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  1. willie_hwl

    Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    Bro can find for me Jun Extractor or Toda Extractor for B18C. Thank you..
  2. willie_hwl

    Razo original round gearknob for manual

    Bro, can the black round razo knob fit to honda dc2/eg/ek?
  3. willie_hwl

    Round white razo gearknob

    Bro, this gearknob can fit to honda integra dc2/eg/ek?? does the gearknob has tread inside it?
  4. willie_hwl

    Honda type r h red emblem

    Bro, are those genuine emblem? How much for integra dc2 front and rear as well as Honda Stream RSZ front and rear red emblem..
  5. willie_hwl

    [WTS] 16" DC2 rims /w AD07

    Bro, need clear up-close pics for all four wheels, send to please.. thank you..
  6. willie_hwl

    JDM EK 2 door

    I think i saw this car somewhere on a blog, betul ke?? so sayang meh jual sudah..
  7. willie_hwl

    GAB Suspension Products

    bro,pm me your best price of GAB Sports Lowered Spring 1 set for integra dc2.. thanks..
  8. willie_hwl

    Selling Absorbers & Springs [GAB]

    bro, pm me your best price of GAB Sports Lowered Spring 1 set for integra dc2..thanks
  9. willie_hwl

    D1 Bonnet Pin for Sale

    Bump, ill be needing the hood pins soon.
  10. willie_hwl

    ALL SPOON Product...

    Quote me the price for Spoon CF front lip for Integra DC2. Thank you.
  11. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Yes, I'm from Brunei, known a few fella from Miri but most of them are overseas now. So if there is any gathering that u guys setup, just post it here, who knows i might go down to Miri and join. Hehee.
  12. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Greetings to all Miri members, I havent post in this thread for very long time now, how's everyone doing? Hehehe old members new members, hope we can meet during any gathering u guys set up. Cheers
  13. willie_hwl

    MOMO Honda Type-R Steering

    Item SOLD! :D
  14. willie_hwl

    MOMO Honda Type-R Steering

    Clear your inbox, i cannot PM reply your PM.
  15. willie_hwl

    MOMO Honda Type-R Steering

    Bro, check your inbox, I've PM you.
  16. willie_hwl

    dc2 half cut are willing to strip off for sale beside engine, wiring and ecu.

    bro front and rear knuckles with disc and calipers still available? is yes how much? is it pcd 4x114? or 5x114?
  17. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Confirm 26th? I heard some say 2nd of Sept.
  18. willie_hwl

    Civic: Honda’s Icon of Revolution in Engineering Technology

    Yes, 4doors for Japan and 3doors hatchie for Euro. The Euro's has arrived here already if im not mistaken.
  19. willie_hwl

    [Motorsport] ALl JDM rear light for ur car, HONDA,MOVE,CUORE,TERIOUS, etc wit pic

    Any Honda Integra DC2 rear bumper foglight or Honda Prelude BB1 rear bumper foglight? Similiar to Honda Civic 2 pieces rear bumper foglights but not exactly the same.
  20. willie_hwl

    FS : Japan Original number plate (Photo)

    Willing to ship? I know u said they are self collect, might as well ask.. hehe
  21. willie_hwl

    RC heli pilots?

    Need help here, I just bought a simulator with a Radio Control. I can assume that the program or sim is successfully installed but when I started the sim, a pop up comes up saying that "Unable to detect transmitter adaptor, please check installation and retry". After install i reboot my pc...
  22. willie_hwl

    3 Momo Steering For Sale

    bro cant view the pic, i want to see the Momo for Toyota please.
  23. willie_hwl

    For Sale: Momo Module Gear Knobs (Great buy)

    Nice, how about shipping to Brunei? Free too? Hehe
  24. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Passing by, bro Arta, do u use msn? if yes can add me? and also u got PM.
  25. willie_hwl

    FOR SALE : MOMO Steering for Honda (EK @ DC2) Nice

    bro, confirm tomorrow I will bank in the money to your maybank account. if you already sold the steering by then, let me know by texting to +6738638822. thanks Cheers, Will.
  26. willie_hwl

    Sasuke Honda ORI and Imitation parts (Exterior & Interior)

    How about prelude bb4's rear fog light? That will do too. Thanks bro.
  27. willie_hwl

    Sasuke Honda ORI and Imitation parts (Exterior & Interior)

    Bro, RM1k-RM2k? seriously just for a fog like these ( left side on the bumper ) ?
  28. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Lots of my msgs are gone :(
  29. willie_hwl

    Sasuke Honda ORI and Imitation parts (Exterior & Interior)

    Do u have access to Honda rear fog lamp? Would like to have from a Integra DC2 or Prelude BB4. Thanks.
  30. willie_hwl

    My 98 Spec Honda Integra Type R Sedan

    Nice and clean DB8R u got there. Those black recaros with red stitching are so yummy, can i have those? haha Better keep us updated with pics everytime u done something to it. Foh-Doh-Powa for teh win!!! Cheers, Will.
  31. willie_hwl

    Questions on Integra (DC5)

    I just know that the US spec Type S headlights also got the bottom rounded shape. All Type S here looks like these two pics below as the Type R remain the same posted by integramania. While my sig got pic of my friend JDM DC5 Type R. Later.
  32. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    The Cocky & Funny tips, I used to receive tons of those in my emails from some website. hahahaha, so did u experiment some of the tips yet adam?
  33. willie_hwl

    annoying gatsby ad

    i think its gone....
  34. willie_hwl

    Honda Civic EK Thread

  35. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Accord Euro R CL7!? I want that.. hehe
  36. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Waseh.. i see ur post is 1, does that mean u signed up a new account just to flame someone?? Later.
  37. willie_hwl

    Honda Civic EK Thread

    Post up your EK...
  38. willie_hwl

    Honda Civic EK Thread

  39. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    unfortunately, i dun quite like dc5 or ep3, maybe a few years to come, who knows.. so can ka? hahahaha can la.. let me drive also.. please.. wanna feel it laa.. hahaha
  40. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Well bobby, i agree with u.. turbo cars easily gain power than N/A.. just mod here abit there abit then gain abit HP rather than mod N/A engine, even mod heavily still all motor couldnt really catch up with turbo's. and again, i agree with you on the VTEC without turbo. thats just my point of...
  41. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Arta, can bring me roaming around in ur dc2 ka? hehehehe
  42. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Woah Bobby, nice car ull be getting.. if u ever come to Brunei, perhaps i can arrange TT with some of my friends here.. heres the link of their cars in friendster.. Cheers, Will.
  43. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Woah nice ah.. can learn abit Japanese.. hehe.. Wish you all joyful, prosperous and happy new year 2007.
  44. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Hi all.. nice gethering last Sunday, and our car so slow & lost our way to Ming cafe.. dun even know where is Ming cafe that day, hehe nice dc2r Arta.. I want your rear bumper!! hahahaa Cheers, Will.
  45. willie_hwl

    16" Volk Racing ce28

    Gold colour but pcd 100! Just not my luck. bump for u..
  46. willie_hwl

    ZTH Miri Members

    Hello guys.. can join here? Im Will..
  47. willie_hwl

    Honda Civic EG Thread

    And the recent updates.. Painted with rattle can!! Laters.
  48. willie_hwl

    Honda Civic EG Thread

    dc_vtec, demand more pics of egs bro... your last 4 egs too if possible...
  49. willie_hwl

    RC Helicopter for sale

    Bro Kapster, is that Esky CP (RM676) the one u quoted for me on the other thread?
  50. willie_hwl

    RC heli pilots?

    I thought RC section was closed down.. hahahahaha didnt see its still here just been re-located.. hehehe well, just wanna bring this thread alive again :D how come no one post here anymore? i thought my bonus will be out last month unfortunately no :( hopefully this month so i can get myself a...