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  1. Calling all ALTEZZA owners

    how cum u guys r soooo free all the time ah...
  2. Altezza Stuffs to let go

    I want to let go my two open ports 1. HKS Powerflow - original full kit for cars with VVTI 2. BLITZ CYCLONE - brand new (havent got the chance to use yet) I hv the pics but dont know how to attach.
  3. Altezza FAQ

    oohh... ok thanks kanazai for the info.:embaressed_smile: please excuse my sillyness.
  4. Altezza Stuffs to let go

    ish got JPJ spy ah in here.... anyway i also got stuff to go, but how do i post an attachment / thumbnail? can anyone tell me?
  5. Altezza Featured in Hypertune

    hahaha....dont think it's a secret anymore....
  6. Welcome to all Altezza owners!!

    hahaha... rinagi damn blur. he tot ireland in penang ma hahahahahahaha:shades_smile: IRELAND = ISLAND JANGAN MARAH AH RINAGI.
  7. Altezza FAQ

    thank u kanazai sorry for my late reply on this. I was thinking of getting the HKS silent hi-power. for the piping, u mentioned 50 mm... 2 questions - 1. will my car be lagging at low end if i put 60 mm piping (btw, my car AT wor) 2. what is the optimum size for...
  8. Tinted glass

    eh Jahax... i tot u have that "Bar Council" sticker on your car that was actuslly suppos to b above the law???:shades_smile: kena tangkap jugak ker..... eh berani dia saman lawyer eh!!!:shades_smile:
  9. Altezza Stuffs to let go

    jahax. no pix ah?
  10. Altezza FAQ

    sorry to break the ice here ah.....:embaressed_smile: i need advice from u altezza sifus, my question is ... what is the optimum size for power for an altezza (A)? if i want more pickup what kind of exhaust piping( Chrome?) and what size (7mm?)? Thank you in advance ar sifus.:shades_smile:
  11. WTS : Altezza (A) Oxygen sensor

    eh.. got altezza chick ah now??? Sexy some more....really ah. pheewwitt:retarded:
  12. Altezza Motorsports Club

    wah got kenari enthusiast oso ah here.
  13. Altezza Motorsports Club

    woi...tmoro after TT we go sepang wan onot? got race there, then u and me can re-race? apamacam? BTW has anyone seen our melayu modellista ah? what's his nick?
  14. Altezza Motorsports Club

    ok guys, how about M.A.E.C - Malaysia Altezza Enthusiast Club hehehe or this 1 is a bit wacky but cool...sounds like WACK THEM WAC'M - World Altezza Club 'Malaysia A.E.C - Altezza Enthusiast Club = Rinagi this could apply to all altezza owners so u dont have to worry about who's malaysian...
  15. Altezza Motorsports Club

    compare to PRIMAX3, is projet lighter, more efficient? have u tried it wif afterburn?
  16. Calling all ALTEZZA owners

    what happen in Ipoh? u all went to that massage guy or not?:mouth_closed:
  17. Calling all ALTEZZA owners

    aiiyoo... i also want to go Ipoh...Convoy la. but sorry Tezz, sorry Rinagi... cant make it. gotta be in Dubai by Thurs. see u guys next TT.
  18. Calling all ALTEZZA owners

    porosaki, tmoro got TT ah @ TTDI same time? how many cars comin this time.
  19. For SALE: TEIN TYPE HA- RM1300 ONLY!!!

    bro. i'm very interested in your offer but i hv 1 question.... Can this fit into an altezza? If can, can u pls email me the email add is
  20. TT Venue Review

    eh blackhowling u forgot 1 more place... Nasi Kandar sedap Loc: ...aiiya gorgot the place name.. near tropicana, beside nkve highway JSOC gatherings every friday there. food: very nice...the nasi kandar also very nice and fresh, the teh o ais laichie is very good coz thak kedekut laichie...
  21. 3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    hi... i'm a new toyota member looking for 3s fans to lepq and exchange thoughts with. mine is an altezza 3s-ge. tonite got tt ah?
  22. 2 April sepang open day , who want to go

    how much must pay?
  23. Skyline ER34 GTT

    bro, very interested in the GTT 'Crazy Monkey'. is it manual transmission or tiptronic?
  24. Female driffters in KL/PJ

    of course there are.... if i'm not mistaken, Ariff is training a few as we speak.:wink:
  25. Heard of Lightning Audio ?

    is it possible to have both.... i love a lot of bass but i also want clarity. what sort of amp that's good for this? *thanx in advance.
  26. Heard of Lightning Audio ?

    sorry guys noob here, what is SPL? if i listen to hiphop, drum& bass, basicly listens to a lot of bass... do i need to use SPL components?
  27. Ask NOSkill ( Attention whore thread )

  28. Introduction for New Member.

    welcome everyone, welcome to our hut! Little_n : is that your pix ar as your signature?
  29. ICE Installation at C. V. Audio (Uptown)

    oh ok...will try not to get lost, coz i'm an alien in tmn desa. Pisces: sorry for wrong spelling....dun whack me.
  30. rb20det pls advice

    oh sorry!!! u r rite 2K. the budget 5K ah loong said incl of accesories like 2 bucketseats....etc. very bad.
  31. ICE Installation at C. V. Audio (Uptown)

    iszo : u gonna be there arh? pieces: where about in tmn desa is the TT?
  32. rb20det pls advice

    Team Workshop can give u RM7k siap pasang. why dun u go to their workshop and have a look at all their cefiro rb20det. then decide. the halfcut is 5K
  33. rb20det pls advice

    Great thats what ppl r doing! 1)would there beproblem with rb20 injin. - nope it's actually the same engine but wif turbo.(correct me if i'm wrong) 2)what abt fuel comsumption for manual. - normal turbo consumption la... if u tekan = makan minyak, if u drive normally = save more petrol...
  34. SSO 2dot5 KL 2005

    i also got laaa....... VIP passes! u girls wanna go? hehehehehhe.
  35. Clarion CD Player

    bro, what is double din?
  36. alpine amp good for SQ?

    do u know anyone who sells this amp 2nd hand?
  37. PROMOTION.........

    calvin tong.... can u pm me your mobile number so i can make a date for my altezza.
  38. the best ever drift event.....Off The Street 5

    yup my girls........ ok arh.
  39. the best ever drift event.....Off The Street 5

    so sorry whitepuppy, am still busy in Sydney, production work. will catch up with my girls later.
  40. OFF THE STREETS 6 DRIFT SESSION @ Xtreme Park Sunway 17 June 2005 7.00pm onwards

    wah ! good to hear last nite's drifting was excellent! i had to miss it again *darn. Lainey.... heard u were freakin sexy..... hhhhmmmm....... DAMN! missed it. oh well am still in Sydney, hope to come home in time for the SSO. i wouldn't want to miss that wan...... sure awesome wan.
  41. Off The Streets 4 - Pit Girls Ver. 2

    ahaaah! !!!!! hehehehehehe
  42. Off The Streets 4 - Pit Girls Ver. 2

    no lar... u always ever so pretty, i mean really mean that! but wan thing that always puzzle me...... WHY U ALWAYS LOOK OUTSIDE??? u like side profile issit
  43. drifters, u tink ur good?

    wah... fuckin chun wei!!!:eek: the driver really have a lot of balls!
  44. R32 Gts-t

    do u have the pics for R31? i dunno how it looks like..... but i really prefer FR than FWD.
  45. R32 Gts-t

    spacecowboy leave there meh? i tot he live in subang. oh my bad.
  46. R32 Gts-t

    D'sara Specialists Hospital. i saw a light blue cefiro with TEAM sticker and Defy Gravity. oh not u ah... sorry thought was u?:)
  47. R32 Gts-t

    hey aibon! do u leave near DSH arh?
  48. Getting a 2nd hand where to polish?

    i know 1 place..... good and cheap. he using autoglym polish. RM 88 for 3 layers. center parking lot in SS2 in front of 7-eleven. or u can go to USJ Taipan multi-storey parking lot. there also good but RM 120 for 3 layers.
  49. Off The Streets 4 - Pit Girls Ver. 2

    avatar yah lor...... why all the avatars fucked huh? i tot it's my computer...
  50. Off The Streets 4 - Pit Girls Ver. 2

    depends..... whether use it for good or bad.