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  1. SuperGT 2011 thread

    At least, some familiar face is back as ambassador. I guess everyone knows it by now... :proud:
  2. so who is going Super GT this year?

    based on my experience, the whole event is just getting worst n worst. seen the issue since 1st time attending it on 2004. 1. marshall, taking freebies during pitwalk. (u can see all the complaint everywhere of ZTH). i even seen marshall huggin RQ waist when take pic together like hug their gf...
  3. SIC 'marshalls' during Super GT

    that y malaysia is still a 3rd world country comparing to other country that are hosting SuperGT, F1, MotoGP & etc. Not that i dun like our country but the attitude from fellow countrymen that shown to foreigner.. Are they doing it for the love of the sport ? or for the extra "benefit" they...
  4. SIC 'marshalls' during Super GT

    this is how pitwalk looks like in JP (click pic for big size) a lot of ppl oso still but u notice something diff ? minus those morons
  5. Super GT 2009

    haha 200kph on tarmac ar? dare not lor. later may never reach. rather travel 700kph, on sky :P
  6. Super GT 2009

    penang, to be precise. we used to drive down in group (4-5 cars) but decided to try something else this year, flying down, coz driving down eats a lot of time and it's tiring.
  7. Super GT 2009

    haha, tell me about it man. the situation just got worst year by year, seeing that for straight 6 years d. sigh. sumore we all travel all the way from north... easy money, i think they rather earn more then less rite ? i was suppose to get MGS n PW at SIC for my fren that came all the way...
  8. Super GT 2009

    17 more days... :love::love:
  9. Super GT 2009

    So far, ZENT and ARTA announced their 2009 RQ.
  10. Super GT 2009

    for this critical period, can do 2 year oledi good d lor. who knows in future year, if everything is back to normal by then and they may extend a longer term contract with SIC.
  11. Super GT 2009

    Yay. Confirmed. Contract signed between SIC n GTA for SuperGT 2009 & 2010. Even during this economic slump period.
  12. Super GT 2009

    due to global financial crisis, GTA are discussing with SIC (i think) for something as noted on their page. you guys probably have seen wat it had done with KLIMS. there is few assumption in my mind. 1) might be cancel (everyone pray hard for that not to happen. i wont want that too after 5...
  13. Super GT 2009

    actually if you go to SIC page, they oledi start offering the ticket d. but there is no announcement from on the actual date yet, thats why i'm oso confuse.
  14. Proton Track Carnival Oct.'04

    Do you have anyshots of her ? during that time ?
  15. Proton Track Carnival Oct.'04

    That photo was taken during JGTC Sepang. I didn't get her name though. :(
  16. Proton Track Carnival Oct.'04

    Ahh... Proton. Speaking of Proton, reminds me of her.
  17. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    Himitsu :P :P
  18. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    might be 竹沢友美 & 村上麻里恵 ... like what has been printed over the FN flyers? :P ______ [/b] Ah! ! Takezawa Tomomi & Murakami Marie, from yellowhat. If Marie was here then what Sugita tells me would be useful...
  19. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    Yalor... I was hoping it too.
  20. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    Oppss... Misunderstood you for another person... Oh ! Blind me... Gomen ne
  21. The AMF Queen Search Competition Heats up!!!

    *slurp* JuJu ruleZ
  22. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    ish ish... camfreak lar, duh... :P
  23. Photo of Formula Nippon and MSS 04 Last Round

    Familiar picture... Hey, that was taken by my friend. It's from here
  24. Photo of Formula Nippon and MSS 04 Last Round

    I want...... :huh: ......You :lol: Lucky cameraman... :angry:
  25. Photo of Formula Nippon and MSS 04 Last Round

    The walk under the drizzle... Guess who are they ??
  26. Photo of Formula Nippon and MSS 04 Last Round

    Dream come true... My Mahiro Katase And Sayori Aizawa
  27. Formula Nippon 2004 Sepang

    Aha... Even you're lurking over here... :D . ac98.. Are you the one that i think you are ? :P