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  1. Skyline Gath 2012

    is this still on-going?
  2. looking for parts? post it here...

    anyone know where can i get OEM / Cometic RB25 intake manifold gasket locally?
  3. Skyline Gath 2012

    any news or update on this?
  4. About Skyline R34

    my advise is ( don't mod )....but i bet you will be itchy to do it...:smokin:
  5. Mahle, CP piston

    supertech :rofl:
  6. Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    rb26-rb25 intake manifold adapter plate for sale... pm me if you interested...
  7. looking for parts? post it here...

    looking for Used N1 oil me if anyone of you have
  8. Turbo S Exhaust Turbo Manifold For Mitsubishi Lancer CM5A 4G93T

    do you have turbo s top mount manifold for RB25DET?
  9. looking for parts? post it here...

    looking for Ogura super single for RB25DET..push type... and tein super street suspension for ER34... thanks
  10. Skyline Spotted!

    opppsss...i guess that's mine ride :wavey:
  11. TE37 Replica Sport Rims for sale.

    hi 18 inches ?
  12. HKS GT2835 turbo and HKS waste gauge

    bro...i pm you...but yet to get reply from u..cheers..
  13. WTB: ER34 auto gearbox or R33 manual

    full set R33 manual gb cost ard RM2500 and above..
  14. Jammed RB20 Auto Gearbox

    i believe it's your auto tranny solenoid faulty...
  15. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

    bringing up the post...bump
  16. Nissan Skyline GT-T Tuning - GUIDE

    hi sifu, just wanna know..what is the max hp can i gain with er34 auto box?
  17. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

    thanks bro...joethurr
  18. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

    adryan: you got pm-ed.. v-spec: thanks bro =)
  19. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

    bring up the post...bump..
  20. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

    Nissan Skyline ER34 GT-T 2002/2008 Semi Auto / Manual transmission (shift-tronic) White 110,000 km mileage Engine: - RB25DET - Stock internal - Stock turbine - NISMO thermostat - 280lph SARD fuel pump - NISMO fuel pressure regulator - BLITZ intercooler - MISHIMOTO radiator -...
  21. WTB: ER34 auto gearbox or R33 manual gearbox with manual pedals???hahaha...not bad idea ya??
  22. WTB: ER34 auto gearbox or R33 manual

    ya bro...looking for auto ER34 or maybe convert to Manual R33 gearbox...anywhich will do...
  23. Get Good Price. Cash. Fast & Easy For Your Car!

    do u take nissan skyline r34 gt-t?
  24. WTB: ER34 auto gearbox or R33 manual

    hi there, i'm looking for ER34 auto gearbox or R33 manual complete set gearbox... anyone have in store...please do let me know...thanks..
  25. ACL , Clevite and King engine bearing

    can u pm me the price for main and con bearing for R34 GT-T...thanks...
  26. ARC, NISMO, Billion, Nissan Skyline Silvia Fairlady Feb Sales

    hie bro... how much u selling for the RB25 valve seals, RB25 pitwork timing belt, ER34 aircond fliter and RB25 clear timing belt cover? i'm driving ER34...are those items i requested compatible?
  27. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Earl's Oil Cooler Hie everyone, I have a used yet in really good condition Earl's oil cooler for sale. Letting it go at RM 600.00 (nego) inclusive of hoses and adapter. Interested please do pm me or sms or call me @ 012-3902024. Thanks.
  28. Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    v-spec: ya bro...its been sometime we go crazy...haha...let's arrange a day...
  29. Malaysian Skyline Club?

    1) dr.d 2) gobiz 3) eagle 4) blood red 5) [PIMPIN] 6) Temujin 7) Tomiya Takato/Kyle 8) geber 9) V-Spec 10) frootloops 11) BNR 12) POKKU 13) Rokok_sebatang 14) lemon_demon @ andy 15) anep 16) feezdya (00\______/00) 17)fokyerdoder 18) paddy!! (padi83) 19) alvinT
  30. Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    come bro..let's go fraser hill....its been awhile...
  31. Anyone selling used performance skyline intercooler?

    bro..i believe branded FMIC wont cost below 1k bro...
  32. Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    if it's not raining...i might be attending...
  33. Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya Early Breakfast #2

    may i know how many people is attending ?
  34. *Idle Problem*Do you encounter this?

    hey bro... u might wan to check ya fuel pump or fuel regulator... they able to cause this problem also...or ya coil and spark plug too...
  35. Chic youths in flashy cars: Cops smash investment scam

    8282 are the geng of this scam...the founder of this so-called scam is from Klang..joethurr i believe u know bout this..previously drove a fairlady silver changed to R35...same number plate...
  36. Skyline Gathering 2010?

    1.DarkChild - Open (No Date Preferences) - BNR34 2.Supremus - June is good - R33 3. Frootloops BNR34 12/6 is good for me 4.v-spec (gtt club taiko) 5.maximum3118 6.rokok sebatang - 19/6 is good for me 7. BNR - Any date 8. CSx8213x - Set a date and I try to come back KL - ECR33 9. Owtaman...
  37. can i own an evo if.......

    there is alot of things need to be consider especially getting a JDM or sport cars..mainly its the financial status..well its not either u able to pay up the monthly installment but r u able to maintain tat car...if things goes wrong..i can assure u the maintain cost gonna be much more costlier...
  38. Skyline Spotted!

    bro...8282 is not only klang members...but all the Lampe Berger members...this number u can see it everywhere in whole klang valley...all nice cars...
  39. Skyline Spotted!

    sorry...i don know him...just saw him a couple of time in klang...
  40. Skyline Spotted!

    if i not mistaken BHX 7717 is R34 not R32 ???
  41. Detuned

    v-spec...ya ride light tune???hahaha...sure or not? :P
  42. Air box good ? or hks suction kits good?

    i believe both of it are the they are doing the same job as higher air flow into engine...
  43. What Standalone ECU is better?

    every different standalone ecu are for different car make... such as power fc works wonderful on RB engines...they are made for them... motec and haltech are way to costly... i would guess u go for piggyback 1st for now...even if u upgrade ya car in future...those piggyback are still...
  44. revvin from 3k onwards felt heavy

    well there is a lot of possibility to your problems... maybe weak fuel pump? low fuel pressure? spoilt spark plugs ? air filter stuck? did u try to push it to higher rev and see wat happen? or it happens from 3k onwards to 6 or 7k? i never experience of revs cut even running on 'lean'...
  45. M7 EM-Con

    it's exactly the same thing...just rebranding it to M7...:biggrin:
  46. Unsolved problem...

    semperfi : ya bro...will go for diagnose my ride tomorrow...will see wat is the issue... reintel : i guess it's the coilpacks tat causing this prob...
  47. Skyline Spotted!

    neni : my reserve light is white..and another one red in colour is fog light...
  48. R34 GTR MFD unit..

    i agreed with darkchild...i can feel something is not i rite v-spec??hehehe:wavey: by the way, satigue..where is this pn motorsport?
  49. Unsolved problem...

    thanks bro samah...already not tat issue...well for now my car is running good...hopefully everything is ok from now onwards...cheerss