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  1. Klang Anyone?

    hi guys.... long time din spam here liao... been real busy with my work... heheheeh... hows everyone??
  2. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    hi all.... wat happen here?? sio quiet edi... been real busy lately.. just dropping by to say HI..
  3. Malaysia 80s babys

    miss the olden days.. times where use to ponteng class to play football.. hhahahaha.. ponteng class go out of school to eat.. ponteng school go frens hse play guli, Sega n lepak.. so much fun when we think back.. now feel very old edi..
  4. Klang Anyone?

    mike: sorry din answer ur call on sat cause sleeping.. my line barred so cannot reply ur sms... paiseh.. hope u not angry... i will ask my fren again abt the thing when i see him tomolow.. that time i ask him he tell me, he will email to u that day itself.. maybe he forget ler... i will keep u...
  5. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    woot.. wat happen 2 everyone?? so quiet wan here...
  6. Klang Anyone?

    kobee... happy belated b'day... mike: i'm still around la.. just try to solve my stupid pc prob.. i think is the stupid ram.. just remove 1 ram.. now testing.. hahahaha.. so far so good...
  7. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    red conman... hahahahaha...
  8. Klang Anyone?

    ah fat: my hse only got 1 ar leh.. not like ur hse got so many car.. bicycle also don have... des: my hse 2 pelita is dam far man.. u think bukit tinggi very small ar??
  9. Klang Anyone?

    seng: if the shop near my hse can walk la.. pelita walk aso quite far leh..
  10. Klang Anyone?

    mike.. can some one pick me?? hahahaha.. no car la.. unless u all TT the shops near my hse here got 1 new mamak la.. same mamak as the bekerly roundabout that mamak..
  11. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    hahahaha... cannot TT wit u all until my car comes out.. hehehehe.. sorry guys..
  12. Klang Anyone?

    hahahaha... bukit tinggi... near my place... hahahaha...
  13. Klang Anyone?

    woot... so quiet wan here...
  14. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    haih... few days din login everything hilang again.. hahahaha...
  15. Klang Anyone?

    des: just got 2 the bank n ask can edi.. seng: all bring gf paiseh leh.. unless got single ppl going la.. like me... hahahaha..
  16. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    satria wizard welcome..
  17. Sepang Close track Day Sunday 4/3/07

    lol.. cannot take leave take MC loo... boleh beli ma.. hahahaha... btw how was the event?? anyone went?
  18. Klang Anyone?

    mike: some banks still can get 100% loan.. if not mistaken southern bank can get 100%.. last time my car also got 100% loan..
  19. Which will u guys choose?(Exhaust)

    spoon N1 veli the expensive leh....
  20. EG rulezzzzzzz!!!

    eg 2 dr frm klang.. currently in workshop.. sob sob..
  21. Sepang Close track Day Sunday 4/3/07

    take holi la bro.. take 1 day holi n come down ler..
  22. Klang Anyone?

    delicious?? u wat also wanna eat.. weh car cannot eat wan.. how 2 be delicious?? hahahaha..
  23. Tell Me Your First Love.....

    woot.. long time no see everyone.. Last 2 days of CNY.. Gong Xi Fa Chai!! hope everyone is ok... share share ang pao with me also better still... hehehehe..
  24. Klang Anyone?

    hahahaha... ah seng is correct!!!
  25. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    hahahaha... i edi say sure got ppl ffk wan.. see maz ask attandance list but no responce after that.. kev ask for fri TT but end up cancel.. hahahahha... relek la.. i got no car go TT..
  26. Hondarian Head Count - Episode II (2007)

    hi.. bobo / Kelvin / SR3 / Klang
  27. Honda Collector's Item Key for SALE!!

    bro.. pm me best price.. i got box ar?? cause i want to give away wan..
  28. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    monash is good..
  29. Klang Anyone?

    direct owner hard 2 find leh... forum got a lot wat.. go see ler..
  30. Klang Anyone?

    arghh..... so bored... later need 2 work some more.. hahahahaha..
  31. Klang Anyone?

    kirk: budget lari... hahahaha... u wanna buy satria ar?? buy my old satria la.. still in the 2nd dealer shop.. last time baja putih then they make it to baja hitam.. mivec front bodykit edi..
  32. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    kev: my car not changing engine also leh... that time before acc my car for some engine n cooling prob edi.. so this time i ask my mech to do straight ler.. dowan take out the car then send back 2 workshop... ma fan.. hahahaha..
  33. Klang Anyone?

    mike: u listen 2 that fella.. always bluff wan.. hahahaha... sorry again.. still can't join u all for TT ler.. my mech now onli fixing my stupid spoiled engine.. must overhaul..
  34. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    kev: don listen 2 maz... he always ffk wan... he is the FFK king edi.. hahahaha.. label by a lot of ppl... btw u guys enjoy TT la.. still got no car 2 drive.. hahahahaha... cny just over all workshop just open so must wait la.. haih.. sob sob.. no car no $$$ buy halfcut.. stock engine nia..
  35. IRB to pay RM3mil ! ! !

    haih... when its malaysia court sure like that wan..
  36. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    wah... all hilang edi??
  37. Klang Anyone?

    mike: the drinks not in my hse leh.. hahahahaha...
  38. Klang Anyone?

    wah... drink drink drink.... i also drink since last fri till today still not yet stop.. some body help me!!! going 2 die of accessive alcohol...
  39. Klang Anyone?

    as usual some one have 2 organise la.. hahahaha..
  40. Malay contractors required to sign 'Akujanji'

    really racist.. no offence but it looks like it..
  41. Good Spa in KL

    wah.. tohsan.. got nasi lemak ar?? hahaha.. where where?? as i know my kai kor fren place in klg here 1st day of CNY also open.. hahahaha..
  42. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    kev: everyone knows its a girl la.. cause only u will go 4 guys ma.. hahahaha.. girl also got name wan mer.. hahahaha..
  43. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    kev: i ask who not wat.. wei.. read properly before u answer leh.. hahahaha.. i aslo know la leng lui.. who??
  44. Klang Anyone?

    wah... kobee... nonit flood this page kua.. hahaha.. GONG HEI FATT CHOI!!
  45. things to do if ur bored this CNY...

    wahahahaha... wont get chicken pox wan..
  46. Petronas CNY Commercial - Quite Sad

    very meaningful.. reminding lots of ppl that always forget abt their parents to go back..
  47. Cubbing TT

    cny clubbing ar?? last year went loft so empty.. hahahaha.. some more 1st n 2nd day of cny.. this year duno where 2 go.. hahaha..
  48. Klang Anyone?

    wah.. skyline ar?? lucky guy.. lol..
  49. Z'thians subang college students reporting in!!!

    wei wei wei... kev: maz with who la?? that fella always so secretive.. hahaha.. now he very lansi edi.. ajak him TT also always FFK me wan.. kakakaka..
  50. Good Spa in KL

    wah.. tam... really experience eh u.. hahahaha..