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  1. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    yeap...officially SOLD today... thanks for viewing..
  2. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    URGENT SALE... RM22K all go ...excluding no plate.. call 019.33.444.71
  3. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    hahaha...what a comment... friday bump
  4. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    hi ronin... pm sent... ;)
  5. Nissan skyline 2.6 (m) gtr

    it all depends on your document..
  6. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    zyful... mpv lah..hahaha Dj.. really.. shd honk me & wave hands..sure i balas ..haha thanks *price long as can go..shd be in motortrader next week
  7. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    thanx all.. friday bump... price nego
  8. Move L9 widebody...JDM spec

    Move L9 widebody.. sold Hi...selling my Kenari...fully converted to JDM Move L9.. up for sale again due to previous buyer had personal problems Specs Interior - L9 RS velvet seat front & back - L9 RS velvet door panel c/with LED cup holder (ori L9 RS- blue lights) - L9 front & rear power...
  9. Silvia S15 STOLEN!!

    yes...the day we caught this whore, the same day their group stole VW golf gti.... according to police, at least 5 cars stolen by them.... take care of your cars fellas....i believe there are more outside..... btw, this is the actual face of the whore...even in lockup, still making langsi face...
  10. Silvia S15 STOLEN!!

    yeap.... i was on the scene and case is closed... now police is hunting another 2 suspects,both male..... ---------- Post added at 01:24 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:14 AM ---------- oh btw, because the misfiring problem, the thieves generously changed the...
  11. wide body kenari

    price nego for serious buyer
  12. canon 7d body only...raya price..urgent sale!

    Im selling my 7d.... bought new dec 09 (1day b4 FD Malaysia), and hv extended warranty untill 2012 selling body only...screen is protected since the 1st day.. pix will be uploaded later ... urgent price selling for 4500 and nego call 019-33.444.71 Actual item
  13. wide body kenari

    thanx es...yeah, coz my fiancee is there.... still available..... on the side notes, paint is 1 month old,which cost me rm2k aircond system is fully service 2 weeks ago, with new condenser, new valve,compressor,etc which cost me rm800 bump my post
  14. wide body kenari

    thanx all.... it is still available...
  15. wide body kenari

    my beloved peti sejuk for sale... fully converted to Move L9 in & out... the only perodua is the chassis & body only.. conversion details n progress here... engine was converted to jb-det L9, but i dont like the low rpm torque weakness...
  16. Stretched tires

    previously im running 165/55/14 on 14x8jj.. currently im runnning 175/50/15 on 15x8jj... both hipari, n im using it for daily.. just hv to watch out for potholes & curbs
  17. levin ae92 front bodyparts..

    bodypart ae92 levin.... condition 95% dent at all with lip n scoop... - fender x2 - hood + scoop x1 - front headlamp x2 - signal x2 - bumper x1 - grill x1 - front lip x1 rm1200 014-3800 600
  18. Blitz Dual SBC Spec S Boost Controller

    Selling my blitz dual sbc... taken out from my s14 last time.... very good condition... rm600 call 014-3 800 600
  19. Silvia S14 kouki

    CAr SOLD.....Thanx
  20. Silvia S14 kouki

    yeap...still available but our juzza evo3 here already view the car just now... :)
  21. Silvia S14 kouki

    im letting go my ride... it's original s14 kouki version... im looking around rm69k...NOT an urgent sale Car Specs Make - Nissan Model - Silvia S14 Year - 1997 / 2005 Engine, Drivetrain & Performance - SR20DET - Sard fpr - Infinite fmic kit - HKS Power Flow - Walbro 255 internal fuel pump -...
  22. new goodyear eagle rs sport

    selling new tires goodyear eagle rs sport 225/45/17 rm450 nego each call 012-6301950
  23. nismo GT LSD for nissan rwd - pix inside

    Nismo GT lsd 1.5way 4.3 final drive *new oil change on 19th june 2009 (motul) trust me it's really in good condition.. 8) rm1500 nego urgent sale, call for nego.. 012-6301950 *reason selling upgrading to nismo GT-Pro lsd
  24. Nissan 180SX/Silvia Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    hks step1 camshaft s14/15 call 012-6301950
  25. hks step1 camshaft for sr20det s14/15

    im selling HKS step1 cam..item brought new, taken out from my own car.. in very good condition.. in duration 256 lift 10 ex duration 256 lift 10.5 direct replacement to ur sr20det s14/15.. looking around rm1.4k and nego till sell.. info...
  26. Silvia S15 95k

    if only u've posted 2 months earlier...... i just get myself s14... :banghead::banghead:
  27. drift car for sale..

    huh... thanx anyway... becoz uf this 'bumping', i received 10+/- calls already asking for this car n howmuch did i sell it.... car sold looooong time d..... n the final price, let just says dat u'll never get this bargain price again with these spec... thanx bro bvalve for update...
  28. Stolen Item..

    theif caught after 2 days....thanx all who pm-ed me... n no, not the johoreans...
  29. Stolen Item..

    WARNING-- Stolen Item.. yesterday, a fren of mine lost his seats front n rear, ripped from evo 6.5 TME ...location ripped is at selayang.. if u happen to know anyone selling TME seats front n rear, do give him a call 0192179792... :mad:
  30. drift car for sale..

    update... car is booked with deposit...
  31. drift car for sale..

    kenot ler zyful.... 2 times kena..this is final decision...hope u understand
  32. drift car for sale..

    all pm replied.... bvalve bro...of course cannot but for the sake of fuel consumption, summore my jobs required me to travel a lot, then this is a good car.. :D thanx for the comments anyway...u miss ur ceffy,but u get a nice 'ceffy coupe'..lolololololll.... :D
  33. drift car for sale..

    i dont think can get loan ler bro... not sure on credit though...but i doubt can get credit also.. since the yom is 1990... really good price for serious buyer *bvalve ride is super stock ae111 seg..hahhaa... save a lot of fuel...
  34. drift car for sale..

    the white color sold liao....but the current owner gonna put it up for sale...maybe next month... he said 1jz petrol die..! lol
  35. drift car for sale..'s legal car... bvalve bro..cannot ler...2 many commitment.. if not,i'd rather keep it...:banghead:
  36. drift car for sale..

    im selling my car....tuned to drift with most drift stuff... Nissan Cefiro a31 Engine rb20det rb25 turbine HKS power flow HKS hi-power muffler Tranny Systems rb20det box KYB 3puck with custom cover NISMO 2way LSD Interior Nardi Steering r32 dashboard full bucket on driver, prelude bb2 on...
  37. original AMG rims

    update..rim sold.. mod pls lock topic
  38. original AMG rims

    hehe... speaking wei...later deleted by admin... :P i just found this rim, thinkin to installed it on w202, but it's out 2"... so decided to sell it... :D
  39. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    morning bump.... pls call for nego...urgent need money
  40. original AMG rims

    bro AJ & raja... u got pm.... morning bump...
  41. original AMG rims

    morning bumpyy......
  42. original AMG rims

    i hv AMG 3piece's original AMG rims.. bought it for my car, but then i figure out, i dont hv merc, so i sell it loh.... :lol: merc pcd - think it's 112 (someone pls confirm) 17x8.5jj & 17x10jj ...offset im not sure... rear tires 255/45/17 - around 70-80% front tires 235/45/17 -...
  43. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    60litres.... depends how heavy is your foot... full tank can go about 450km
  44. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    come n hv a view.. price can be discussed upon viewing
  45. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    thanx ioki n mie... lengchai ko ko.... u wanna try, i can fax u the registration card... but i prefer cash buyer... price can be discuss further more...
  46. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    thanx for the compliment...yeap.....was on january issue...
  47. FS- vip style price,new pix,worth buying

    Still up for sale..recently just changed all bushing on front n rear arms, bushing on steering rack, changed axle (previous axle got weird sounds)..cost me rm1k ++ d... full specs converted to jzx81 cresta year 1992/95 Current Specs;- Engine 1jz-gte 2500cc twin turbo turbo rebuilt by tong...
  48. 3 RWD to choose from..very nice

    up up up... pm/sms/call me 012-6301950 im willing to letgo at very low price...