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    Saito 2JZ Altezza 2011 Formula drift king

    Super performance by Saito in his 3-2 litre 2JZ gt Altezza Saito Crowned Drift King of Achilles Formula Drift 2011 !! | The Car Guys (TCG) - Malaysia His car during the set-up:VIDEO ROLL>> DAIGO SAITO IN HIS FORMULA D ASIA ALTEZZA - Speedhunters Balance??? superb I guess...
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    Serious modders

    An excellent link Engine Technology Contents / Advanced Engine Technology good stuff but americanised units 1 gallon = 3.75 litres etc
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    Spotted:SEG turbo pushing a sprinter

    saw a SEG turbo pushing a toyota sprinter along LDP wee hours in the morning of Monday chor 9. anyone here??hehehe
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    200+ WHP 20v with Toda cams(304/304)

    This is an old thread originally brought to this forum by Katopunk. Pretty interesting...PNP,cams,valve springs,exhaust and a well tuned ECU. Twincam Forums :: View topic - Progress on TODA 20V ---------- Post added at 06:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:37 PM ---------- Twincam...
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    Spark plugs-NGK and Denso

    Here are the links: NGK Spark Plugs USA DENSO SPARK PLUGS happy hunting
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    ride height settings

    Something of interest for 'tezza' owners.Thanks to Adian.Anybody else wanna add and share are all welcomed! Originally Posted by 1JZtezza hi Adian, Thanks for the great reply.Maybe I may start a new thread under Altezza forums with some references to what is written in the 'race track...
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    HPC Track day-SIC-4th Oct 2009

    Hi, here is the link: High Performance Challenge
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    Sepang track day 2-5pm-30th Aug 2009

    To those who said they miss last weeks fun becoz last minute is the next 'open' track day.Heard some guys getting itchy.....hahahaha
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    Maxing NA BEAMS 3SG

    Peace to all the bro's-sorry for the outburst. Maybe William taikor can answer Why BEAMS 3SG has not got the same amount of mods like say the 4ag?..strictly NA Do the race prepared 3SG(non BEAMS) run VVTi or just high cams. Any after market direct injection kit?If so what ECU...
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    psst-Porosaki's monster is hatching

    Rumour???? another new 1JZ tezza hatching -manual some more:adore::adore: more the merrier
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    Mean corolla

    check out this dragtime and trap speed: