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  1. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    ya da best... once used you never turn back.
  2. Perdana V6 Twin Turbo road to 350hp

    Money is needed to custom :laugh:.. and a good machine shop
  3. Naza Ria Engine transplant

  4. Starting a new journey. Tough decision.

    lu chiak anneh cheh.. sure tiam tiem race ki pangsai wan..
  5. Starting a new journey. Tough decision.

    Lu also from penang ka?
  6. Starting a new journey. Tough decision.

    Raya cina back.. kolek R32 to pass to thomas to dyno tune
  7. Starting a new journey. Tough decision.

    I would not recommend to boost a B-serie its low end torque already super laggy and add turbo summore. the power will be like on-off liao. and turbo setup would cost like 20k-ish. Previously i was contemplating on turbo or supercharged my s2k. older B,H,F serie are not good for turbo esp the...
  8. Starting a new journey. Tough decision.

    Agree about your choice with Honda as the parts are berlambak and also many cap Ayam parts if you on a budget Lets talk about engine and 60K budget I would recommend a b18 OR K20, the b16 is lacking torque and not much power unless you wanna go 10krpm to squeeze 200whp for b18 you have choices...
  9. 4G92 Mivec

    pui also got tua pui. lol
  10. Ae86 Halfcut

    ae86 half cut super rare for all we know its non existence in the half-cut shop in malaysia even if you do find its like 12k~13k for a half cut. btw why are you looking for ke70.. yet want to spend so much for a half cut? i super curious leh...
  11. Buying a Bmw 330e

    not much time ler boss.. and my builds are rather silly to some people.
  12. Buying a Bmw 330e

    My mod list & shipping invoice as attached as below.
  13. Buying a Bmw 330e

    Of course those R32, s2000, A86 are not Evos, Evos are boring *yawn* cars, Ironically I happen to Own an Evo8MR running on Tomei turbo+ link ECU. So believe me i am more than qualify to comment on Evos. and I know RM per HP cost. :biggrin:
  14. Buying a Bmw 330e

    I have R32 GTR 500whp (current building 700whp) i spend 50k on parts alone( which I imported myself). labor is partially free as my in-house mechanic does all the job. I have been building ae86 400whp, 400whp S2000 personally so i do know my costings. Maybe i live under a rock but you are still...
  15. Knuckle conversion from 4 lugs to 5 lugs

    I have set ORI Regamaster 15" 5x114 with Ad08R 195/55/15 on my uluyam Evo killa, come come offer me.
  16. Buying a Bmw 330e

    Boss, 40k will NOT get you 500hp~600hp. UNLESS you use all second-tangan + recycle parts which i also doubtful. Piston+rods, injectors, clutch, turbo, manifold+exhaust, IC, fuel pump, ECU+tuning. igition coils, are not cheap I think you really work for suzuki la.
  17. Rm8k Wira ownership experience-A long way to go

    Why tokking about getting a budget car bekum modding car?
  18. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    Evos are sooooooooooo damn overrated. *yawn*:emoji_sleeping:
  19. 2019 A45 S AMG - 3.9s / 416hp / 500nm / 8-DCT / 4WD

    I need to sell yours to sponsor mine
  20. which drives better?

    yeah.. old engine kenot boost high.. just like the rb26 with 1.6bar everything start to go liao.
  21. Fiat Coupe

    Lorong Udang kertas also got a nigger prince
  22. which drives better?

    bimmer bois,..yawn
  23. which drives better?

    ooooh soli soli... since 35k to 45k.. a wiralution also can consider or a EG with a K20/b18c swap
  24. which drives better?

    x100 like for the parts cot BUT since this highjacked thread mention drives/handle better but no mention cc or price...lidat if no price then i think a 997 gt3 is hell of a drive... certainly not a glorified Myvy in any aspect.
  25. which drives better?

    over glorified "myvi".. yawn.
  26. Penang make some noise

    Did someone say touge?
  27. Thank you those of you who voted BN

    yeah and ask haparan to return the HP count to ZTH
  28. Basic Performance upgrade

    ribbit...ribbit. where is my hp?
  29. ZTH klang valley TT 28th April 2018

    Do I get HP for pasting this reply?..
  30. New Forums! Welcome, please post all feedback here

    please bring back the HP count...
  31. Car dent, repaint

    Vr2turbo is right
  32. Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Varta so mahal
  33. New Honda Civic sedan

    keep it stock la look better
  34. Recommendation for Stainless Steel braided hose

    go for it. braided is good
  35. Zerotohundred sticker

  36. Discuss About Your Car...

    waaaa when a foreman man tell you change engine you better take ur car and lari kuat kuat liao. First time i heard this type of sorhai comment asking to tukar engine. you better change foreman la. If you keep using him you sure hailat wan. Sorry I tak belajar banyak like the other so kenot...
  37. 1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    how come i only have 1hp?...
  38. 1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    you know me so well
  39. 1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    dun hijack ppl post la.. so finally did he buy the evo7? i boring mau scroll read long long granmama story
  40. 1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    hello? anybody here?