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  1. Apacer First Generation vintage Inverted Serial Numbers extreme rare piece

    Can i trade in with my JADE brand laptop? Very rare red colour. 5th generation i8 10 core processor. With 2T ram. NVIDIA geforce 1280 with 20gb VRAM.
  2. Perodua kancil 850 manual facelift models limited edition extreme rare vehicle

    How much for the red kancil beside?
  3. Totalled Lamboghini?

    porsche should have just bang the GTR, not so expensive.. hehehe
  4. Video: Epic battle in final laps of V8 Supercar race

    well, they used to have skylines R32 GTR racing in it until they change the name to V8 hehehe
  5. DTM VS SUPERGT in 2012 !!

    if limit, no fun. no limit.... :dancing::elefant:
  6. Is the CR-Z coming to SuperGT?

    wait wait, so next year still got supergt in sepang?? sweet!
  7. RM50 note 50th year merdeka special

    atm still got la.. rhb atm. i got 9pcs when i redraw last week.
  8. Used Nokia N900 99% Like New Fullset For Sale!

    wanna trade with omniaII ??
  9. so who is going Super GT this year?

    the note is a translation of japanese and bahasa. something like "selamat petang" and such
  10. so who is going Super GT this year?

    HAHAHA, why you put hafizi nahar picture?? ROFL he got come in this thread also leh.. see page 7
  11. so who is going Super GT this year?

    this year not much RQ, i got almost all their signatures except for mach gogogo and mutiara M7
  12. so who is going Super GT this year?

    kosong cause this year no nearby school kids. they got no free entry. which is gooooddd!!!!
  13. so who is going Super GT this year?

    yes you can. and no need to get buttfuck also:burnout:
  14. Super GT "Pitwalkabout" Passes to be WON!

    no need.. just go there buy, since no more earlybirds or students price. i will be driving there. so are u going alone?
  15. Super GT "Pitwalkabout" Passes to be WON!

    woohoo!!! i won i won!!!
  16. so who is going Super GT this year?

    so who going this year??? can meet up there. i going alone
  17. so who is going Super GT this year?

    WTF new guy??!! nothing better to do ar tha fucker??:mad:
  18. so who is going Super GT this year?

    dunno how to describe la the race queens... just that this year no more GTgirls. even the galsparadise magazine only feature team racequeens. but then this year's got question and answer section.. where each girl is asked 10 questions. go get it at klcc before sold out. rm55++ only.
  19. so who is going Super GT this year?

    miku hatsune returning this year, but with porsche instead of bmw z4. hehehe
  20. so who is going Super GT this year?

    galsparadise official guide book 2010 on sale in klcc now. 3 books left.
  21. so who is going Super GT this year?

    i will be going alone this year... see u there?
  22. Super GT web sites?

    i usually just search for the racequeen's name.. more precise otherwise just go to Racequeen Photogallery/ƒŒ[ƒXƒNƒC[ƒ“ƒtƒHƒgƒMƒƒƒ‰ƒŠ[
  23. Erisa Nakayama (Former Race Queen)

    [BWH] HRQ0003 Erisa Nakayama 中山エリサ - OPEN INTERFACED.H.G [120P25.2MB] One click file hosting [BWH] HRQ0039P Erisa Nakayama 中山エリサ 02 [120P46.4MB] One click file hosting One click file hosting
  24. HOT! Race Queen circuit clock

    go to here for the actual clock...hehehe circuit-tokei?????????official website / Japanese Ver.
  25. PSP Black Swap with I-phone..

    can swap with china iphone? same price category.
  26. Nokia N97 black Avaxx

    N95 plum can ar???
  27. DIY Cold Air Intake Hose with Super Heavy Duty Industrial 3" PU Hose

    since we're talking DIY CAI, any idea for myvi 1.3 with stock airbox? i dun wan to cut any holes in the bumper and such, just a pipe will do.
  28. Nissan Sentra B14 SR20 Fully Engine Rebuilt N/A Style

    hahaha... daisei :rofl:
  29. Nissan Sentra B14 SR20 Fully Engine Rebuilt N/A Style

    wow... not again.... never ending story this fella :stoned:
  30. SIC 'marshalls' during Super GT

    yeah, cause there's no 96.
  31. Super GT 2009

    i got a freaking sunburn!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  32. Super GT 2009

    biasa la bro. S1 only do censored videos..
  33. Super GT 2009 i think u have to register 1st.. its free anyway. another 1..
  34. Super GT 2009

    anybody remember shiori tsukimi aka chiori oka?? ex motul RQ?? last year with Apple Shiden Privee Zurich? now downloading her pron.. hehehehe apparently she is now an AV actress.
  35. Super GT 2009

    and here i thought my eyes are seeing doubles. hahaha
  36. Super GT 2009

    just line up at the ticket counter infront of SIC. it won't take much of your time anyway. i've been buying PW pass there for 3 years now, never took me more than 2 minutes each time. Bump: guys, are my eyes seeing double, or are there 2 pit walkabout session on saturday...
  37. Super GT 2009

    they will check student id if buying student price tickets... but if you buy during the promotion period with 50% discount, they wont give a shit..
  38. Super GT 2009

    for those of you who still didn't get a copy of gals paradise... better head down to klcc kinokuniya. there's 2 copy left. better hurry.
  39. Super GT 2009

    yeah, wanna see miku hatsune on the car. XD stupid saturday pitwalkabout.. have to wake uo at 6am!!!! really KNNCCB:banghead::mad:
  40. Super GT 2009

    yes, you can even purchase it at the gate to the tunnel. no worries
  41. Super GT 2009

    no more 50%off already. you are too late...
  42. Super GT 2009

    guys, today is the last day to buy 50% off tickets...
  43. perodua myvi

    rm60 for 500km with average speed of 100km/h. when fuel was rm2.70 that time, light foot can reach 20km/L :driver:
  44. Super GT 2009

    already ordered the GALS PARADISE from Kinokuniya. its already out in japan. and also bought the tickets at rm50 from KL Sentral sic office. its rm50 and not rm75. fast fast go get, 15th May is the last day.
  45. Perodua Myvi 2010 New Model

    i still like the old myviSE
  46. Neo 1.6 vs Myvi SE

    well, trying to break the 20km/L mark. do u know how hard it is to maintain at 2k rpm all the time?? have to off aircond somemore. :bawling:
  47. Neo 1.6 vs Myvi SE

    my myviSE manual 30L can go 570kmh. 19km/L
  48. Proton 4G13/4G15....Satria/Wira/Saga

    me just being kepo here, since somebody says so.. hehehe:sleep:
  49. Proton 4G13/4G15....Satria/Wira/Saga

    my car no need mod also 86hp :thefinger: