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  1. p3jal

    Why did you join ZTH?

    hye all.. friend invited me to join this group.. very nice forum.
  2. p3jal

    Lazy Guy Rattle Can Rims

    nice bro
  3. vw mk6 gti 2.0 2010

    im letting go my vw mk6 gti 2.0 here the spec : stage 2 (etuners) for fast respon. costly about 2.7k for remap. 3 inch downpipe. paddleshift carbon fibre. tail lamp golf R. new aircond compressor bought on april 2016. costly about 1.9k ce28 17 inch rims with 225/45/17 bridgestone...
  4. p3jal

    WTS: Golf Gti 2011

  5. p3jal

    honda civic ek2 1.6 (M)

    keto laju ni =D
  6. p3jal

    FS: 1998 Mitsubishi Evolution 5 (CP9A)

  7. p3jal

    Ferrari 355 Challenge

  8. p3jal

    Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR (original)

  9. p3jal

    [WTS] Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8

    Pm rumah =d
  10. p3jal

    (WTS) Mitsubishi Evolution VIII GSR (6MT)

    nice :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. p3jal

    Mitsubishi Evo 8 GSR 6 Speed

    niceeee evoo
  12. p3jal

    Mitsubishi evolution

    wahh 800hp ..nice..
  13. p3jal

    Lancer Evo6 For Sale

    monster selling ? upgrade what car bro?
  14. p3jal

    Honda Civic Eg6

    nice car bro
  15. p3jal

    Ae86 trueno for sale

    nice car!
  16. p3jal

    Original Evo 4 Fully Converted to Evo 5

    why selling this monster.upgrade or buy family car?
  17. p3jal

    REV Performance - Selling FAKE Products

    price different already know.but andy will let u know itu not genuine ...i always buy there gbox oil there =)
  18. p3jal

    Mitsubishi Evo 4 Lancer

    nice :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  19. p3jal

    We are alive!!

    after raya.make one activities or convoy =)
  20. p3jal

    My cedia convert evo7

    yaaa betol kampoon
  21. p3jal

    Hi people, I jumped from lowyat to here

    welcome brooo
  22. p3jal

    Evo 7 2.2 500hp

    nice monster
  23. p3jal

    Zertohundred TimeToAttack

    nice shot bro
  24. p3jal

    How u differential Evo8 vs Evo8MR

    e8 mr from factory steering are black color.if e8 is silver color ---------- Post added at 11:52 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:51 AM ---------- and e8mr turbo and e8 turbo got diff
  25. p3jal

    Welcome to MLOC Forum

    oooo.wait admin approve. =D my fb is Soapylicious Laundry hehe
  26. p3jal

    Welcome to MLOC Forum

    HYE adamalek. =) where do u stay? im from klang.feel free join us when got tt or gathering,or can join fORUm at facebook , type MLOC . i own sportback too =)
  27. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    can lock this topic,but dont delete it =).
  28. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    he wont refund.tiao me pulak that fella.sux. talk big do small =D haha.
  29. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    No response from him..n dowant reply all msg or whatapps.but he always online.
  30. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    previous sold another evo bro
  31. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    the steering already sent to machine shop to remove the rust.but still rusty bro.rust cannot remove.
  32. p3jal

    dark tinting

    bro try go accesories shop. 1 normal tinted (darker or lighter) and apply more 1 tinted call anti theft tinted.i 4 windows can be cover.the anti theft tinted is white color. at klang sell quite cheap.andalas.but i not yet apply the anti theft tinted.coz tak sempat..yaa darker tinted sure kena...
  33. p3jal

    EVO steering

    shah alam got repair leather.but i dunno where. i need ask my friends where he send the steering.i will reply back here and phone number thanks
  34. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    later on try go his restaurant =D. aiyo mengidam mau pakai itu steering haha.already drop price see the price on fb =D
  35. p3jal

    Anyone use SHADOW meter before? Any review/commend?

    i got use this.but i also forget oil temp or water temp. i think is water temp. i buy new but the meter macam rosak. dunno i wont blame shadow.maybe my luck not good =D i use 2 days many also use shadow meter also.seem ok
  36. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    yes. he is Senior member from zth SF. i friend with him almost 3 years.always give nice spare parts to me. but the steering are very frustrating. yalor nvm.i dunno what happen to him now.i sms or whatapps never reply.kena culik ke =D. ya ya Ken Yeang not all evo owner like thats.i c.o.d with...
  37. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    Now the prob is he wont responsibility.first if we get thing sure he check first.aduh..just u all need to carefull
  38. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    i already found the picture of rust steering.
  39. p3jal

    Jun_ek9 / Jonathan Leong scammer

    I very fade up and very disappointed with this fella. or can this case count like scam. here the story i friends with him almost 2 or 3 years already.i usually buy from him evo spare parts for replacing my car parts. last year , august i call him to find e8/e9 meters. ok and then i paid him...
  40. p3jal

    Which should I choose? JC Racing or SuperCircuit?

    bos. do u survey already at Undersix Exhaust? itu quality good n price are reliable. =) not promoting.just give ppl know about the undersix exhaust.because i go there very satisfied with they works. =)
  41. p3jal

    Sharing of Pics from ZTH Member's Instagram Profiles

    Re: ZTH Member's Instagram Profiles @thecupidy add me blackhowling heh
  42. p3jal

    Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    nice engine bays
  43. p3jal

    subaru version 7 sti

    Parts: * Converted to evo 8 parts (Front, bonet, headlamp) <-------------- evo??? * Carbon Fibre Bonnet * Tein Flex adjustable * GREEDY Boost meter * Greedy blowoff * HKS Air Intake * Brembo break (front and rear) * Wastegate * Aluminium radiator
  44. p3jal

    Mitsubishi Evo 7

    kete power ni! hehe ayim nak angkat e9 ori le tu tak pon e10 =D
  45. p3jal

    my evo 7 (DAMD)

    nice car
  46. p3jal

    Latest proton perdana

    look more better this perdana! LOVE it =D but the price i dunno le.. uhuhhu..
  47. p3jal

    Calling year end gathering 2013!!!

    jom! mari mari.. all bz mau dapat bonus year end =D
  48. p3jal

    Another example of dangerous driving found at Genting Highlands

    they drive tooo fast.dangerous for other ppl. even i drive evo also tarak laju mcm tu bro.slow better.if very fast tomorow masuk newspaper jatuh gaung =D
  49. p3jal

    Which phone should i choose??

    but ah. note 3 hard to type when driving.or better iphone 5s? my wife use far ok.not too big not too small. =)