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  1. Civic/CR-X EF talk

    Hi, Anyone can recommend SH3 body for restoration? Currently running 1.5 cab local hatchback spec
  2. EF 2doors rebuild

    I'm going to restore my local ED 2 doors... Any recommendation?
  3. E36 328iS manual (M3)

    I have converted local 328i auto to 328iS manual from Japan halfcut.
  4. E36 328iS manual (M3)

    Year 1998 328iS Manual with 3.15 rear axle (replaced new halfcut engine) Original m3 full bodykit (front with lip, side skirt, rear) Original m3 side mirror (sedan) Original m3 steering (last batch) Original m3 speedometer Original m3 18 buttons obd Original m3 spoiler Original AC rear wind...
  5. used car stock clearance

    the used car is somewhere Puchong Prima. do call my friend to arrange viewing. by the way, some car is running condition and some need to replace for fuel pump in order make it running. do check out and bargain for price if you serious buyer
  6. used car stock clearance

    Hi Aivenrolx, not sure what model. the engine is at the back and size as small as mini cooper. let me try to post some photo tonight
  7. used car stock clearance

    hi, On behalf my friend posting used car clearance for following car:- call 0105489820,0122553340 1) Toyota Corolla 2 doors KE-20 (1975) -RM3k 2) Proton Perdana (2001) -RM5k (NoCard) 3) Kembara (2001) -RM5k 4)Toyota Starlet (1982) -RM2.5k 5)Pronton Satria 1.3 (2002) -RM4k...
  8. ori wira / alza / myvi oxygen sensor

    can PM me best price for MYVI 1.3 (M) 2005 model
  9. e46 urgent in gud price

    DumP in 1jz settle all problem... Repairing gearbox easily 5-8k depends which workshop
  10. [WTS] 8 months used Mazda3 2.0 - Black Mica + Attractive Package

    Pm me your best price & location viewing
  11. Proton Satria 1.8 for sale

    Nice specs... Free bump for you...
  12. Don't Buy Nissan Sylphy

    LOok lIke Nissan is worse than proton now... Anyway, the caliper sound like Myvi. To resolve this either change the caliper pin oversize or modify another caliPer buy from chopshoP
  13. The CR-Z is here - First ever 6-speed manual Hybrid and it's a Honda

    if deliver on Jan then is 2011 manufactured according from SA is 2nd batch to deliver to MY... 3rd batch will deliver on Feb but not necessary is 2012 manufactured... for those want to take 2012 car then will need to wait till march
  14. The CR-Z is here - First ever 6-speed manual Hybrid and it's a Honda

    Booked today only can get either Jan or Feb...,anyway, only white color available for now... I plan tO get black but Hv to wait lOnger
  15. mitsubishi Airtrek

    such a nice car... not sure why till now still unsold... anyway, free bump for you...
  16. Proton Wira Aeroback

    Pm me your best price in cash term
  17. MYVI brake caliper pin

    How can I buy from you? I'm located pj
  18. Toyota Altezza 1JZ-GTE

    so you are serious buyer ar ?
  19. Toyota Altezza 1JZ-GTE

    nice car... may i know the location to view? my friend is interested and he will call you tomorrow
  20. Satria convert GTI, engine GSR Turbo for sale

    Pm me your best prices...
  21. e46 328i high specs letting go

    Thanks for interested... Buyer got loan approved but yet not come back to me! Waited him for a month already...
  22. JDM Integra DC2 Type R 96

    Pls pm me location & best prices... I'm interested to get this car in cash. As long no major accident
  23. e46 328i high specs letting go

    Reserved... waiting for loan to approve
  24. Nissan Fairlady 350Z Super Charger

    nice car... free bump for you...
  25. e46 328i high specs letting go

    Thanks veloc
  26. e46 328i high specs letting go

    2 more PM responded...
  27. e46 328i high specs letting go

    email sent... pls check.. Thanks.
  28. e46 328i high specs letting go

    3 PM replied...
  29. e46 328i high specs letting go

    Hi Fear, this car can still loan but you hv to apply youself. anyway, i have email you the pictures
  30. e46 328i high specs letting go

    3 PM replied...
  31. e46 328i high specs letting go

    email sent... pls check out
  32. e46 328i high specs letting go

    Dear All, I'm letting go my e46 328i high spec with interior titanium trim & sport leather seats.. The reason i'm selling is because i got a very good deal for E60 525i and need cash to give the downpayment... My price is RM54,000(Neg till let go) and you will never find the price with the...
  33. Toyota Altezza 2.0 (A)

    Ok gene... I will ask him to call you to arrange to viewing
  34. Toyota Altezza 2.0 (A)

    Pm me best price.. My friend looking this car... His budget <60k
  35. Mazda RX-8

    Very interested... Pls PM me your location & contact
  36. clifford installation agent in kl/penang

    Hi all, Need help.... I just bought a used carband come with Clifford arrow3 alarm and now I think the alarm is not functioning and I need to reset the code... Can anyone to introduce who to look for? Thanks alot buddy...
  37. evo 3 loaded

    This car is from what body? 1.3 1.5 1.6 or 1.8?
  38. BMW E36 1jz

    Hi All, car sold to a nice guy... and thanks for those interested call/sms/test drive.. hope you can find another good car soon. Thanks Sky_vspec... Bro Rajie - going for E39 now..
  39. BMW E36 1jz

    morning bump...
  40. toyota supra 93 for sales...

    oh... i'm also interested the supra... rather than playing bimmer with 1jz hehehe
  41. BMW E36 1jz

    thanks for the bump...
  42. BMW E36 1jz

    Hi All, - For sales BMW E36 1993 converted to 1jz Auto from Supra halfcut and JPJ endorsed since 2005 - The car is daily used and running standard boost 0.5 with 200RWHP dyno @ Linkpower without any issue.... just need to maintain the oil change every 5000km - Aircon as cold as my E39 - Very...
  43. Nissan Fairlady With RB26 Engine - 03

    great modify... now the roadtax reduce from 4k to 1k!
  44. EVO7 unreg-cash ONLY

    my friend sold his car to dealer only 95k... so 101k is not that cheap my friend...
  45. Brand new GTi

    oh... nice nice... by the way will this car selling <40K?
  46. Akiwa Autobahn :automotive bodykits

    pls quote me E34 AC bodykit for the whole car... please PM me thanks...
  47. Super Cheap Imported Continental Car's from UK.(Cash Buyer's Only)

    i hope we can get more positive posting in this thread... so that i can hv more confident to dealing with... by the way, i'm looking for E60 m-sport... pls PM me and your full contact we could discuss this in PM
  48. Super Cheap Imported Continental Car's from UK.(Cash Buyer's Only)

    can this be trusted ? who have deal with this dealer before?
  49. FS Honda Accord H22A Vtec

    nice car... by the way what is the whp in dyno?