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  1. 4gbanger

    evo front bonnet!

    can any of evo front bonnet mod to fit our trek? evo8 bonnet looks like it fits airtrek shape.. just around the headlamp it might not cover... anyone?
  2. 4gbanger

    futuristic self wash paint??????

    here the link.. im so suprise with this technology :adore:.. wish my car car have this paint.. comment guys?
  3. 4gbanger

    heater core bypass

    hi guys.. its been quite a long time no new thread. my trek last night has some coolant leaking at the heater hose. its about time as well i change it. so, anyone here can suggest me to bypass the heater or just change the hose? pro and con? but i say living in a hell hot in malaysia is just...
  4. 4gbanger

    what daihatsu engine suitable for race/time attack??

    Hii all sifus.. i'm wondering anyone have this issue as i need all the info and opinion from all kancil old timer, what is the most suitable in all situation of racing means the most reliable engine for race? is it L2/L2s (EF-JL) or L5/L7 (EF-DET) or L5/L9 (JB-DET)? all of these mentioned engine...
  5. 4gbanger

    EVO steering

    Guys, anyone ever try use evo 789 steering to our cars? is it pnp process or need mod. or if there any other option to repair the leather of our steering? Thanks:driver:
  6. 4gbanger

    kancil 850 Bolt On Turbo Setup

    Dear all guys and sifu, Im going to buy a 2nd hand kancil 850cc carb soon. And i have a set of RV4 engine. So u guys have any opinion that i want to mate the 850cc block to bottom with the RV4 EF-JL head and wiring? Can the stock 850 piston withstand boost? i will be having a E-Manage to...
  7. 4gbanger

    2nd wave..

    Rumor spreading fast that it will be 2nd wave for our petrol price... damn..
  8. 4gbanger

    2 question!

    guys, help me out.. 1. is our front lower arm rubber bush can be replaceable? i mean only the bushing. 2. is our stock front brake is the same as evo3 brake? can it be pnp to wira/satria? thanks.. :biggrin:
  9. 4gbanger

    Cam cover rubber gasket for ATR

    hi guys.. anyone here know about our cam cover rubber gasket? bcos i just called parts shop that it has 2 type of cam cover gasket. one with "half round" shape, and another one no half round shape.. mine have leaking so need to change before raya.. :burnout: thanks.. ---------- Post...
  10. 4gbanger

    fuel smell during boost kicking!

    Dear guys, have anyone here in this forum facing the same problem as mine? during boosting, there's a fuel smell in the cabin. i try to seek some mechanic friend, and found nothing leaks in the engine bay. weird but dangerous as it kept me feeling dizzy... Pls advise anyone... TQ
  11. 4gbanger

    where can we get this?

    i found this wind shield decal.. where can i get this? or maybe someone here can change the "mitsubishi" wording to "AIRTREK"???? anybody???