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  1. Campro Check Engine light on

    got the check engine light on on my blm. the fault is the brake switch and bulbs blown.
  2. Viking Tyres launched in Malaysia

    happened at kesas summit toll. 20 minutes drive. she was otw to sunway university . tire installer checked ' no nails but cannot warranty. reason = damage due to under/over tire inflation .. conclusion good thing no cheap , cheap thing no good.
  3. Viking Tyres launched in Malaysia

    had installed front tires [ct5] after reading good reviews on my daughter 's car last November. pro handling n grip is good. con noise n roll resistance is high. worst one tire exploded . 5 months on the road...5000km
  4. HIDs

    still finger burning hot l am using those rm1xx type. the ballast is not lasting. maybe osram or phillips ori could last longer.
  5. Fm booster (radio)

    japan fm freq range 70-90mhz msia fm freq range 87-108mhz you need a frequency converter / extender.
  6. Engine Oil from Tesco

    TOP VALU ??? this error l don't thrust .
  7. Voltage Regulator Bad???

    Capacitors don't drain much electricity. <5ma. [car alarm >200ma] your unit c/w a led [15ma] to double check an old vs, 1. open the casing 2. check the capacitors for bulge , any abnormal . replace the bad capacitor . <rm5 per capacitor 3. kaw tim vs helps to regulate and...
  8. Engine Oil from Tesco

    cheras taman midah got a lot of stock .
  9. Engine Oil from Tesco

    thks bro. just reloaded 6 bottles . got free rm15 petron petrol voucher @ total spending rm500.
  10. Another advice thread.

    good idea. new drivers often bump bump here n scratch scratch there. until your driving is stable, upgrade..
  11. Review: Firestorm Ignition Coil Booster

    l had it installed in my Saga Blm 2008 last year. in city drive, this Firestorm does perform. car is more lively n engine noise is lowered. but in higher speed during highway, the car seems like being shunt n lost of power. in conclusion, it is good for car with low rpm or drive <120km/h...
  12. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    connect a ammeter to measure the current.
  13. DIY How to repair malfunction auto-flip side mirror

    my nazaria passenger on got problem... unfolding time motor won't stop. any idea?
  14. How to install a volt meter

    normally voltmeter need 2 wires only for car. red - power in (max 36v) black - negative/ground 0volt blue - signal in (0~100volts) if use at voltage <36 v, just short red and blue
  15. Any brand of tires ?

    Bro, 1 year 2 times goto Durian plantation...consider off road also. l saw many SUV using Yoko Geolander tyre. hehe, l quite love it on my nazaria.. cheap n good, esp. on rainy days
  16. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    so, just hide 1 led... you need 6 resistors 1/2watt 132ohms (base on 14.4v @50ma)(12.6v @36ma) min 100ohms ~ 132ohm max - safe zone value in using 100ohm resistor ( 14.4v @ 66ma)(12.6v @ 48ma) - brighter you are advice to check your leds for equal brightness before installing.
  17. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    Artful, function of replacing to led is to save energy. normal bulb = 10 ~20watts your 17banks led = 0.72watts x 17 = 12.24watts as other sifu said, 4 x 4 bank + 1 ( yours) will do =17 leds ( 5 banks x 0.72w = 3.6watts) parts needed = 4 x 80ohm 1/2watt resistor 1...
  18. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    your is a single led per bank - alot of power loss why not connect 5 leds in serie per bank 5 x 2.6v = 13v could add 28ohm resistor ( 14.4v-13v =1.4v / 50ma = 28ohm) note: this brings up to 15 leds or 20 leds ..
  19. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    Bro, me only major in Electronic n Computer.. Btw, where 2 source for good super bright led? tried pasar rd - not ideal.
  20. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.
  21. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    use a lm7809 to produce 9v n connect 3 x 3v leds in series per bank. led voltage = 3v so 3 x 3led = 9v so no resistor required. say 12 leds required for your brake light. you need 4 banks. each bank draws ~25ma current = 100ma. lm7809 is 1,000ma ~1,500ma loading. or can easily connect up...
  22. DIY LED brake lights. Need help.

    Bro, lm7805 is 5v, how you connect? 2 x leds in serie or 1 x led + resistor per set?
  23. [ASK/HELP] turbo fan + bigger intake to air filter = better performance & FC?

    to try out without $$$ involve --- remove the air filter (zero obstruction), test drive, if feel good, then change air filter to performance type eg. knn etc. my ride blm08 also c/w stupid campro engine. very lag on pickup. l was recommended adding Firestorm ignition which increases the...
  24. DIY - Headlamp Sanding And Polishing

    Bro, the Best l have come across. Btw how long you take to do 1 lamp?
  25. How to install a grounding cable kit - DIY style

    actually its use for home electric wiring (for fusebox, meter like dat) .. can diy also for GC ar? :idea: size of cable ok. only the flexibility. car engine room is small, a stiff cable quite difficult to work with.
  26. Wifi enabled car

    nice diy. for led you could use a normal size 3mm or 5mm and parallel / replace the existing one. if for 5v power indicator you need a 100ohm resistor serie to the led.
  27. DIY - 'Magnetrap' - Oil Filter Magnet

    no need tape. if magnet drop off. meaning the magnet is not strong enough for this application...
  28. How to install a grounding cable kit - DIY style

    To those who have doubt to add or not to add ground cables 1. start engine, on aircon, radio, headlights 2. use a multimeter to check the voltage between battery negative (black) point to a)engine b)chassis if reading is 0v (excellent/perfect) - no need add cables <0.5v (good)...
  29. DIY Batteryless SmartTag

    yes. but not economy in cost wise. power used by s.tag = vi or voltage x current. hence reducing to 1.5v will increase by current drain. you will be changing battery more frequently. so no cost saving. n only the cost of the diy circuit kit $30 can buy you a few years of 9v battery...
  30. DIY Batteryless SmartTag

    no s tag. those using resistor is quite dangerous. resistor is used to limit current not regulate voltage eg. if use resistor , car voltage =12.5v before start gets 9v. after start=13.5v you get 10v. air con off car 14.5v so you get 11v . this would heat up or fry the s tag which working...
  31. DIY Batteryless SmartTag

    simple solution get a ic regulator lm7809 cost only <rm3 got 3 legs(connections) in, out, ground just solder out -> red wire at s. tag gnd-> black wire of s. tag (o volt or ground or car chassis) in -> input or car battery input range 10v ~ 30v and...
  32. Branded audio stuff , Alpine / Kenwood and American amplifiers > Cheap

    can pm the list, been waiting since last week
  33. Pioneer AP set stock clearance, all model

    interested in 7950, got stock? original ? best price pls.... call me at 012- 218 2268
  34. New Ori Philips 4800k H.I.D

    i need a h7 kit, pls post some pictures of the modded h7
  35. Pioneer HU 2006 For Sales

    PM me the price list oso.
  36. Brand New Magnat Car Audio Products For Sale! 1 Year Warranty!

    good service n nice guy xcheong
  37. New Apple IPOD Shuffle 512mb ram (RM483) offer RM388

    tks everyone, item sold
  38. New Apple IPOD Shuffle 512mb ram (RM483) offer RM388

    thanks for all that had pm me. This ipod is verry cute, it is the most suitable gift for cute & pretty girlfriend , new wife, teenage daughter etc 'this cute ipod is from my boyfriend..... wah lau, high tech bf only know this stuff 1 unit only for would be proud owner i am in kl
  39. New Apple IPOD Shuffle 512mb ram (RM483) offer RM388

    New Apple IPOD Shuffle 512mb ram (RM483) offer RM350 Brand New APPLE IPOD 512MB Ram for sale ( 1 unit only ) usb , lithium-ion recharger battery Feature : Plays music up to 12 hours continuous non-stop 120 songs at near cd quality plays MP3 / AAC / WAV / Audio format included IPOD...
  40. Mohawk Audio Stuff! Brand NEW+Warranty!

    pic for the new amp pls
  41. Mohawk Audio Stuff! Brand NEW+Warranty!

    the msq amp 4 channels soooo big n heeavy, can it fit under the nazaria driver seat? what the best price? i just love the heavy metal, pls send me the picture
  42. PPI PCX-440 Sale

    pm me the price
  43. Mohawk Vs DLS

    what about 1. mohawk msq component 6.5" rm 450 2. magnat exp. componet 6.5 " rm 570 or just pay 3. DLS component R6a RM1xxx can sifu recommend ? mainly for sq without sub nazaria big but no space for sub yet my idea : basic head unit, audiocontrol...
  44. Brand New Magnat Car Audio Products For Sale! 1 Year Warranty!

    u have the expe sq 6.5" component set ? how much it cost ?, i'm in kl , how is the magnat sound ? where to listen to a sample? gohtj 012-2182268
  45. wtb : 4'-5' aquarium c/w wood stand

    thanks for ur pic, u got the very same one i own, so choon , buy 4d never this choon, thks anyway
  46. wtb : 4'-5' aquarium c/w wood stand

    anyone selling??
  47. Zenden Alloy Strut Bar For Alot Of Car

    for naza ria , what are the options? front , back pls quote best price tks 012-2182268
  48. AudioControl EQL Series II

    dique sms me your hp no, tonite i reach at 10:10pm shell