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    Honda Integra Type-R DC5 06/11

    Owner super OCD, really under utilised car! forever parked under the shaded garage. Prospectors must view to appreciate.
  2. WTS - Audi R8 4.2L V8 10/11

    Audi R8 4.2L V8 Manufactured on 2010 / Registered at 2011 Accident free unit. Genuine mileage as i've cross checked with a few reputable mechs before i bought the car. Well maintained, no expense spared from up keeping this vehicle. Full carbon package from Audi (From side blades...
  3. WTS - Brabus B7 S350L 06/08

    Mercedes Benz S350L Brabus B7 Manufactured on 2006 / Registered at 2008 Accident free unit. Regularly well maintained vehicle with no expense spared. Recently replaced the air matics due to wear & tear and also done the major services including air cond and etc. No. Plate is not included...
  4. Car wrap installer / specialist

    Any experienced and passionate about cars wrap looking for an opportunity? Call me and we can discuss further. 014 2218036 Based in Puchong or Taman Desa
  5. Ssangyong Rexton RX 270 XDI (2.7)

    As the topic says, a very well maintained Ssangyong Rexton RX270 year 2005 with a nice number plate (WMW 2888) is for sale at RM44,800.00 We are the first owner and we service the car regularly on schedule with no fail. This car has no issues at all in fact we have just did a major service...
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    Golf GTi check engine light

    anyone experiencing check engine light on a golf gti?
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    Defi Din Gauge

    Quick grab it for RM 1,000.00 now! SMS me if your interested
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    [WTS] Brand New psp go Black from Sony Malaysia

    Quick grab at RM750.00 nett. First come first serve. SMS if interested
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    Defi Din Gauge

    Bringing up my post
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    Defi Din Gauge

    Bring up muy post. First come first serve basis!
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    [WTS] Brand New psp go Black from Sony Malaysia

    Bring up muy post! Brand new unit!
  12. [WTS] Brand New psp go Black from Sony Malaysia

    It's a brand new set (Black in colour), opened the seal to check if all the accesories are inside, closed it back right after that. Did not even on the psp before. Was a gift from my sister but I don't have the time to play with it so she agreed with me selling it to get something else instead...
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    Defi Din Gauge

    Hi, its complete with temp sensors and harness but pressure is not included in the package. New sensors got quoted from amoil (JC Asia) about 5xx. Thanks for inquiring
  14. Defi Din Gauge

    Defi Din Gauge (Amber Red) in Good condition for sale. RM 1,100.00 COD :- PJ / Mid Valley / Bangsar Sms / Call : 0122030392
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    Need opinion: Trade caldina GT4 for Fd2r @ Golf Gti

    Uhm the gti isn't 4wd unless you are talking about the R32. Both the gti and the Fd2r is FWD. I drive a gti and i have quite a number of friends driving fd2r. In terms of practicality yes i would say the gti wins reason being an auto(dsg) due to the traffic nowadays in KL/PJ and its a much more...
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    Proton Wira VR4 Endorsed - Project Car - 94

    Yes it was bertdeen's car and he sold it to me sometime back. All the big turbo and extra stuff is still with me but i thought it would be easier to sell by de-modding it as i have other plans for the turbos and stuff.
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    Proton Wira VR4 Endorsed - Project Car - 94

    Thanks for all the inquiry, please keep it coming :D
  18. Proton Wira VR4 Endorsed - Project Car - 94

    Proton Wira Sedan 1994 with vr4 engine endorsed. Comes with : 1) VR4 engine with 2mm metal gasket BUT NO turbo kit (turbine, injectors, manifold etc etc) 2) Evo disc brakes front and back 3) Evo Gearbox 4) Evo bodykit with widebody 5) Standard Wira rims (Unless you want the rims [18 inch...
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    PRO-RS Braided Brake Hose

    Is it available for Chevy Aveo 2004? really interested
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    Golf GTi for sale...fully loaded

    i have actually met up with him in his showroom to view the car. Apparently the owner of the car has already driven the gti back to kuantan and fai isn't really sure when the car will be back. So i guess potential buyers, patience is the word as i would be waiting to view the car soon too
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    Subaru Impreza Ver8 V-Limited!!!!

    bro, pls pm me ur bestest of the best price. thx
  22. Mitsubishi Mirage 4G91 NA

    mica pearl red, yr of the car 89/90, very very good condition inside out.. asking price 17k CASH nego.. for further info pls call 017-8827733 (kevin)
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    Looking for Half Cut??????

    Looking for L15A honda city vtec manual half cut
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    FORK Tuned Myvi Turbo-kit Rm 4500

    bro, any chance with a honda city L15A engine for BOTing?
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    Hi Quality Imported Used Tyres For Sale , Ch33p ! Cum Check It Out !!! :)

    hi bro u have any 225/35/18 or 225/40/18? need 4pcs thx
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    Ex-Team FuZe members

    yes josh is gay!! extremely gay gay gay =P anyway i suggest Team Xtreme can b extreme in everything.. in sense of modding, performance etc etc.. shortform can call it Team X :regular_smile: just my sugestion :_:
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    used Recaro SR3 seat cheap sale(front L&R)

    err recaro sr3 a pair for RM800?!?!?! m i seeing wrongly or wat?? isnt the market price for a pair is around RM1,800+/- ?? or this is another version?? sorry noobeh here..
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    Looking For Carbon Fiber Hood for Honda City

    hehe i know they have it but as u know i'm rushin mar.. i asked edi n they cant deliver it in time sigh
  29. Looking For Carbon Fiber Hood for Honda City

    i know this is gonna b hard, but anyone selling new / 2nd hand carbon hood for honda city 3g (2004).. Preferably wit 2 ventilated 1 (mugen style)
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    Sell : Vortex Generator Spoiler - For Many Car Models

    bro can u pls email Honda city 2004 model -
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    Audio Development (AD) n Crossfire

    as mention in my topic.. Crossfire amp =) i really hope it dosen't fark things up.. how bout sinfoni range ar? how much roughly 2 cost for a decent 1?
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    Audio Development (AD) n Crossfire

    Thank You SO much guys 4 the opinion n advice =) i think i will jus go ahead wit the AD since i like the sound compared 2 d others.. when i tested it, it was paired wit a sinfoni amp.. i wonder wat will hpn if i pair it wit a spl branded amp..
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    Can L15A (A) converted to manual?

    wow thx alot for the info =) left idle for quite sometime.. i'm just afraid afta BOTing wit the cvt, on the Long term it might giv problems as we all know cvt gearbox is relatively still new n expensive.. thats all i'm worried about.. but well no pain no gain.. the risk is definetly wateva we...
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    Defi Bf For Sale

    bro item still available? if yes pls pm me the BEST price.. keen buyer here =)
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    Audio Development (AD) n Crossfire

    Anyone heard of this brand or review?? basicly the shop tested this n dls iridium n this sounds abit bassier or deeper.. i'm quite happy wit it but i just wanna make sure its some sort of a regonize brand.. its not cheap tho.. the mid range 1, he quoted me RM2,700 leh.. or around this budget...
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    Port And Polish...with minimum cost..

    bro asking the same questions.. L15A can? cost n time pls
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    Honda CITY 06 Modifications.

    shye i forgot wat pjs is it d.. err do u know where's AlfaTech ?
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    Honda CITY 06 Modifications.

    hehe yeah reply ur pm liao.. my panel shop is in sunway.. its all the shops near the npe there.. there's a shell near there.. well thats the price they giv me as i send all my cars there 2 spray n i'm a part time used car dealer.. if ur really interested, let me ask him wats the exact price so...
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    Honda CITY 06 Modifications.

    err the pearl price n champ white price is the same at my workshop.. nowadays 2k paint, pearl paint all oso same price d wan le =)
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    Honda CITY 06 Modifications.

    sorry for the interuption, but for the exterior only shud not exit rm1500.. i just resprayed my whole exterior champ white City for RM1200 only tho its my panel workshop.. just my 2cen
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    [fs]autogauge meter

    got water temp n volt meter? if dun have either 1, when will the nex stock roughly arrive?
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    Protect your loves one - wireless camera on sale -

    Bro pls send me the full details n best price..
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    Honda Turbo Kits

    Okay.. ur place is Drager racing right? can pm me ur contact num n name pls.. thank u :)
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    Honda Turbo Kits

    i'm interested in Bolting on2 my city.. but 2 my understanding the cvt gearbox cant stand on long term right? can i change 2 a manual gear box 1st then only i bolt on or any sugestion? btw driving a 2004 city idsi.. issit posible? thx in advancee
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    Can L15A (A) converted to manual?

    Can L15A (A) b converted to manual? i tot of BOTing a city idsi 04.. can it b converted 2 manual ? coz as i know the CVT cant take it on the long term.. anyone has done it b4? wats the pros n cons? how much roughly will it cost? thanks in advance