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  1. Honda eg Spoon style frontlip & air duct

    Bro...PM me the price of both items plz. thanks.
  2. SPOON brake caliper for EK/EG/DC2

    PM best price
  3. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    ahhh yes that too... but seriously crooks are getting bolder nowadays so guy please beware of where you park your beloved rides.
  4. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    thanks for the tips but to me whether its 3M or v-kool or lumar security film or not just remember it is still breakable. the point is how much force needed and the type of weapon used.
  5. Enkei RS 15 inch Made in Japan

    Nego till sold!!!
  6. RSR EX-MAG GTII Exhaust for EG6

    nego still sold....wanna clear up space in my house
  7. Toyota Prius now RM35,000 cheaper thanks to government incentives - RM139,900 OTR

    well... if the gov let imported cars to be sold below 100K i'm sure our national car's sales will be affected and alot of ppl going to loose their jobs and not to mention those upper level ppl will have to tighten their belts. All these duties, taxes are all to protect 'their' own people
  8. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    Even if it is 4 hours interval is not acceptable man but yeah i wont be surprise that they dun even round that area. 2 cars on brick? i really didnt notice that. maybe i seldom go rounding. Anyways for cars to be on brick in a security guarded area is nonsense lo. Where are the guards when this...
  9. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    Seriously? i parked at B2. I'm sure you are aware how useless are those security here.
  10. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    Thanks for all the condolences. Security films does not means that its is unbreakable. Its help in a sense that it took more time to break and more blows. My window actually took 2 blows with a sharp object ( maybe a hammer or even spark plug ) the first blow actually chipped off some of my...
  11. Enkei RS 15 inch Made in Japan

    Bro the tyres so happen to be on the rim. The price quoted are just for the rims actually. But with regards to reducing the price as mention price is negotiable. Have a look at the item and offer me a price.
  12. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    pomen GTR: yeah its a dolphin. that low life ran away with my defi meters and rsm. total agree with you on the foreign workers at guards. Its really rubbish as you can see if you come back middle of the night those mofos are actually sleeping without realizing that you are there waiting for them...
  13. Car Broken into at Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya

    Just to share with fellow members that shall you ever come to this part of town please becareful not to leave your car unattended as my car was broken into at 11am and i found out an hour later. Car is equipped with 6mil security tint and armed with clifford G5 which is also hooked to my horn...
  14. Car Tinting promo - new shop launch@SUNWAY!!!

    you package A applies to all sort of vehicles? i have a myvi i'm thinking of getting in tint. most likely just go with your package A.
  15. Enkei RS 15 inch Made in Japan

    the semi slicks are rather old. i wouldn't advise you to use it for daily driving. PM me your offer...
  16. Big Brake calipers and Rims for sale. ( From EG6 PCD100 )

    Rear calipers left!!! Cheap Cheap take!!!
  17. RSR EX-MAG GTII Exhaust for EG6

    NEGO NEGO cash and carry quick quick!!!
  18. RSR EX-MAG GTII Exhaust for EG6

    Item is back for sale!!!
  19. Big Brake calipers and Rims for sale. ( From EG6 PCD100 )

    updates: Front caliper sold! Bump!!! PRICE NEGO!!! All items to clear!!!
  20. Big Brake calipers and Rims for sale. ( From EG6 PCD100 )

    items have been taken out from car. Can view in Sunway.
  21. Volk Racing, SSR, Evo Regamaster Repair Sticker

    Do you have the black color version for RAYS for 15 inch TE?
  22. Enkei RS 15 inch Made in Japan

    1 set Enkei RS made in japan complete with center cap for sale. Bought this rim for half cut shop 3 years ago and resprayed in to matte black. Rims are in good condition except for 1 got a bit scratches (can be seen from the pictures) Size: 15 inches Width: 6 1/2 JJ Offset: +32 PCD...
  23. WTB 15'' or 16'' Rim PCD114 X 5 hole

    yea waiting for the rims to install the 5 lug. MF10 is like freaking expensive bro...its like buying gold! if you come across any nice condition rim as i mentioned about do let me know ya?
  24. Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 185/60R14

    bro, may i know the year of production?
  25. new rims and used rims bro can help me arrange for this rim?
  26. WTB 15'' or 16'' Rim PCD114 X 5 hole

    Hi all, i'm looking for rims as per the title. prefer to have: TE37 ( bronze ) Regamaster SW388 CE28N if u have any and thinking of selling do offer me your price.
  27. Brembo Max Disc rotor for sell ( Various Model )

    EK9 front and rear disc. PM me best price.
  28. Big Brake calipers and Rims for sale. ( From EG6 PCD100 )

    I'm letting go my braking system. Front and Rear. Plug and Play for EG and EK. Myvi have to mod. Calipers and rotors: Front caliper and rotors(282mm) comes from 2002 model prelude 5 lug drilled to 4 lug. ( same size as EK9 calipers and rotors ) Rear standard EG brake system Brake pads: Front -...
  29. WTS: Defi Meters (Red) & Display VSD X

    PM whats your best price
  30. {Yik}TE37,CE28,EK9,SSR Type-C,Advan

    Bro any rims beside your 16'' SSR that is 5 X 114? btw whats the price for your SSR? i'm looking for either 15 or 16 inch
  31. spoon caliper (4pot)

    pm me best price plz. which part of johor?
  32. honda dc2 B18C v-tech TURBO

    Interested in your spoon calipers too... PM me your price if you wanna sell separately
  33. Honda peformance parts

    bro, you have any EK9 or ITR 5 lug knuckle? also any rims to fir it. interested buyer here.
  34. new rims and used rims

    interested in this rims please let me know the details
  35. BLESS us TEAMRICE...!!!!!

    blue baby is fine and on the road again. checking out the R35 pricing.. ttrs have to wait abit.
  36. BLESS us TEAMRICE...!!!!!

    Re: BLESS us TEAMRICE...!!!!! yeah the mountain is left to rest peacefully! no one vtecs revving in the middle of the night!
  37. FS : Te37 GTR face 17 inch

    eh found this rims by the roadside ah?
  38. 15' Advan Rg Gold Original with Tyre

    bro..your titles says GOLD.
  39. [T3] Rays CE28

    you got detailed pictures of the 15 inch rim?
  40. 2 door eg b18cr for sale

    nice car mate! if you ever decide to take out parts please do give me a buzz. keen on your mirrors, interior and maybe your windscreen ( all round ) willing to swap plus top up.
  41. Exhaust System

    Agree with you Shah...sometimes when you right leg becomes itchy then the sound of you exhaust can really be music to your ears ( not sure about your neighborhood tho) but if the car is a daily driven can then i can be abit too noisy at times. I think its time for me to install back my full RSR...
  42. Exhaust System

    a lil bit...just discipline your right leg and you'll be fine. :)
  43. Exhaust System

    well you can head down to the exhaust shop and get it remove and try if you like the sound comparing with what you have now. If you dont like it you can always install back the center bullet. As for me i prefer bassy compare to those prrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaag type...maybe i'm just getting old.hahaha
  44. Exhaust System

    RSR exmag not loud enuff? must be mad. i got 1 set that i took out from my car cos i cant tahan the noise. but if you want louder then go and get those 5chicken types so can hear your car coming from miles away. and we i'm daniel harris tan :)
  45. Exhaust System

    from my experience, removing the center bullet will reduce your torque as you dun have enough back pressure. You can feel the difference especially during hill climbs. As so S-flow definitely will effect your performance as it restrict your exhaust flow. A good example will be those track cars...
  46. [WTS] Original Rays CE28N 15" used

    Bro, if you're willing to sell below 4K pm me.
  47. RSR EX-MAG GTII Exhaust for EG6

    excellent item. perfect for Vtecs call for best price...
  48. Mitsubishi L200 (Storm) yr.2005 CBU unit for sale

    Price for best price.
  49. kenwood ddx7039 for sell

    your item still available???
  50. hard to let go

    totally understand your feelings... i was in the same situation a few months back. I had someone offering me a pretty good price and i agreed but when i think back of all the memories i had with the car it was so hard to let me its worst then breaking up with a girl. lets put it this...