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  1. 3 Million Miles in a 46-Year-Old Volvo? Not a Problem!

    my year 2k satria 4g13/15 already reach 2million more at and coming 2.5million milleage d on the meter . summore use for race and so on XD
  2. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    drag race are stupid sports anyway. talk about skill. go play track... not drag. end up both happen like the incident. die or alive. even the driver could be die or alive or half kaki patah too if there got barrier and etc.
  3. Exhaust Cutout Valve - Electric

    if this open does it still using muffler? still not really sure how it works. saw from the vid. its almost look fancy to me.. like justmake it louder like direct pipe without exhaust.
  4. Limited Car Toyota Will Vs

    out of my budget :( 55k only ahh ahh sob sob
  5. Impreza GC8 for sale

    if below 50k im interested.
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4 Original CN9A with performance parts for sale...

    haizz my budget just had 50k car :(
  7. I love sports cars - Audi TT

    that why now audi so famous... i drove almost all range of audi.. left the luxury and the r8... They all so dam great
  8. 4-2-1? 4-1? Extractors broken down!

    ahh cant wait for the piping info... really interesting on that 1 i felt.
  9. Thailand's 999 Motorsports' latest 300bhp Supersport spaceframed racer

    all jealous of thailand people ? XD
  10. DIY - How to install ICE part #1

    well recent only come out the sound i not really sure wat the error but i think is should be the amp problem. is funny when i cornering the sound will pop out sometimes.. XD and if i drive very polite it never happen. and all da time happen when i do cornering in some G will increase ..the sound...
  11. DIY - How to install ICE part #1

    i really dont dare to do about car electronic stuff. cuz very fishy :( hahah Hey bro how about the aeroplane sound. do u know the troubleshooting ? cuz my car suddenly come out this sound in sudden. 1 amp and dual din dvd player and 4 speaker with 4 tweeter only
  12. EG6 FULL RACE CAR for Sale

    pm me the willingly let go price? engine all still in good condi ? see my other friend wan to buy or not .
  13. Subaru GC8 . Special Edition .TYPE R .Two Door

    what year ? not yet stated..
  14. Subaru Imprezza: Beyond Swirl Free

    holy crap.. totally like brand new car!
  15. [DIY] Oil catch tank

    bro can have the picture of 4g1 series OIL catch tank DIY picture? the noob guide
  16. Car Audio Competition & Fair At Batu Gajah, Perak

    the sv or the lambo style
  17. 2011 Super GT Queens (Pics)

    but she truely beauty compare all over the Gt girls on the road... latin feel, big breast that suit her sexy booty~ skin totally rare like u can see mostly on the movie but not in real life . very hard to see it on malaysia street... but she a bit bad mood tho haha i heard she said is so...
  18. Toyota Carina

    wow seriosly ? if yes must make ton of pic we sure all appreciate it ;)
  19. Japfest 2011 Part 2 - More Evos, Scoobies, NSX and JDM Monsters

    the last pic is the most beauty ... cuz u hardly to see at there.
  20. [WTS] Satria Neo Hi-line 2007 reg

  21. [WTS] Satria Neo Hi-line 2007 reg

    cannot. i already help someone to do that. once bank negara reject. nothing u can do. unless loan shark only -_-"
  22. Ken Block impressionists let loose at Cyberkhana Round 1

    got any Video for this event. love to see how the course goes..
  23. [WTS] Satria Neo Hi-line 2007 reg

    detail everything will be in this link. and i forget to add in the description that have ultra racing strut bar and front lower 4 point bar and rear strut bar. Proton Satria 2006 RM37000.00 | Used Proton | Used Cars for Sale | Malaysia Car Classified : Rm37K loan Rm33k...
  24. A chance meeting with World's sexiest DJ : Miss Kellie Acreman

    drool superb sexy dj!! missed ! i wish to see her live perform
  25. How to impress a girl Driving a Porsche 911S with an Alfa Romeo Montreal

    i wan that women! she had a good skill XD hahah
  26. A visit to Hong Kong, the model kit heaven.

    if i was in HK or Thailand i might be a fan of this shit.. too bad over here r pricey and small toy... ahh i love to air gun would grap all XD
  27. Largest gathering of modified cars in Juru Auto-City

    this event was announce on Facebook autocity pages
  28. Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing

    drive the actual car with actual engine on the car performance that is the value. not MODIFY with not modify original body, that not worth for it compare to the original performance. well dunno how to said. who buy this car sure appreciate what this car are.. so stop flamming honda fans or...
  29. It’s down the wire for the 2011 Red Bull Rookies search

    jealous jealous betul... make me feel im so old!!
  30. New Video: Trailer "Drive and Seek", Filmed in Singapore and Malays

    Re: New Video: Trailer "Drive and Seek", Filmed in Singapore and Ma make in malaysia or wat?? confuse europe plate with malaysia police waja and malaysia no. plate? XD
  31. Malaysia GTR R35 crash n burn

    driver better dead instead the car XD kakakaka .. true or not people? XD wat a waste...
  32. GReddy e-ManageUltimate

    sms u no reply! summore said texting. where ur location and im giong to deal with u man
  33. 4G1Series, (Save the SOHC's)

    Re: 4G1Series, we are proud for what we are! (Save the SOHC's) bot bot awesome XD
  34. 2011 R3 Satria Neo with Stage 2 Performance upgrades- In Fire Red!

    xbalance FC will better or stay maintain since ECu had remapped. and everything will be better. well is a good price ! i think r3 is final for this neo ~ wow good shit!! i so wanted it
  35. 4G1Series, (Save the SOHC's)

    Re: 4G1Series, we are proud for what we are! (Save the SOHC's) chris~ figure easy up to 200 hp 4g13p stock nia reporting in !
  36. Crankshaft Waja 4G18 First Model

    best price bro!!! Penang people! mudah email u and u no reply!! l;)
  37. Lacing up for Fatlace’s Word Up drift clinics

    nice sharing~ and yeh i also hope there going to be alot event on nortern regions cuz we here are bored !! more event will bring less street illegal ignorant drivers. but entrance fee dont expensive enuff also hahaa. anyway hope thix 11 year will have alot of event on nortern regions side :(
  38. Fast Mini Rover

    ahmm speecchless 104k on modding this....
  39. Nissan Fairlady With RB26 Engine - 03

    185k... lol... owner just market survey i think. yes roadtax is cheap but . is not ori for the car lo. is an awesome engine with the car alot pro and cons
  40. BMW E36 1JZ VVTi TURBO

    haizz loan also wont loan up high... i aim for 20k above nia :( if interested let me know :)
  41. Honda and Mazda get in bed for a B-spec showroom racing series

    is good to see them coming. but look like fiesta is not there why XD
  42. Hyundai confirms Veloster sports coupe name with teaser video and microsite

    hyundai really follow people facelift alot! at lease 70% all their car are following people design and cheap. waaaa.
  43. Satria R3 Stage 1

    i wonder why?? 1.8 to 1.6 ?? downgrade?? 1.6 piston bigger? sorry never know the actualy size but reading from it i just felt very nervouse.. "quote: Pistons changed to 1.6 SOHC pistons along with the necessary items e.g. bearings, piston rings, timing belt (done at 74,000 km – receipts are...
  44. Selling off E-manage

    ur location plz?
  45. various ecu for most japanese car

    can pm me for gti or 1.6 ecu but can get complete set?
  46. Emanage Blue , TEIN Type RA Damper and Billion-VFC Max

    where is ur location?? pm me for best price of emanage