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    Before I buy a Ford Focus. Please Advice

    The Penchala SC got shitty parking. Sometimes cannot even get out. Often must park further away and call the service people outside.
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    Hyundai santa fe 2013

    Was looking at buying the diesel one, but checked the internet and found that the 6 speed auto is problematic.
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    blue ek stolen at east coast mall kuantan. thief got caught n beaten.

    They should cut off his kuku chiao.
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    Mitsubishi Galant VR4

    VR4 2wd??? Is this converted and not original?
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    FUYOHH EVO 10 police car VS Satria GTI !

    They should just shoot the buggers and get it over with, now they waste taxpayers money in the courts as well as feeding them in jail...
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    Team 1Malaysia FXPrimus Aylezo represent Malaysia in first Gulf 12 Hr in Abu Dhabi

    Re: Team 1Malaysia FXPrimus Aylezo represent Malaysia in first Gulf 12 Hr in Abu Dhab
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    [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    I am looking for Denso 440cc injectors. The green ones, anyone knows where to find it?
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    Satria R3 Stolen - WMK 2374

    Why you so see mun? I will take parang and chop it off.
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    ATTN: drivers who only uses the fog lights

    Maybe not enough money to pay electricity, hahaha. Seriously, these are the uneducated idiots we do not want on the road. The other lot are the Bmw and Merc. brigade that turns on their rear fog lights. Maybe we should all turn on our high beams behind them to make them stop this habit.
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    Why campro engines fail on crank!!! Campro 1.6 vs 4g92p

    Aiyah, maybe the supplier kow tim the factory ppl ady...
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    Stolen Cars Found...

    Hope someone will shove a baseball bat up their axxhole..
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    B16A Top Speed.

    Buy this Mercedes lah, then you can drive slowly and show off...
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    Bjh 6600 owner step up!

    You are wasting your time posting here for the driver to own up. The lala chais cannot read english nor can they use the computer..
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    Involuntarily volunteered experiment

    I took the air charger and bolted to my exhaust to make a turbocharger, it gave me 100Hp :withstupid:, I even overtook a Ferrari in a traffic jam :driver: Tomorrow i am going to buy another to make Twin turbo, maybe can overtake Bugatti next time...:stupid:
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    Involuntarily volunteered experiment

    There are always conmen out there looking for a quick buck. BTW have you checked what numbers you are short of? There are some airhead trying to con me into wearing a Rm1000 copper pendant for good-luck, you must go to the fella for a number maybe your car will be faster and more economical...
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    Bjh 6600 owner step up!

    Why dont you start a facebook page "BJH 6600 is a sohai!!'? Get people to like it then if the momentum is good enough the whole world will know about it.
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    Ferrari Enzo Abandoned In Dubai

    The reason of this happening is that Dubai have a stupid law that locks people up if they are in debt. So many of the expatraties just park their cars at the airport as if they are going on a holiday and never come back. During 2009 you can see the car park at the airport full of these abandoned...
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    The ins and outs of chassis strengthening

    Car designers spent a lot of time to develop their car bodies in the event of a crash, many cars are designed with a crumple zones and chassis strengthening may interfere with it. You may possibly end up with some of your strengthening bars injuring or killing you in an accident. A roll cage on...
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    Honda Service Rip Off?

    The car has been fully serviced on time by them from day one and is in perfect condition. No problems with idling nor any engine issues. I cant help but to think that these buggers are out to make a quick buck. Becareful of these buggers, I will certainly not let her take her car there anymore...
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    Honda Service Rip Off?

    My friend sent her 2009 Jazz to USJ1 Honda for a 40000kms service, they told her that at 40000kms, they have to clean the throttle body @ rm288, and they have to clean all the injectors for rm168, although it is not in the service booklet. I have never heard of such a thing from any of the other...
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    Japanese repair quake-ravaged road in just six days

    Many roads are under the federal government's jurisdiction, they will beautify these and announce upgrades to roads in the opposition areas, whether the jobs will go ahead or not depends on how much pocket money they want to make...fark them.
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    Dealer chops the roof off STI, shatters JDM hearts and chassis rigidity

    Its Left hand drive, so its not in the U.K. There is a sign that says Washington's birthday on the wall, so it could be in Washington. ---------- Post added at 02:10 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:07 PM ---------- Shit, someone should chop the bugger's dick off...
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    Idiot Drivers

    We see these uneducated sohais everyday, some of them will eventually end up under a truck or against a tree. Remember a saying : Every Dog Has His Day, one day soon he may meet his match and gets killed.
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    Road Bully - toyota rush wrk 5302

    What happened to the bugger after the police charged him? Did he go to jail? I'm surprised that the police are so efficient.
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    My pug308 (kh65) found!

    If you have Touch & Go, go check if they used it. You can then go to the relevant toll plaza to request them for a photo of the mother f**kers that stole your car.
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    STOLEN : SUBARU WRX STi V7 facelift to V9

    You should post their pics all over Sungai Wang Plaza, they look like the pimps that hangs out around the area. F..k their mothers and families, they bring disgrace to their ancestors doing this.
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    Crime Doesnt Pay!

    Wah, gang of 40 to arrest the asshole, good job!!! you should post photo of the thief here, next time we see the asshole we give him a kick.
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    Subaru Impreza Ver8 STI

    This car was owned by owner of AE ? mileage was 140kms last time I saw it, now 100kms after recond.???
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    Driven: The new Proton Inspira 1.8 manual

    No matter what excuse you may cook up... the bottom line is Malaysia Tak Boleh come up with a good self designed car that is competitive in the international market. How can we not bash Proton when these buggers are the ones who are causing us to buy scrap cars from England and Japan at the...
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    New Proton Inspira now available for booking!

    This means that there will be a new Lancer coming soon. Mitsubishi just sold their old tooling for the current Lancer to Proton. For 25 years Malaysians were forced to buy ex taxis and scrap from countries like Japan and England just because some asshole had a vision for Proton, and this vision...