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  1. Today Rain Ice

    ijnek, u din read newspaper meh? last year oso got wot.. i kena at federal highway...
  2. How Often Ur Car Kena Tailgate

    me stock standard car.. no one tiong me.. i can drive in peace. Only once a while i get tiong by ruthless lorry/taxi drivers.
  3. Picture: We + Car Show = Fun !

    i'm sorta laughing at the guy in red instead of the car.. :lol:
  4. Road Rage Test!

    Safety: You are a Marginally Safe Driver Your Safety Score: 60 % The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 69.19% Aggressiveness: You are a Aggressive Driver Your Degree of Aggressiveness: 62.5 % The average score among all people who have recently taken...
  5. A Saga Vs. A Cow/Kerbau/Buffalo...

    the cow stole your phone? :lol:
  6. Diy - Ccc

    looks like the aerosol can spray... silver chrome.. itz the closest u can get out fr a can. looks nice, but dude, u gotta becareful that the pain will peel if itz not the heat resistant type of paint... even chrome peels under heat stress.
  7. I'm In A Good Mood. (might Not 56k Friendly)

    i've seen the dog featured in TV, at astro.. itz a dog, which was born without itz front legs, it somehow learnt to walk wit itz hind legs.. like human. amazing..
  8. New Perodua 1.3 DVVT

    I agree.The front looks like a Daihatsu Copen (too bad it will never perform like one.At least Copen's engine is turbocharged!) Back looks like Atos/Hyundai Getz.I love my fish too much to think of even changing! 881055 [/b] cbljkkj, is that your fish in your signature? gosh.. how do you move...
  9. R3-Satria (gti)

    speaking of R3.... sorta pondering over a website selling 2nd hand stuffs.. therez this person whom posted hell lots of R3 stuffs, right fr the seats, to the wheels, to everything. I wonder if he totalled his R3, or itz stolen stuffs. can't remember which site already....
  10. engine start button

    just alittle curious... so if your car kena break in.. the thief would be able to just drive your car away wit a push of a button? if yes.. then i'm going to have sleepless nites. :lol:
  11. Driving Attitude of Malaysian

    fuck wei.. this thread reminds me of my experience, this morning, and a week ago. RIght at the same bloody junction spot that i got into accident last week... today, the same type of driver just zoomed out of the junction, missing me my inches. MCH! luckily today i use 2nd lane.. if 1st lane i...
  12. Mothers Thread! My Mom !

    you're her child... her precious child. all i can say, u'll understand her feelings when you become a father. Relax mate... learn to love your mom, loving your parents is not a bad thing. B)
  13. Reminder to install airbags

    well... real drivers can have all the guts they want.. but their head aint any harder than others... it will still crack open with it hits the steering. B)
  14. how to drive a auto tranny

    well, there is clutch in the auto tranny.. i might be wrong on the technical of the way it work but there are clutches inside.. its not located between engine to gbox connection but inside the gearbox it self.. 877583 [/b] friend, itz called torque converter as what cyclonite mentioned. Do...

    whoa dude..daylight robbing.
  16. New Suzuki Swift 1.5 Vvt

    sudden invasion of compact cars.... this few years... really alot of compact cars.
  17. Foreigner's Driving Attitude

    foreigners especially the african nation ppl.... they really have driving attitude... hogging, driving recklessly.. everything.. u name it. I see them almost everyday at puchong... freaks. A month ago, they crashed into a kelisa driven by a lady... and they still have the guts to scold the lady...
  18. Mitsubishi Colt Mirage 1.1

    so cute.. hahahaha.
  19. Car w/ ZTH stickers

    u PM TOM & ask him wat's the size la... then go measure.... :ph34r: 745872 [/b] elained will PM Tom to ask whats his size. hahaha
  20. Volk Racing 15" - for wira PCD 100

    send me the picz at i'll upload the pic for u otherwise u notice the "reply" screen... there is a "File attachments" option rite below the emoticons... u can attach your pic there.
  21. NetRacer Involved In Accident Yesterday...

    i notice tat villagers..... in chinese proverb ... "cow doesn't know a tiger". Itz like they dont know the danger of things. i often go back to kuala terengganu, which uses trunk roads... i notice villagers would take their own sweet time crossing the road, either in bicycle, motorcyle or by...
  22. I cant put myself to sleep at all...

    go wank til u KO... then u'll sleep like a dead fella... :lol:
  23. Earthquake cause all tele communications down

    not sure bout it... my dad did complained that he couldn't make or receive calls, but my gf's whom was upstairs playing computer was chatting thru her mobile phone.... "cooking phone porridge" - in chinese. :lol:

    Wah! Better not let your boss see this thread... :P 851058 [/b] my boss doesn't pay me... the company pays me. :P hahahaha. nothing wrong wan mah... i'm still working and doing my responsibilities. But i'm not obligated to stay when a better opportunity comes, rite? :lol:

    money matters to me when i work.... now time to search for another job... :ph34r:
  26. f***k.earthquake in klang!!

    heh heh office felt the vibration just now... they evacuated everyone... i was busy fixing one boss's laptop and he told me to quickly get out of his office and go outside... :blink:
  27. 15 inch or 16 inch on GTi

    weight depends on the material of the wheel is made off... there are some 18" that are even lighter than the GTi 16's. ;)
  28. Wat Wud U Do If U Found Out...

    what sort of habit u're talking about? i dont think itz a habitual thingy... itz bout doing the right thing.
  29. Hobby : Scale modelling

    my 90% completed subaru impreza great britan rally.... 1 1/2 year liao still not completed... :lol:
  30. IT or design?..

    all jobs has itz prospect, it all depends on yourself to create the opportunity and success. You should not ask who has ppl done, u should ask yourself what is your strong skills... and what you want in life. good luck... my advice, get a degree... then if no job, then help your mom, and...
  31. Wat Wud U Do If U Found Out...

    whoa dude.... thatz worst. Fuck.. ditch em.
  32. TT: 25th March 2005 (Fri)

    topui, this friday going xtreme park for the drift event?
  33. Shootings!

    the world's getting more and more violent ..... nowadays knives and chain are no longer in use lerr... hai.. itz a sad sad world.

    as if u're not. :P
  35. Jojo Struys Fan Club

    yea man.. marion.. cutie la... uish... so cute. hahaha.
  36. Hannah Sarah Tan Fans Club

    never take picz?
  37. Atos 1.1(M) or Kenari Aero 1.0(M)

    yea.. thatz one fucked part bout picanto... long waiting list. My gf also wanted to buy the picanto.. but found out the waiting list was more than 6 months... oh crap... forget it.
  38. Atos 1.1(M) or Kenari Aero 1.0(M)

    Scrap kenari la.. so expensive for a local car. Go for Kia picanto.... cheaper, twin airbag... better built quality. But fuck part... long waiting list.

    man... kinky stuffs... her assets got me hooked ot it.. hahaha..
  40. jobs

    yea... and u go work like mad in dell. :lol: itz at PG... only at PG.
  41. Qualifying format

    heh heh heh... next they'll have speed limit on the straights and double white line for no overtaking at certain turns. f*ck wei... itz getting pathetic.

    crap la.. how come piramid or ioi mall is not showing sepet? can't book online...
  43. Bowels problems.

    whoa dude... i shit alot... itz a must ... every morning after breaky. :lol:
  44. Modena Smoked...

    bryan.... this looks like somemone.. :lol:
  45. Modena Smoked...

    videoclip? i saw it live! :lol:
  46. Modena Smoked...

    nick .. i believe u tat the miata smoked the modena. but i also heard fr sources that someone's Jazz was on par wit the modena. :rolleyes: heh he hheh....
  47. ruthless sentra driver

    dunno la.. it was noon... that guy was wearing a cap... car's modded for sure. i was like tension when he got too close to the motorcyclist, which was trying to make a u-turn.. whoa.. if whack.. sure hailat...
  48. ruthless sentra driver

    posted this in the nissan forum.. tot post it here too... coz i really 'boh kam guan'... almost accident on CNY somemore... <_< anyone know who is driving this sentra? it was taken at 9th Feb 2005, near sunway piramid. the reason why i post this pic is that this fella has some attitude in...
  49. who is this?

    anyone know who is driving this sentra? it was taken at 9th Feb 2005, near sunway piramid. the reason why i post this pic is that this fella has some attitude in driving. He almost hit me in a traffic light turning to seksyen 15 roundabout. It was 2 lane and i was side by side wit him... upon...
  50. FIAT Multipla

    yes... for the bug-eyed subaru. :)