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  1. Mythbuster/Does-it-work? Headlamp cleaning - the conventional way?

    kenneth‘s house! :D wetshine .. awesome and nice dude !
  2. ZTH VAG official commercial shooting

    I got my Timeattack zth white sticker :D Wahahaha.. Ethan urs blue? ... ---------- Post added at 01:19 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:17 AM ---------- Yes both of them work for the event nicely :D salute ! Good 1 organizers ! - i came from terengganu without...
  3. ZTH VAG official commercial shooting

    i never expect this is so huge. :D its very well organized. Thumbs up. Good to know you wayne... meet all my old frds there.
  4. VAG Owner's Count

    Badturz - VW - Golf GTI MK6 - CSG
  5. ZTH VAG official commercial shooting

    i want the ZTH sepang time to attack WHITE colour pls!
  6. ZTH VAG official commercial shooting

    Can i join? @Ethan Mk6 Gti... i am all the way from terengganu to join this. cool ?
  7. New place to hang out !!

    image hosting png The GTI :D Love it like a love song baby
  8. New place to hang out !!

    hosting images Hee!
  9. New place to hang out !!

    Haha ! Hallo From Terengganu. This is Great 1. Soon to join any TT that happen in PJ/KL. This is my favorite Forum ever ZTH ROCKS ! At Last u guys bring to here. ! love it.
  10. Chemical Stain Etched On The Hood

    Great 1 Munyoong :D
  11. Vettel explains the use of KERS and adjustable rear wing w/video

    WAHHH! super awesome technology.
  12. Road bully WRM3297 Kelana Jaya LDP

    Driver A - Respect and proud of u can sustain the calmness in such situation.
  13. Revolutionary photos of the Time To Attack 3!

    nice photography !
  14. A hole-in-one for the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI

    Very good car.! but still DSG BABY>>>!!! Twin Charger.! powerful car.
  15. Man sells everything, buys Lamborghini, drives across America 3 times after gf leaves

    Re: Man sells everything, buys Lamborghini, drives across America 3 times after gf le I Love this guy so much! He rocks the America and me. lol.
  16. Drunk Japanese Drive with a punctured front wheel in Malaysia.

    hahaha.>! totally crazy..!
  17. 4G93T Club

    overhaul the engine will be how much ?? After overhaul will the problem occurs?
  18. 4G93T Club

    lolx.. bro it sound real funny and dangerous too.. make sure ur car well check before leave garage. Chill..
  19. 4G93T Club

    All the best to ur car dude wira3319...
  20. satria R3 Front Lips...

    Satria R3 body kit beraper ?best price.
  21. 4G93T Club

    Wuuuhoooo!! good good.. next time can buy from u edi. "" BRO PRICE"" ?? hahaha
  22. 4G93T Club

    wow...! selling parts d .. dude.. not bad.. earn money..
  23. 4G93T Club

    dun know who will get. i been using jun 272 last time. now all stock d. dun want problem. waahaha..
  24. Toyota Hiace Drift Van Project

    wooott ... i wanna see the full video too.. very impressive.
  25. 4G93T Club

    contreasjun27 - those stupid plan need to use mykad before pumping petrol and fuel raising temporary stop. in the future don know. hahaha.. I long time never come here d. I just saw a link selling duratech 272 degree cam. woot woot
  26. 4G93T Club

    Thursday March 4, 2010 Tiered fuel plan officially scrapped, no increase for now. woohoo..
  27. 4G93T Club

    lolx. Thats why.. in terengganu, the jpj allow 4wd fuel tank. I pass JPJ just like that man, in trg. But police is the first time i got caught. hrmm ... should they just sit at the meeting room and discuss and re-do/re-fresh the rules with all the JPJ/police officer??? .. lol.
  28. 4G93T Club

    hahaha..! True. go court damn ma fan. One of my frd driving dc5 got saman too. the exhaust is what the car come with from japan. he get the car from naza. everything stock never mod. He got saman too. i wonder how police do their job?..
  29. 4G93T Club

    Yes.. mine exhaust is from turbine there straight to the back and 1 muffle. Then he saman me with the reason of UBAH SUAI EXHAUST SYSTEM. After CNY, will settle it. That is the thing i very angry. police know nothing la. Police know how to saman only. Now i feel JPJ is much more know what...
  30. 4G93T Club

    Yes .. JPJ would be the department we always scared of. But when i go thru police road block i tot of fuck it la. who knows.. wahahah! its okay la.. i think can settle it.
  31. 4G93T Club

    Mine JPJ officer passed me at the inspection. also, road block by JPJ also passed. Just the fucking police traffic want to act power, stop and saman.. what to do?
  32. 4G93T Club

    Ouch... i been talking to him like that. on the spot there is 1 saga old old kind change exhaust only kampung style. he said that 1 he saman too!!! Hrmm .. Let my old man help me to settle it. i will tell u all the result. not to worry. i just really not satisfied becoz of JPJ inspect and passed...
  33. 4G93T Club

    Less heat ... i got 1 big question to ask here. JPJ inspection pass for the whole car. already inspected and passed. then with the exhaust system 3" and the muffles 3". outlet 4"-5". Then, police stop me and said the exhaust system modified? he terus saman me? can i do anything? lolx... i...
  34. 4G93T Club

    Lolx. Happy boosting....
  35. 4G93T Club

    hey all .. asking 1 question. a very basic ques. when i driving at night. the weather is quite cold. then my water temp show me more to the Cold. what does it mean?. Hot means water not enough, radiator bocor, etc ... what about cold. will it coz any problem?
  36. 4G93T Club

    huhuhu.>! selling selling.. lolx.. kaya raya edi.. the mivec turbo look nice Ftzone. i am already stop modding. wahahah! just waiting for next car. but not so soon..
  37. 4G93T Club

    waahahha.. Cheong!!! lols... how is ur car modification so far?
  38. 4G93T Club

    wahahahahahahah! .. i saw u are in mamakspecial* sometimes. hahhaha! bad bad!
  39. 4G93T Club

    owh.... thats easy to explain. i doing some research about knocking. but they give quite some not understandable term. wahahaha. thank for explaining.! hrmm .. heeh!
  40. 4G93T Club

    turbo still here.. cam sold. hrmm ... but i want to learn something. what and how is a engine knocking problem.
  41. 4G93T Club

    Hey Contreasjun27 - long time no see. huhu ... wanna ask something what and how is a knocking problem. can share? hahaha all any sifus wanna share with me? Just wanna know how is a knocking problem, in order to learn more. hee! Btw, how are u all . ? alll 4g93t fellow
  42. 4G63T Club

    huhuh... yeah man! .. but we don hijack ppl thread .. lolx.. later ppl misunderstood the power for different engine. lolx..
  43. 4G63T Club

    Ya man.. 04 is much better for me. hahaha! but 05 when 3rd gear to 5th gear fucking nice the feeling. haahaaa!
  44. 4G63T Club

    Anyone looking for TD05 20G PM me or call me pls 012-9541555! With Downpipe together.! call for more info! thank all !
  45. recent pencala link accident fatallity

    huhuhu... kena hemtam by u guys? .. ajar dia ah? then his gf act like how ??? ..
  46. HOT! Evolusi KL Drift 2 Official Trailer is out!

    Looks like a lot of nice car being traash haahaa!
  47. 4G93T Club

    i think there is. but not sure who sellling edi. lolx. Trinity very hard clutch. but very nice for me. coz for me is weekend car only. hahaha.. daily Myvi sajer... but BR clutch never tried before. will try it next time.