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  1. Okay I'm Butt hurt now

    im using my gt r33 rb25det stock, daily far using ron97 rm120++ for 300km. Now the price still spiking, maybe arnd rm150 for full tank..tried to use ron95, the engine still ok but less power, especially when going uphill..summore got like knocking sound from inside..:banghead::toilet:
  2. Mildly modded skyline GTT as daily driven car?

    im running on manual R33 GTsT daily..kete pi pasar also using this, full tank can go arnd 350km+-, nowadays full tank is arnd rm120+- as ron97 is getting pricey.. deymn...
  3. Skyline Spotted!

    if you go to jamsari's workshop near to secret recipe, u can find some there..the owner himself use black r32...
  4. Skyline Spotted!

    Nope..mine is black R33 with stickers(soon to be Bayside Blue)..the grey one is my fren's at Keladi..then i heard that tokey's son bought another grey one R33, seen 1 time at kuey tiau remaja...then got another R34 4drs at Hamada..and some of r32 at Kulim area...
  5. Skyline Spotted!

    R32 ka? That one belong to tokey emas Delima son's..haha...
  6. [Jasma]Bonnet Damper for Myvi

    got any for skyline gts r33?
  7. RACECRAFT Product Enquiries.

    Do u have Top Secret style Carbon Fibre front bonnet for GTS R33? And how much if deliver to KedAh? Thank you.
  8. WTB=Top Secret R33 Bonnet

    how much if custom? I asked choco he quoted me rm2800..maybe want to custom for my gts..
  9. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    standard bumper fusion with C west bumper:driver: My ride:smokin: Standard bonnet ketuk to imitate TS bonnet:banghead::stupid: From front view, only TR font can be seen clearly:banghead: @Kaminari, duk kt Nihon ka? Dai mana?
  10. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    hmmm...pyh gak tu...i think if use GTR front bumper with GTR front grille should be not problem, im using standard front bumper kawen ngan C west front bumper..maybe i should take a picture and show to u all..
  11. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    i know that..but its very difficult to find carbon fibre bonnet top secret design for there any shop u can recommend? If Penang area that would be really helpful.. :)
  12. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    owh i guess no chance for me to change to TS front bonnet...:dontknow::bawling:
  13. too much Skyline/GTR i feel like in heaven

    i'd say that The Godzilla R34 still my dream car instead of r35..
  14. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    Mine is year 93 suppose to be Zenki type (series 1) , yes im using GTR grille only, bcoz previously used nismo grille but stolen by F*** thief, then bought GTR grille from my fren.. Woah..need to change headlamp oso ka? but if i change to TOP SECRET bonnet, is the problem still the same...
  15. (WTA) R33 GTR and GTS front hood difference

    I want to ask is there any difference between standard ECR33 front hood and BCNR33 front hood? Im using GTR front grille with standard front bumpers and standard ECR33 front hood, the problem is the G alphabet cannot be seen from front view, only the TR can be seen clearly. I want to change my...
  16. WTB=Top Secret R33 Bonnet

    IM also looking for this hood, i asked 1 of forumer here named choco, he said he has r33 top secret carbon bonnet..maybe u can try to ask him also? BTW, is there any difference between standard GTS hood and GTR hood? Cause i use GTR front grille but the G alphabet cannot be seen from front...can...
  17. Nissan Bodykit

    i saw TOP SECRET bonnet for r34 in yur there any for r33, gts type m year93..e-ecr33?
  18. [WTS] Carbon Fiber Hood *Available All Type Of Car*

    Do you have TOP SECRET bonnet for Skyline R33 Gts? If have quote me the price..thanks..
  19. Buying a GTR.

    i use my r33 as daily feel secured if use 1st party...
  20. Buying a GTR.

    which Insurance company u insured yur babyGodzilla? I oso want to only using 3rd party...
  21. Buying a GTR.

    errr..newbie here...well i oso have same problem here in Kedah, tried to find so may insurance to cover my GTS R33 but no luck..they said more than 15years, high cc, cannot take using third party..huhuhu
  22. Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    im looking for TOP SECRET bonnet either carbon fibre or PU to install at my R33 Gts Type M 93? looked for all over the place in Kedah but still cannot find it..
  23. WTB (Pillar meter panel for E-ECR33 Skyline)

    Hi guys, Im looking for pillar meter holder that fit to my R33 Skyline GTS-t Type M, previously was broken by thief. Tried to find that fit to the whole pillar but cannot find anywhere.. This is the sample: