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  1. Kia rio stock hu to processor

    Amp doesn't sound better, it's function is amplify the incoming signal, which means if the signal is crappy, it will make larger crappy sound. Your processor will convert analog signal from your factory audio into digital signal and send it to your amp so it's playing a bigger role than your...
  2. Nissan Fairlady 350z RB25 Engine

    Nice ride... Bro, the airrex digital air suspension, how does it feel? Bumpy? Comfy? How much for that?
  3. Bmw e39 - 2jz

    Wow... This car was listed in mudah on nov 2012 with a price tag rm51,888 still can nego... And now rm60k? Engine bay looks almost the same too... But who knows... Perhaps you did some mod n justify the price, good luck with ur sale
  4. Subaru GC8 V5 STI

    Bro, any problem with insurance claim as rollcage fitted?
  5. Japan engine converted continental car

    Thanks for the clear cut answer, then I will not consider them anymore lol, hv to increase budget for ori performance conti like m5 or rs6... But, how bout altezza? All features gone too? If translated with 1jz or 2jz?
  6. wts alpine f1 combo with pic

    up for reputable and honest sq kaki
  7. Can we buy Singapore scrap car and drive in Malaysia?

    There are ppl doing so, but I will advise not to, imagine when u kena serious accident and no insurance covered then...==
  8. Japan engine converted continental car

    Hi guys, I really love the look and ride quality of BMW e39 and also performance engine like 2jz, been searching for one until I was told my mech friend that better don't try this kind of vehicle... He was saying although the engine can be fitted perfectly, but the car itself will lost all...
  9. Good audio set-up shop?

    My votes go for rspro or nature sound design... ---------- Post added at 03:22 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 03:20 PM ---------- Try famous Audio at tmn Impian Emas... Superb skill, won a lot of international trophy with own audio tuning.
  10. Alpine F1 Status DVI-9990 + DAI-C990

    Yup bro, is it local set or?
  11. Toyota Altezza for sales

    Nice mod... Bro play sq too?
  12. rx7 fd 2jz

    Don't like The exterior, but rx7+2jz combo...yummy^^
  13. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart Version

    Wow...looks really nice...

    Up for good n honest seller^^
  15. Looking for budget Ice

    for a good start, i will recommend a good hu and component, choose component that can be driven by hu itself, then soundproof front door to get good and proper sound. Indeed you will need a sub although you are not into boom boom style, but for now, a properly done simple system shall be good...
  16. [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    Bro, saw ur signature... I'm looking for ae111 1996 crystal sMoked headlight + signal May I know how much?
  17. Enquiry about Saga BLM Disk Brake

    Is there any brembo can be modded on? Be it mitsu or Nissan or Toyota. Anyone did this before? Or any aftermarket multiple pot brake kit for blm?
  18. bmw e90 320i or honda edix

    I ll opt for used Toyota corolla seg or Nissan sentra (yr 94-99) ori ofcos, these car are proven bulletproof, good FC, cheap maintenance... And price ard rm15-20k, you don't even have to take loan. Even when you are butt itchy in future, there are plenty performance part n engine ready.
  19. Need help on rvr transplant into wira

    Yup, im awarded of the ratio issue, if the deal goes on I will change my final drive then...^^ As for the endorsement, I'm kinda worry too, d fren said it will be registered under 4g67, guess u guys know wat does it mean then, lol I know it's not advisable, but there are so many ppl doing so...
  20. Need help on rvr transplant into wira

    Currently my wira is mivec 1.8, My fren has a rvr engine without gb and he said he can trade in my engine and install d rvr engine in my car with little bit of top up and he will do all d necessary paperworks. My questions is: He said can use back my mivec gb, since d rvr comes without...
  21. Audi rs6 avant 5.0 twin turbo

    damn i love this...
  22. budget rm1k,recommended HU single din

    get some used unit with your budget, that should get you some top of the line product like 9887/9855/9835/9815 or pioneer p80rs, save the remaining balance should abt rm200+/- for speaker upgrade... Even with oem speaker, you should be able to feel the difference with the sound quality for...
  23. How much is reasonable for amp install?

    depends on the size of power cable, 0 the thickest then 8 the thinnest... if there's only one amp i think they ll use only 8gauge power cable price wise should be ard 150+-? i'm not too familiar with 8 gauge wire pricing actually... hehehe
  24. where do i find 0 gauge wire cable?

    you need 0g wire for? 4g is actually more than enough... if you wan cheap then go for welding cable...
  25. Advise needed: Whats the best exhaust setup for 1.8 litre mivec

    im not expert in mivec or exhaust, but sharing is caring^^ my engine spec ori mivec rs + 1.8block, use back mivec piston hotbits 4-2-1 for satria r3 + 2" ori route piping + bullet + perdana-like twin tip s-flow exhaust dynoed 190hp/21kgm... fuel consumption 10km/ltr i do feel suffocated during...
  26. VW new beetle specialist in Jb?

    Anyone can recommend? Try to cut down costs sending car back to factory.
  27. Hilux ICE

    if you don't need any staging or imaging requirement like sq, then its pretty standard just get a proper hu with 2/3preout, pioneer 6350 is good and cheap a proper 6.5" 2way component,find sth easy to push with hu output only like domination dlite? a proper sound deadening for your door... That...
  28. 4G92 Mivec & 4G93T

    regardless mivec or gsr, strongly advise you trade in your current satria and get another converted one... save A LOT!!!!!! just my 2cents Z^^
  29. Stock evo suspension for wira

    really??^^ how does the ride height? the stock proton 1.8 suspension very boring leh, i prefer front a bit lower than rear...hehehe As for replacement part, if absorber rosak, still can get from local spare-part shop or not? expensive? last but not least, is it bumpy? or very firm and...
  30. Stock evo suspension for wira

    hi guys... its been a long since my last post...hehehe:biggrin: (try to check similiar thread but to no avail) previously i changed my suspension system to hotbits silver series suspension (hi/lo only) although its not that bumpy compared to previous D2 (hi/lo/hard/soft) but i tend to feel...
  31. Proton Wira Mivec 1.8 Manual

    sorry bro...^^ looking for new camry fiancee's order... Your ride is the one in pic?? looks stunning though
  32. Proton Wira Mivec 1.8 Manual

    What car??:idea:
  33. Proton Wira Mivec 1.8 Manual

    Engine: halfcut mileage 86k, first rebuilt at 110k, 2nd rebuit at 150k 4G92 Mivec + rebore to 1.8l Works Engineering Cam Pulley Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator H22A Fuel Injector Trust oil cooler Evo clutch Crank Shaft Balancing & properly rebuilt Denso IK24 Iridium Plug NGK Plug cable for Mivec...
  34. Need help on swapping RB26 into Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign

    im not so worry abt front rear imbalance, thats common and can be easily countered by adjusting suspension... but what about left right balancing? that will lead to improper tyre wear or skid during hard braking or wet condition... as the mounting point are all modified, is it also balance both...
  35. Need help on swapping RB26 into Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign

    im quite interested in this transplant as well, but the car would be bmw e39... one thing i worry abt is that, does it affect the balance of the car? hence risky if drive at hi speed >200km/h:bawling:
  36. Sony WX-7700MDX**Brand New**

    sold... mod please close thread please...
  37. RON97 went up?

    if your logic does make sense, how would you handle this traffic pol's case? work harder, earn more money to cover duit kopi? or rectify the root of problem and get that fellow replaced? The initial NEP ideas are acceptable (traffic pol system) But it got mishandled and misinterpreted...
  38. RON97 went up?

    If popping out a question makes someone stupid and 2 grades lower, how bout those provide silly answer?? 2x grades lower??:hmmmm:
  39. RON97 went up?

    Wow... i can't help but to think about this question, do you get paid for this?? Your reply really makes me rofl... hehehe, oh my oh my, this is a typical example of political style misleading answer and pusing pusing... we are talking about the root problem, then you drag this drag that but...
  40. RON97 went up?

    Election?? not now, maybe when i'm older, its hard to be a candidate when you got no background, or worse, bad background... hehehe. Seriously, i will really feel that something wrong with someone who find those answers in blue are actually logic, acceptable and reasonable... what the...
  41. RON97 went up?

    Why increase oil price? Because crude oil price increased = reasonable Why last time crude oil price also increase but petrol price remains? Because gov subsidize it to control the price = reasonable Why now no more allowance now? Because gov no more money = ...... Why no money?? Because ...
  42. RON97 went up?

    knowing wats the problem but chose not to face it, thats one hell of a good logic... typical example of political act: hitting the bush (aka pusing pusing pusing) No matter how nicely polished, nothing can cover what is really going on now... I wonder who is the one who can't accept it and...
  43. Morons who occupied handicapped parking lot

    Bro TR, I can't recall how many time I lodged a complaint, at least 4 times... But to not avail... Damn I really hope all these ppl ll kena saman
  44. Morons who occupied handicapped parking lot

    Plenty lot available, but axxholes just wanna park at handicap parking... Sigh How bout this? Datuk? Tan sri?
  45. RON97 went up?

    Everybody knows that the world are having a hard time... If every malaysian is struggling and work hard together to survive then ok... but apparently there are still some people who enjoying their life by sucking blood from the nation... Its a damn fxxking ugly truth, not to mention many...
  46. Morons who occupied handicapped parking lot

    sunat older better meh?? more risky, you might get erected during operation hence... chopped!!hehe also... your pubxc hair will be shaved... :biggrin:
  47. Morons who occupied handicapped parking lot

    "p" plate bastard Well modified civic, too bad brain damaged...
  48. Morons who occupied handicapped parking lot

    i can't tahan anymore, to me all these axxholes are really FxxK up... Thanks to this kind of fxxking mentality, I have seen the real handicapped people got no choice but to park at far place, To those bastards who can walk at will, but try to walk few step lesser then i really pity them...
  49. (WTS) High End audiophile power amplifier

    750 for both or each?
  50. Best Mono amp @ rm1500 budget....

    plenty choices...