, CASH!

    how much you will take for kembara dvvt 03/04?
  17. D

    Silvia na (a)

    isit sold already? sent u a sms but no reply. thanks.
  18. D

    Silvia na (a)

    im interested.. but i need to know afew about this car.. can take loan? price still negotiable?
  19. D

    MR2 SW20 3S-GTE 245HP For Sale

    just a question.. is loan available for this car? im interested but not personal loan..
  20. D

    perdana se.i 2.0 manual convert alfa

    standard or V6? Interested but have cash less than 15k la..
  21. D

    Driven: The new Proton Inspira 1.8 manual

    its good to hear that proton's going to launch their whatever product soon. copy cat is a copy cat but i'm sure it will benefit more on the wanker or wannabees. we can either bitching about it all day long and you know its not going to change proton's mind. for personal view, i encourage the...
  22. D


    best price i can offer for this car rm40K max..
  23. D

    where to get ck2a car stock standard?

    hi guys, im new to this lancer stuff, but im quite keen of getting more and more info regarding the car. so first question, do u know where i can get a stock standard ck2a? a few people offer me a good price of lancer evo 6.. just want to know the costing and let me know if u have seen any or...
  24. D


    i would have purchase cash this car is its around 40++K
  25. D

    help me

    thanks bro. if others have opinion let me know ok? ASAP. thanks.
  26. D

    Wts: Mitsubishi lancer evolution 6.5

    always wanted this car the entire life. but too bad.. no budget.. i only have rm30k cash for now. unless if i can max it to 45k. let me know.. :)
  27. D

    help me

    honda prelude 2.2VteC.. thats why i ask if you have experience of having this car. what kind of normal problem do u have..?
  28. D

    help me

    hi guys, it may sound stupid but i've to admit that im a noob in these area and need your advice. i have a budget around 30K max toget a good car. some of the car i'm currently considering is Honda Prelude 2.2 VTeC, Honda EJ, and proton perdana. just a couple of question, how was vtec...
  29. D

    RX8 Cash Only

    i have to agree with mr ronin.. i've tried one time before.. but trust me alot of hasle that you need to go through.. you have to call MITI and ask about the AP. They encourage foreign car to be in malaysia, and if its not mistaken, vehicle from singapore and thailand can't be brought into...
  30. D

    Honda Civic 1.6 Ek Auto Yr1997

    PMed. Limited cash but hopefully can work out.
  31. D

    Honda Civic 1.6 Ek Auto Yr1997

    best price please just want to know if it fits my budget or not..
  32. D

    Proton Putra gsr1.8m

    how low can nego? pm me your best price please.
  33. Satria Neo 1.6 M H-Line 06/07

    Satria Neo 1.6 M H-Line 06/07 price revised Satria Neo 1.6 (M) Hi Line 06/07 Original Seat Tip top condition wear an tear gear knob and steering dual airbag - driver & co driver orange in color fog lamp adjustable light at speedo meter demon eye price RM33,000 neg reason of...
  34. D

    Used Car continue loan / cash n drive

    im interested in the Honda DC5 integra Type R, orange black, standard type R, 6 speed, year 03/04 : RM 38,000. let me know the details please. i've pm but no reply so far. lots of question that i need to ask. cash ready.
  35. D

    proton putra

    best price?
  36. D

    Honda Civic EG3 Dolphin fully Convert EG6

    nice car.. free bump for you. unfortunately i only have rm25K cash with me. so above my budget..
  37. D

    Ralliart Shift Gear Knob

    is this ori? let me know. how much? can fit to satria neo?
  38. D

    Myvi, Viva Alarm with Remove Control-Original

    do you have kembara alarm set? can any of the kembara used any one of other perodua alarm set?
  39. D

    Toyota MR2 3S-GTE 1994

    is this car still available? can pm me ur price? its been my dream to have mr2 as my car.. :)
  40. D

    Perodua Kelisa 850 EX (M) 2004 for sale

    harge mmg fix ke non nego nyer harge nie?
  41. D

    APEX'i air filter dual fannel

    pm me ur bestest price..
  42. D

    [WTS] Nissan Skyline ER 24

    what is the price and how much loan can go?
  43. D

    WTS : Subaru Impreza V7

    what is ur last price?
  44. D

    [WTS] 84' Nissan March 1.0 (M) Turbo Supercharger

    yes still available..
  45. D

    [WTS] 84' Nissan March 1.0 (M) Turbo Supercharger

    sorry for those yang dah buat appointment with me today. im so sorry becoz im so busy today with preparation for my long journey for my car this coming festive eve (certainly not nissan march) hehe.. so for those who are interested in the car.. please do let me know.. the car is open for viewing...
  46. D

    [WTS] 84' Nissan March 1.0 (M) Turbo Supercharger

    well supercas n turbo still function.. supercharge until 4000rpm then turbo masuk at 4000rpm n above. hehehe.. i have lowered my asking price from 10k to 8.5k.. come n take the car.. hehe..
  47. D

    [WTS] 84' Nissan March 1.0 (M) Turbo Supercharger

    hahahaa loan bro.. memang tak lepak kecuali ngan along.. hmmm about the pics of the interior why dont u come over and see for your seld.. :)
  48. D

    [WTS] 84' Nissan March 1.0 (M) Turbo Supercharger

    hahahah gimme ur price bro.. still available..