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  1. Wtb

    Looking subaru sti front strut bar Pls pm me tq ---------- Post added at 04:42 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:23 PM ---------- Bump!
  2. Clearance Sales Unregistered Cars !!

    Have subaru v9 or evo9 ? Pm me the best price
  3. Lot of Unregistered Imported cars 4 sale

    Pm me evo 9 and subaru v 9
  4. Mofaz

    Im looking for evo 8 unreg.. Pm me the best price
  5. Super Cheap Imported Continental Car's from UK.(Cash Buyer's Only)

    Looking for evo 8 or 9 email Me tq..
  6. various unregistered imported cars for sale !!

    Evo 8 unreg or subaru v8 pm me
  7. various unregistered imported cars for sale !!

    Hello bro, im interested evo 8 or 9 ... pm me the price. tq.
  8. Calling all used car dealerships!!!

    Interested evo 8 and 9 pm me details about payment
  9. Export Items

    Also looking evo 8/9 and subaru version 8/9
  10. Imported Unregistered Cars For Sale

    *2005 Mitsubishi Evo IX RS -white -5speed -white TE37rims -defi link meters -FGK cat-back exhaust system -Cusco CF rear strut bar -Cusco rear sway bar Best Price! msg me A.S.A.P
  11. Fully loaded Mitsubishi evo 8 for sale with NOS

    email me photo
  12. WTS All Japanese cars below market price!!!

    iam looking for evo 7,8,9 pm me with best price.. i will buy if got best price from u.. thanks
  13. Trade in Price.

    satria neo 1.6 (A) 2007 mileage: 47k good condition no modification. plz give me the best trade in price. thx
  14. various unregistered imported cars for sale !!

    im looking for evo 7 or 9 pm me with best price.. and how much loan can be.. :)
  15. Imported cars cheap - loan arrangeable!!!

    im also looking for evo 7,8,9 pm price n loan how much can go.. :)