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  1. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    wah. my account still valid. LOL
  2. Driven: The new Proton Inspira 1.8 manual

    i guess you dont understand a thing that i said in a BIG PICTURE. people buy 2nd hand civic to convert into EK9 la EG9 la FD2R la. why? because we love to customize. ZTH exist in the first place because of this. Proton wira into wiralution la saga into sagalution la. corolla into SEG 20V...
  3. Driven: The new Proton Inspira 1.8 manual

    you all very bising la...while you were naked and bashing proton in your air conditioned home watching japanese AV i just paid my hard earned money for a booking. so what if it is a mitsubishi rebadged? I LOVE IT! and give me 3 years so i use off the warranty, and with 2 years loan left i...
  4. Do have a EVO1,2,3 engine in your car?

    Wasting time only la you all use VR-4 EVO1 EVO2 EVO3. engine too heavy too noisy too old and also too expensive to maintain. useless engine one. *cabutz*
  5. The Under 30's Crowd - Hilarious

    Muahahahahhahaahah nice one..:rofl: i still remember i was a mat rempit. nowadays we curse the hell out of them instead...:biggrin:
  6. Opinion over 15 year car need to send to inspection

    if you got nothing wrong with your ride i.e. hid, tint, exhaust from front side bumper, illegal engine transplant...why not? try to forget about those hassles first. if it is really implemented, i'm all right with it. those who know me should still see me driving my 18 year old junk as a...
  7. Proton Saga / Iswara

    noob here. would love to learn more from all the sifus and masters here in SIOC...
  8. TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respond!

    Re: TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respon hmmm...i would come out from my cave...if i can manage to find my walking stick :biggrin::biggrin:
  9. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    got got...when wan to come down do "Happy Hour" TT? :rofl:
  10. Proton Saga / Iswara

    haiya itu mesti la... but no more see fu already. see chick got la :biggrin: Bump: haiya itu mesti la... but no more see fu already. see chick got la :biggrin:
  11. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    whassup uncle...very long time no see... hahaha :rofl:
  12. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    you still using your old 0123 number? if yes then i sms you my current one la
  13. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    poc roc, most will not believe but when you add up all your bills from the day you start converting till today, it adds up to the same amount. i've trashed up 3 engines, had a spare engine in my workshop, enough spare parts to build another engine and by the time i realise i've gone out of...
  14. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    dei ane jin ... i never changed my number la. it's still the same. :smokin:
  15. What mods have you regretted / changed and why?

    should have not converted my old junk to what it is now and use the money spend converting, modifying, stroking, squeezing every last drop of horsepower of my 20 year old engine to a newer, purpose built evo 8 or 9. rather than spend more than 50K on something that other people refer it as a...
  16. Saga / Iswara Rear Suspension Problems

    most people did not notice that all sports springs available in the market could not cope with hard driving especially for track or extreme road use. I'm testing a setup : any gas absorbers of good quality + Honda SM4 rear springs. you need to cut 3 rounds though as the springs are quite long...
  17. Proton Saga / Iswara

    eh..hidup lagi ke this thread? hahahhahaa.... a shoutout to all owners...from an old uncle... :P Bump: eh..hidup lagi ke this thread? hahahhahaa.... a shoutout to all owners...from an old uncle... :P
  18. MME 2008 Update car so outdated now and with the RSRs running much much faster and updated each year...i wont stand a chance ;) It's okay Vic, all of us are busy with one thing or the other during MME. Er...nope...i did not get to drive the GTR sadly...but since kenvin and shah described to me the...
  19. MME 2008 Update

    with more and more interest generated from the overseas crowd and many starts to exploit the loopholes in MME regulations, next year there will be a more transparent capacity limit for each classes. expect to see EK and DC2 in the same class and the Aston martins pushed to class O as the...
  20. Proton Saga / Iswara

    hidup lagi ke topic nie?
  21. Over 3 years.... so fast...

    aiya come seremban TTT la. i bring you places that makes you wish you dont want to go home. hahahahahahah
  22. 4g93t vs 4g92 MIVEC

    *YaWnZ...* well if i am not mistaken, the first generation of B16A, SR20, CA18, 4G93 and 4G63 came out from the same batch in the end of the 80s. 88 or 89 to be exact. now if you say that we VR-4 and 4G93 users are all outdated and goodness...what about SR20, CA18 and the useless...
  23. Over 3 years.... so fast...

    Waaa still alive ar this thread?
  24. Malaysian Travellers to China Please take note :Ban on Multiple Entry Visas to China

    Re: Malaysian Travellers to China Please take note :Ban on Multiple Entry Visas to Ch thank god mine last till august too. probably because of the olympics? SiGH... troublesome la everytime need to apply visa. waste my passport pages only.
  25. Valentine's Day...

    valentine's day? apa tu? can eat wan ar? LOL no need to be so worked up on this day la. if you got heart everyday also is a valentine's day wat =) a simple dinner, a trip sightseeing at kl city skyline ke or at the sea (klang port) or just a trip to look at planes at klia. not bad wat...
  26. Satria Neo explode in KL 2008~!!

    the camry is not registered yet. the hanging plates are actually blue in background color and it's a trade plate for unregistered cars to be allowed to drive on public roads. stop harping on one proton that has been burnt. dun like it? then dun buy it. simple as that. what about many bmws...
  27. Need some advise on the engine oil

    Tony ; very spot on comments about your experience. I have been using this since my engine rebuilt a year ago and 15,000kms later, have no regrets. maybe it's because the nature of my driving style or maybe because of the engine configuration, the engine oil runs sweetly with the engine oil...
  28. sepang track day [29 30 dec 2007]

    he's in india now la. anything look up with azman or richard at the same number
  29. Best of MSS Super16 2007 Race

    hehe yeah one of the officials. got the disc from kenvin himself. nice fella that kenvin... wish him best of luck in 2008 -> S16 Champion hopefully yea?
  30. which performance car u choose?

    1. skyline gtr33 - too heavy 2. supra - too big cc cannot afford road tax 3. slyvia s15 - no extra 2 pistons 4. rx7 - cant afford petrol 5. dc5 - bored with FF cars already. no turbo somore... 6. subaru version8 - not a boxer fan...prefer EVo in the end...i cant decide because if money is not...
  31. sepang track day [29 30 dec 2007]

    woi...tak kan aku pun kena? i very free one la...just that i am not the person in charge of the website. hahahahaha when come to salak to yum char again?!
  32. Need some advise on the engine oil

    lifters, tappets, bullets, whatever term it is...we are referring to the same thing actually.
  33. Microtech least got kaki now oi jo...u coming on saturday for the awards night or not?
  34. Need some advise on the engine oil

    4G63 has been around for at least 18 years and still going up to evo 8... it's old technology la for sure hehe... as for my old beat-up-slow-and-noisy junk i've been running Castrol RS 10w-60 since it's rebuilt till now. my personal opinion is that mitsubishi hydraulic lifters are quite picky...
  35. Best of MSS Super16 2007 Race

    hehe i have the dvd with me. that was in round 3 if im not mistaken. let out some info's ah boy Vs. Kenvin.
  36. All ZTH member gathering... TT

    joseph forgotten the OUG TT on tuesday is after the Klang BKT session every tuesday. How time flies...haha..
  37. advise on vr4 and gsr

    a 400hp properly tuned machine only guzzles 400km per tankful. that's with mixed driving in rural roads, town jams and highway traffic. based on current fuel price, my tank can only whack RM 65 to the brim. you do the math. not bad wat. it's not the price of fuel or how much you spend on...
  38. advise on vr4 and gsr

    First and foremost...i am not married...yet. :mad: I'm retired, yes. Guess most of the old members here in ZTH either gone for comfortable standard cars, or they upgraded. As for me, i started to feel the fear of driving the car in full power. That made me sold off all my stuffs to those who...
  39. advise on vr4 and gsr

    There's no replacement for displacement.
  40. advise on vr4 and gsr

    cos i parking at roadside double signal let you pass mar cos waste my petrol only point chasing jin's fighter plane mar :mad: but still you're stuck at 1997cc with 4G67 conversion. with proper 4G63 we can still go for 2323 stroker wat... :flute: correct me if i'm wrong...i am...
  41. advise on vr4 and gsr

    and you guys never think of the workmanship cost to fit in that bloody block. assuming that you're putting it into a wira : 1) dismantling the engine+wiring+piping+whatever it is from the halfcut. 2) remove the 4G63 block from the engine and make sure the 4G67 block is in good condition...
  42. advise on vr4 and gsr

    and i see Jin sitting in his murahguru tandoori payat gilababi rojak meebuah passembur 4G63+64+67+69 SuperVR-4 2.5 liter waiting for the winner of the outcome for final showdown... and then the winner goes down with me :mad: to spa la....massage la...apa...
  43. advise on vr4 and gsr

    ZzZzzzZZzz....*YaWnzZZz*... Hmmm? ArGh...Grrrr.... Both of back each other's post all got yourself misunderstood already.... YaWnzZZZz... *ZzzZZzZZZZzzz*
  44. Jazeman shocker!..

    Honestly, i agree with you. he should get himself more exposure on Junior Formula GP races (formula Renault, GP2, F3000) and that is why he will be based in Europe from what i learned. You wont find anyone like him at his level...pleasant and friendly. i do pray that he will succeed as there are...
  45. Jazeman shocker!..

    Grrr........... a humble young lad who just reached puberty and you guys hantam him cos he got talent. Just to inform this formula BMW Asia is not run by apek bawah pokok organisation, so please cut some slack for the fella la... if there is no slack given by the FIA, then we would not have...
  46. Reopen BTS or reopen New Track in Klang Valley...

    somewhere in the middle of nowhere would be nice...remember Jempol Drag strip? cut more palm oil trees to make a small track like johor, or some technical layout circuit like batu 3. but they wont cut the trees as palm oil and rubbers price are sky high now... no need race circuit la....come...
  47. Sex party broken up, 34 rounded up at shoplot!!!

    Re: Omg!!! OMFG... i did not know Tom was one of the ZTH ghey phuckers Hall of Fame.
  48. Any event on Sepang today 2/11 friday and saturday?

    better come early, there's a festival here in South track. hehe. north track also not bad with lotsa JDM Cars around. hehe *Reporting live from SIC Track.
  49. Any event on Sepang today 2/11 friday and saturday?

    today : lotus & Porsche private event @ North track. Afternoon : PFX Formula Xperience. south track till sunday : Petronas Sprinta Cub Prix Round 9.
  50. err guys where r u ???

    ZZzzzZZZzZZzz....*YaWn*...since when here got gals to buaya la? wanna buaya go Malaysia Community for Fashion, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Make Up, Beauty, Shopping, Wellness, and Relationship - Malaysian Babes Forum la...hehehehheheehe *YaWnZzzzzz*..ZZZzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzz..... -_-*