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  1. Engine Oil For 4g93

    hello all, is it fine to use 5w40 engine oil for 4G93 N/A Thank you for advise.

    Hello Everyone, If you have an Evo 7 steering for sale, please watsapp me at 016-2868119 Thank you

    Hello All, If you have one in good condition and want to let go, please PM me. Thank you Regards, Satria81
  4. Wtb evolution 7 original turbo

    Hi All Anyone has a original Evo 7 turbo with original actuator for sale ? Please PM if you have .
  5. Wheel alignment issue - w211

    Hi All I had sent my car for wheel alignment and it turned out to be worse than how it was. The thing is, the steering wheel is not at center position and it is pulling badly to the left side. Please, Could someone recommend a good place to have alignment done for W211 at around klang...
  6. Looking for evo 7 original turbo actuator

    Hello As mentioned above, am looking to buy a original evo 7 turbo actuator. If available, please PM me. Thank you & Regards.
  7. V-kool tint shop @ bukit jalil

    hello please quote to tint all glass of Mitsubishi evo 7
  8. I knocked my car this morning

    Hi All, I knocked my car this morning and in need to fix the damage on the front part of my car. Please suggest a good workshop that can do good ketuk body and painting job anywhere around klang valley. thanks upfront for your help drive safe, satria 81
  9. emanage tuning and installation

    I got a brandnew emanage blue fixed 2 months ago. it was RM1,500 inclusive of ignition harness, installation and dyno-tune
  10. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    6UE5t, noted..thank you
  11. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    6ue5T, noted.. thank you.. do you know if code E camshafts are better than code D..please share
  12. Caster

    hi waiora protuner, it is not toe that needs to be adjusted it is the caster for sure that needs to be set...any idea where I can have it done?
  13. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    hi 6UE5t, thank you. do you know how much horse power does the 1.8 putra manual 1997 model have on it's crank when it rolled out of the factory in stock condition
  14. Caster

    Hi all, I am in need to have my satria's caster adjusted. please suggest a shop that can perform caster adjustments.. my front two wheels aren't straight when steering is at centre position thanks upfront
  15. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    6UE5t, thanks for sharing. proton claims about 140-ish horse power for 1.8 dohc's . is that figure based on wheel or crank horsepower..
  16. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    hello Ryuuken, appreciate you reply. sadly, I only got 123.60 wheel horse power after dyno still wondering where the problem is at..any idea is welcome
  17. Highest hp on 4g93 sohc Na

    hi all, can anyone share how much whp should I get with below specs: 1.8 DOHC 4g93 NA ---------------- - with 1.6 4g92 high comp pistons - port and polished head - adjustable cam pulleys - emanage - acl race series race bearings - ecu MMC 5537 - exhaust inlet size, front to back...
  18. Air flow sensor - 1.8 4g93 n/a

    my frens putra had the strong roar sound with stock air filter box and hoses..even the throttle body was stock. the air suction sound was so damn strong when the engine is revved up to 7500 rpm on 3rd gear - 170 kmh the engine does not cry in totality when revved hard and the roaring sound...
  19. Air flow sensor - 1.8 4g93 n/a

    hi Pomen GTR, Thank you for the reply. I am wanting the sound without dropping in an open pod. I've heard that strong air suction sound from my frens putra 1997 model about 8 years ago without open pod but with stock air filter box. it is - great ( !! ) so was thinking to achieve the...
  20. Air flow sensor - 1.8 4g93 n/a

    Hi All, Please can I know on which would be the best air flow sensor code to be used for 1.8 4g93 NA. I am wanting to have strong air suction sound during acceleration.. Thanks upfront for sharing
  21. Civic 2.0 facelift or mazda3 2.0?

    i would go for the HONDA
  22. What your suggestion clutch to use for EVO

    hi dkny, I am using stock clutch & pressure plate as I have no intention for mods. it is nice and does not tire left leg:) note: I've never hit above 5,000RPM:) I am one of those slow jazzy driver:)
  23. Emanage - stock evo 7

    I would agree that the previous owner would have modded cos why would someone run the car with an emanage without race cams/ pulleys etc my fuel consumption is high. from full tank of petrol up to empty, I wud hardly get 270kms.
  24. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    I shall stick on with 4g93 without mivec involvement:)
  25. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    good idea. but guess it would require wiring harness, ecu, throttle body and intake besides the head which is hard to be sourced
  26. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    bro, thank you. mean to say that an emanage will overwrite a ecu, did I get it correct..
  27. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    HI boyzone, would it better for me to opt for 5537 ecu and pair with an emanage of my current 6123 ecu would suffice for optimum performance.. ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:49 PM ---------- bro, being hopeful to...
  28. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    hi boyzone, thanks for the tips. may I know, what is the code of ur ECU for above set up.. 151bhp would suffice..
  29. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    Hi all, I have a satria 1.8 – 4G93 DOHC presently running on a Japanese eternal ECU with code of 6123. I am unhappy with the performance thus planning to mod in order to achieve approx. 170bhp +/- I was told I can overwrite the 6123 ECU by fixing an EMANAGE, please advise if it would re...
  30. Emanage - stock evo 7

    :) I am wondering if the emanage is the culprit as I am only getting 270kms +/- for a tank of fuel presently, given a choice, I would go for stock set-up
  31. Emanage - stock evo 7

    :) yeap but the emanage device looks old and faded :) I am not really liking it but if it makes a positive difference I shall remain with it
  32. 6.5" component set without amp

    Izso, would you mind to share the brand of your component speakers.. I am presently using 2 sets of Mohawk comp set that is 10 years old which still keeps my ears happy:)
  33. Steel braided brake hose ..

    hi Izso, appreciate your in-depth reply. will do as advised and revert with outcome ---------- Post added at 10:59 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:57 AM ---------- hi g88, my servo is in good condition. it was removed from an Evo 3 halfcut few...
  34. Emanage - stock evo 7

    hi peeche, I have not installed a boost gauge . .
  35. Emanage - stock evo 7

    hi ixeo, thanks for the reply. I do not know if the boost pressure has been increased . how do I check.. would it be better to run the car stock without the emanage, please advise
  36. Emanage - stock evo 7

    Hi all, My car is at 100% stock condition but I recently noticed that an EMANAGE was installed by previous owner. What difference would it make if I were to remove the EMANAGE. Would it reduce the performance or. . ? Kindly share your thoughts. Note: I have no plan to mod my car, I...
  37. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    hi pangyau, most welcome. I got the part from my regular workshop. it was removed from a halfcut. cost me RM 30. I wish I had the picture of the part...its a very small thing made of copper...
  38. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    hi Peterj, just want to thank you as the temp sensor was the reason and I've got it replaced 2 days ago . now temp is back to normal
  39. Steel braided brake hose ..

    I would not use cable ties :) ---------- Post added at 11:57 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:56 AM ---------- this is for my proton satria 1997 model. noted on PRO-RS
  40. Steel braided brake hose ..

    tx, being hopeful ---------- Post added at 10:34 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:33 AM ---------- tx ken yeang, I do not have any brand on mind. what would you suggest ?
  41. Steel braided brake hose ..

    Hi Izso, appreciate the insight. the reason for me to opt for the steel braided hoses is because my brakes are biting very well only during the first few minutes when I move my car after a cold start and then after upon heating up, the brakes aren't biting much or well ---------- Post...
  42. Steel braided brake hose ..

    HI everyone, could you please share thoughts on replacing stock brake hoses to steel braided hoses would there be any immediate difference of better braking ?
  43. This is what i did for my engine 4g92 sohc

    4G92P is a reliable engine as far as I am concern based on my exp
  44. Suspension taller on one side & d.i.y

    I have this same issue on my 1997 model proton satria. it was due to an accident
  45. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    thanks peterj, I will have it checked
  46. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    ken yeang, please advise which sensor could it be... tx
  47. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    Here's the pic of my temp gauge.....very low temp
  48. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    we're on the same page as I too prefer the original settings :)
  49. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    dayline668, thank you. I will do as advised and revert with outcome
  50. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    good morning pangyau, if the hoses are clogged, the temperature would be high rite .. ? mine is showing very low temp.