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  1. Apexi Power Intake

    ur contact no. is it stil valid?cant get thru....interested in the filter
  2. apexi product

    wat's ur contact no.?im interested in d filter
  3. Performance Parts For Sale : From Bumper to Bumper

    PM me the best price for Apexi Power Intake Filter...thanks
  4. 3rd GearPerformance HALTECH Pro series

    Kodang, wat is the haltech sprint 500 specs?cant find it at haltech website?is it available in d market ady?the mapping is 16 x 16 or 32 x 32?
  5. Mivec Modification

    Tried bfore revving 9500rpm on a 93block...the thing tat didnt last was the timing belt:biggrin:
  6. Microtech

    is this thread gonna get burning soon?i smell smoke.........
  7. Mivec Modification

    I din get angry, im also just sharing wat i know! Who said i am a sifu?I know a bit a bit only, how to share, all the things tat i know, u all also know ady....there is stil a lot of sifu out there..cheers!
  8. Mivec Modification

    True enough its d matter of how much effort n money u can put in but what im trying to say is, lets say the spec tat u list down is a 200whp spec but not all ppl tat fit n install d same thing can get the same amount of 200whp.I know which car out there got d 200whp and i din say tat i it cant...
  9. Mivec Modification

    Not all with the same spec can hit the same hp...dont put too much hope to get the 200whp
  10. 1.8 putra

    oh tis is only i know...i usually called it Individual Throttle Bodies...he he he
  11. How: Build 4g93 n/a full race

    Skywalker, If you dont mind can u tell me where to get the 6puck twin plate clutches for 4G93NA?Also the double valve spring...thanks
  12. 4g93 with 4throttle

    4throttle to work best with standalone ecu...emanage blue or ultimate will not be sufficient enough!
  13. 1.8 putra

    sorry ler i dunno what is 4throttle but i juz know tat im running on 45mm throttle bodies only....
  14. 1.8 putra

    Nolar im not using 4throttle ma....tat day my standard throttle body spoilt n i got no money to change it so i got a 45mm throttle body which is cheaper, some more my car is a daily driven ride so if im running on 4throttle sure i cant have a smooth idle n i may not have aircond which doesnt...
  15. 1.8 putra

    Im wondering why and why wanna use a mivec tb or a vtec tb? btw im using a 4G93P running on a 45mm tb....he he he
  16. Dyno Test @ Northern Area

    better calibrate ur tps.....
  17. mivec 4G93 195hp on dyno dynamics

    Congratulations kodang.....ngek ngek ngek
  18. Microtech

    vteckiller, Wanna ask how much are u selling the microtech dongle?do u have stock in hand?thanks
  19. Need help from Sifu's

    If u want power n dont wanna sacrifice a bit then better u use stock mivec enough and dont ever think of 200hp , this way u can save a lot of fuel. Juz for your information im running on 4throttle everyday to work n travel around.
  20. 4 throttle in 4g93

    H2Zero, If u were to go ITB make sure that all the mechanical parts r used correctly, also use a full standalone management, if u got management idling n running v AC will not be a big issue...I myself is running on ITB on a 4G93 for 1 and half years, and also mine is a daily driven...
  21. 1.8 mivec management?need advises from all sifu

    JUN 272?yeah i blieve ur 1.6mivec is 200whp coz u r using jun 272...u know i got my 1.8NA without mivec 240whp torque 22kg/m but tat is while im dreaming....ha ha ha
  22. 1.8 mivec management?need advises from all sifu

    wow 1.6mivec with emanage 200hp,unbelievable!If it is NA then ur fren muz be the strongest mivec in town....if it is turbocharge then its a bit underpower!Even im running on quads v 1.8 i cant hit 200hp on wheel....:adore:
  23. tuning workshop in Petaling Jaya

    Kumit, Ur fuel consumption is really bad...i don think if u change piping it will help a lot!If u need any help juz pm me...we can do a Air/Fuel Ratio check for u using the right equipment!
  24. 4g93p Quad Throttle

    If u have the heart to play 4 throttle, my advice is get a standalone management!
  25. 4 Thortlle for mivec!!!!!!

    if u say joshua from millenium then.....ha ha ha ha....180whp
  26. 4G92 can use webber not??

    Yup 4throttle can have very good throttle response if the setup is correct n the tuning is correct!
  27. 4G93 problem...

    U said u fixed a fuel regulator, wat is d reading(pressure) of ur fuel regulator?
  28. Mivec with 4WD gearbox- anyone?

    pls bare in mind tat the individual ratios r very long....the gearbox juz have a bigger final drive.....calculate might be worst than a mivec gearbox
  29. Mivec with 4WD gearbox- anyone?

    maybe u should let all of us know which turbo gearbox got 4.9fd.....thanks
  30. Mivec with 4WD gearbox- anyone?

    longer ratios gearbox will have better top speed... The one tat u gave example about 4.9FD on a 4wd gearbox...tis is a special gearbox and very diff to find in da market...
  31. Mivec with 4WD gearbox- anyone?

    gentleman, Lets get things rite here, the mivec gearbox ratios r shorter than the evo's or any mitsu turbo gearbox
  32. Microtech

    how much is it....wat is me...thanks
  33. Mivec Gear ratio problem

    u better send ur car to a reputable mechanic to check...maybe ecu problem or mechanical...nothing to do v ur ratio
  34. SIFU NEED help on Blue Smoke

    do a compression test at each cylinder...
  35. turbo engine problem!!

    If it is black smoke then maybe u r running to rich....if it is white smoke, it maybe turbo or piston ring
  36. compression calculation

    Bro, u got the codes wrong......92d-h is from 1.6dohc non mivec, 92s-h is from 1.6sohc(local), 92d-v from mivec.......
  37. compression calculation

    15:1 is not ur compression ratio....tat is ur compression test results!I think if u use the 4g92p piston on a 1.8block...the CR should be around 11.X:1
  38. HKS Twin Plate Clutch Evo

    pm me ur best price,thnx
  39. management for campro 1.6

    Pls read my reply properly, i din say the car was a member! how good is the result, wat was the hp? i think u should go to gt auto n ask them to show u!its not good revealing other ppls dyno result here unless the owner reveal it himself.....also to let u know, tat neo v emanage, is a...
  40. management for campro 1.6

    Y don u try emanage, tat day i saw at gt auto one satria neo installed the emanage n having quite good results!
  41. Upgrade for 1.8 N/A..Take a Look. Good item..!!

    I think the one acting smart is you......4g93p regrind cams, lift higher than stock cams!Ha ha ha ha......
  42. Upgrade for 1.8 N/A..Take a Look. Good item..!!

    Ha ha ha.......Let's get things straight here.......go to Google and search for cam durations and cam lifts, when u got the answer, ull know tat u r making fun out of urself!!!!
  43. Upgrade for 1.8 N/A..Take a Look. Good item..!!

    i remember matspeed cams don have spec.....u wan which duration he will regrind for u! As for stock 4g93 cams the lift is juz 8mm++ how come a regrind cams will get more lift 11mm?Pls verify,im very eager to know
  44. Upgrade for 1.8 N/A..Take a Look. Good item..!!

    may i know how u know the lift is 11mm?thanks
  45. Help me Pro.4G94 / 4G93/ 4G92 thing!

    For a 4G93 the maximum size u can go is 83mm but if u wanna hit 450-550bhp, everything in ur internal muz be forged, ur block have to be strong!Pls bare in mind tat the 4G9X series engine got very less aftermarket parts to play with, u muz 'rojak' here and there but tis will change the...
  46. Help me Pro.4G94 / 4G93/ 4G92 thing!

    let's get things rite here.....alot of mitsu guys out there did plan to do a 2liter stroker in a 4g93 block, pls bare in mind tat the 4g94 which is da 2liter engine is very difficult to find at the market.....if u can even find a 4g94 crank in the market do u know wat length n size of conrod or...
  47. Special Offer For All Perforamnce Parts

    i am interested in the kelford mivec cams!wat is the duration n lift for tis pair of cams?
  48. Block 4G93 With 4G94 CrankShaft

    northern side got fast 4g93 n/a.........y nvr c d car come sepang participate drag battle?
  49. Block 4G93 With 4G94 CrankShaft

    BananaBoyz, If i remember, the 4g94 doesnt belongs to the galant family...can u take a picture how the engine looks like?did u dismantle the engine parts ady?If dismantle ady can take pictures n show us coz a lot of us here nvr seen tis 4g94 engine bfore....thanks
  50. Block 4G93 With 4G94 CrankShaft

    The project tat u wanna do will cost a lot of paying the machine shops....but by the end of the day, will ur car be strong n reliable?i think u should ask other mechanics around for some idea....its not gonna be easy!Anywayz wish u gd luck!