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  1. When got open track day???

    Call this nice fella for any inquiries on track schedule. Kumar 0193827961.
  2. Post your TOP SPEED here !

    correct me if I'm wrong, is your handbrake signal lit..?...I've nver been inside SE before, but, I think you may need to check your braking essentials....
  3. Post your TOP SPEED here !

    A Supra and a 26 year old 280 SEL (W126).... the Mercedes still have much throttle left, but the engine sound somehow restricted me from pushing harder.... spine chilling kinda sound...:biggrin: LPT surface sucks. The posted Supra pic is the...I think it's the 3rd/4th shot, the rest is Puddle...
  4. Kemaman Drag Car

    I can smell banning is coming.......:evil:
  5. Kemaman Drag Car

    Congrats to u, man. I can see that u're running a crx,... whats the category u were in?
  6. Kemaman Drag Car

    perghh... kerek giler bro... hahahahaaa
  7. Kemaman Drag Car

    Hahaa..... 80's dulu, diorg main 1st gear dgn 2nd gear jer....try tanya otai Todak ....aku rasa laaa...
  8. Kemaman Drag Car

    400m ke, 200m ke, 300m ke, 50m ke,..... janji ada game... guaner?:driver:
  9. Kemaman Drag Car

    Kemaman drag strip is now ready for race!!!.... 4x4 only. :biggrin:
  10. Kemaman Drag Car

    Saipu jambang gi sambung belajor..... wat MBA.
  11. anybody implanting 2JZ engine?

    well,.... I guess there's none JZA80 front cut out there.... Green,... In your face, man. lmao.
  12. Kemaman Drag Car

    Hahahaha..... glamer mu Harung..... ramai tu org kenal mu. Jgn kater aku kabor plop. Aku x kenal Vtec1.6 tuh.
  13. Kemaman Drag Car

    Curious,.... definition BERSATU dalam hal ni... pebender?
  14. Kemaman Drag Car

    Hehehee...bro.... King Manjung "World Champion No.1" dah bangun tido ker...? :santaclaus:
  15. Kemaman Drag Car

    Hv a little sense of humor....jgnla nak serious sokmo, barulah happy. Ok? Kalau mu jawab, "Oddist tu kucing kurap, aku kucing Siam"... haaa, kan lebih ceria tu.... Btol2.... mmg aku gurau jer.
  16. Simple Question: why choose TOYOTA instead of HONDA?

    Performance-wise: Turbocharged monster = Toyota N/A devil = Honda Bear in mind guys,... chicks digg those Civics.
  17. Kemaman Drag Car

    Hahahahaa..... bukang aku tembok tu......gambor tu memberi maksud...... "Kucing Kurap Tengoh Berperang".... hahahahha.... JANGANG MAROH!!!! AKU GURAU JER.......bertujuan utk menceriakan suasana dikalangan penonton....:biggrin:
  18. Kemaman Drag Car

  19. Kemaman Drag Car

    korek idung kawan sebeloh batal dok poser kita?... hehehe...
  20. Kemaman Drag Car

    mu tulis jer koordinat tu atah kertas, gumpal2, rebus dlm air, pahtu minum...nescaya mu dok sesat nak cari rumoh aku.... hahaha.. gurau jer..:rofl:
  21. Kemaman Drag Car

    senang ah kalu soalan bocor.... hahahaa... duit raya mu mitok ngan maskulin, dia loaded....betuuull... :party:
  22. Kemaman Drag Car

    Adaa.... Mai raya dumoh. Clue utk gi rumoh aku: 4°13'26"N 103°26'11"E . :driver: Clue je tu.... bukan exact location. Lbh kurang cam treasure hunt la ni, dok la boring sgt mu balik kampung tahun ni...:biggrin:
  23. Kemaman Drag Car

    pada dasarnya: joki - hati kecik (sebab x lawang cakap pomeng) owner - daroh gemuruh (sping, ketor, missgear dll) pomeng - pok pandir (lagak cam terer, tapi haprak) kesimpulannya@penyelesaian pada masalah....: gocoh jer 3 org tu. hok kaloh kena dgr kater hok menang! Muahahahaha..... gurauan...
  24. anybody implanting 2JZ engine?

    I dunno where u live, but I know alot of ppl implanting their rides with 2jz engine acquired from Aristo and Soarer. I'm looking for ppl acquiring 2jz from a Supra halfcut. It's rare, but I'm sure someone out there is doing it.
  25. Toyota Supra - TRD Racing Meter

    Please email me the actual photo. Thanks in advance.
  26. Toyota Supra - TRD Racing Meter

    Include installation?
  27. anybody implanting 2JZ engine?

    In your case,.... it's the metering cluster.:biggrin:
  28. anybody implanting 2JZ engine?

    I'm interested to buy the cockpit if the engine came from JZA80 halfcut (supra). Let me know guys. Thanks in advance.
  29. Kemaman Drag Car

    At 1st, they've budget to construct a full strip.... half way on the construction,.. they've realized that their budget can only facilitate for a half done track.... so, tadaaa..... completed! a RALLY DRAG STRIP! one of its kind! the only 1 in this world!... well, at least thats what I know...
  30. sepang track day [29 30 dec 2007]

    Bro, can I hv Kumar's number... :biggrin: When do u think is the nearest track day?
  31. Jazeman shocker!..

    this events may helped him become a much more stronger competitor for future races...
  32. Worst Mechanic/Workshop ever experience in life

    Haha.... I've been to this workshop where it took them 2 1/2months to replace a set of piston rings. The angriest 2 1/2months of my life...he he he...
  33. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    Mr.Satria_95: Clearly you misunderstood what I'm trying to do. I was trying to hold down a COUPLE of forumers (JIN and EG9) from going at it, but why suddenly most of you felt like I'm pointing at you..???.. I'm a racist cause of doing that, and I'm a shallow minded cause you felt I was...
  34. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    Exactly what I'm trying to do at the first place.......:hmmmm:
  35. Reopen BTS or reopen New Track in Klang Valley...

    hmmm.... that would be any friends in pahang?
  36. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year?? I was trying to hold down a couple of our respected members from going deeper in their racial talks. That makes me a racist????.... Never been one, and never going to be one!!
  37. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    speak of what? all I heard is racial talk. I didnt hear nothing on any bright ideas,... didnt hear any discussion on how to cope with the soon coming fuel increment (all I heard is whine, whine , whine...), theres no talks on other alternatives other than fosil fuel for our car....this is...
  38. Reopen BTS or reopen New Track in Klang Valley...

    Maybe they shld built one in the east coast area.... pahang maybe...
  39. New Toyota Vios Launch Malaysia

    Never really been a fan of Vios.... I just hate centered gauges on the d/board. No matter what kind a car it is.
  40. Reopen BTS or reopen New Track in Klang Valley...

    Considering that the houses on the BTS site already completed, then its impossible to get BTS reopened. Lets discuss..... if we do need another small racetrack like BTS, where shld it be?
  41. Mtv Pimp My Ride Malaysia! Wat U Guys Think Bout It??

    Overhaulin' is way better....why?,....their budget is UNLIMITED!!! Its about looks and performance. Pimp My Ride only focus on the looks...but still, its a very good show, fun to watch.:marchmellow:
  42. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    Sorry man... I got to correct you on this. Please do not get confused between bumiputra and malay. Malay = Malay (no matter whatever their religion is) Bumiputra = Malay, Kadazan, Iban, Dayak, Kelabit, Melanau, Bidayuh and many more......(and yes,.... no matter whatever their religion is...)...
  43. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    .... cut it out guys..... theres a lot of ppl viewing this... stop all this racial talks, please hv some respect to our forefathers...
  44. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    ....heh heh.... they came all the way from planet perfect,.. where all things goes their way.... he he he he...:biggrin: :biggrin: ...peeeace....seriously...PEACE!!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  45. who will be Hamilton's teammate next season?

    of course he'd go back to Renault.... where else can he take salary cut other than his previous team.
  46. Mtv Pimp My Ride Malaysia! Wat U Guys Think Bout It??

    after discovering overhaulin'.... pimp my ride looks like kids stuff...he he he...
  47. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    and YES,..... we're drifting,..again...from the original subject....
  48. VTEC open at 5500rpm

    Ya laa.... u can even control the air/fuel ratio... now in market is VAFC2.
  49. GUESS the petrol will rise how much next year??

    I think the petrol price will increase 30cents in 24 months period after the GE,... 10cent on every increment... For me,... this increment.... what to do, if I want to drive, I'll pay....If the r/tax increase,... I'll pay....but I really hope they give sumthing back in return, to the needy...
  50. Fiat CEO crashed his Ferrari 599 GTB

    Dont send it to the scrap yard!.... I'll take it and hantar to bengkel ketuk.... few months later.... taddaaaa...... 2008 Facelift Ferrari 599..:burnout: