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  1. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey guys! its been ages.. ill be back frm london soon.. so i'll be seeing u guys around soon..when i get back lol... cheers!
  2. ZTH MINI Club!

    ohw gimme the friendster link.... hehe how come i have no clue bout this group at all.. man am i tat left behind just coz im here in london :S anyways yeah..
  3. ZTH MINI Club!

    nope.. tell us more bout it mini_cooper.. im definately interested! ^.^
  4. ZTH MINI Club!

    heyya suresh im good thx... yeah all's good ive not seen me mini since january when i came back for like 2 weeks... :( so sad... well missing n my car... but all's good here.. just stressed out over uni... ill be back in ..late june for summer.. tt then i hope :D
  5. Lady/Girl/Woman/Female Drivers!

    sexist.. egostical.. :angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile: FIRST OFF.. TOE PECK.. U DONT EVEN KNOW ELAINE....WATS UR DARN PROBLEM..JEALOUS THAT FEMALES ARE BETTER THAN SCUM LIKE U? AWWW THERE THERE..UR PUNY LIL BRAIN CANT...
  6. Satria's Owners unite!!

    hey guys.. ^.^ how is everyone doin ? just randomly ...dropping by to say hi :D
  7. ZTH MINI Club!

    heyya guys... good to see everyone is gettin on well.. n things are runnin on as usual.. sorry bout the p"poofing" ..uni and stressing out over studies here in the Uk..
  8. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey guys.. i know ive been missing for ages.. and i see u guys are even more active then ever... anyways... i got caught up with uni and assignments.. n not having internet connection..havent logged on to zth in ages... well anyways im back in KL... for x'mas... hows everyone doin? hope...
  9. ZTH MINI Club!

    good on ya guys..but dont think ill be able to make it this friday... ive got to be at the hospital again... so have fun n good luck :)
  10. Satria's Owners unite!!

    ice cream....tonite guys....anyone???
  11. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey guys.. to the newbies welcome... thx everyone for turnin up and comin all the way... we will have everythin sorted out next round alrite... :D sorry for an inconvience... we have now 2 mokey members...wohoo... lol hafez...thx a lot ;) and either send me the i can...
  12. ZTH MINI Club!

    Date: 27 August 2005 Venue: Meet up 8:00-8:30pm at Gazebo, then Convoy to Putrajaya Agenda: photoshoot pre merdeka? Attendance: 1. skyline86 2. twistedangel 016-6124315 3. mini flinstone 4. fatcrab 5. izhar 6. kamal 7. amir 8. anas 9. sureshn 10. blitz 11. somefella No...
  13. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey guys... Subang gazebo it is...coz its a really easy plc to find everyone can actually find it...wud be great..and the area over there is good for a photoshoot..if not we can find somewhere around the area and then convoy somewhere else.. TO all the newbies WELCOME... sorry ive been...
  14. ZTH MINI Club!

    Date: 27 August 2005 Venue: (Please discuss & decide) Agenda: (Please discuss & decide) Attendance: 1. skyline86 2. twistedangel 3. mini flinstone 4. 5.
  15. ZTH MINI Club!

    guys suggestion on the venue... we need somewhere with a huge that it wud be good for the pics..and the amount of cars... k...ill scout subang...venue is open for suggestions... ill write up the agenda...gimme a few..before i post it up..and after discussing with skyline.. :)
  16. ZTH MINI Club!

    k its confirmed for the 27th ... skyline..... and just leave me a msg on msn..anytime ya online :) guys...venue..venue... time will be at 8.00 OR 8.30pm...
  17. ZTH MINI Club!

    27th will be the tt and gathering!
  18. ZTH MINI Club!

    skyline... ill talk to ya if i see ya online..20th no can raver party la...muahahaaa might be goin for that too...
  19. ZTH MINI Club!

    hahhaa OMG yea guys 20th no can do LMAO
  20. ZTH MINI Club!

    20 AUGUST.... can anyone vouch for that??? fine then 20 august it is..... venue...will be decided end of today...or tmoro
  21. ZTH MINI Club!

    hahaha no worries im not offended or anything haha no worries.... how bout 20th august guys????
  22. ZTH MINI Club!

    hafez... miangnya bang ni... belasah karang baru tau.. muahahaa... ya la tu..nanti aje kasi tau le.. :p
  23. ZTH MINI Club!

    suresh...hahahhaa man good there's hope for ya for sure LOL.. :D kris..will do... hafeez...belum tau lagi la bang :P ... howsen...need to discuss some stuff with ya....
  24. ZTH MINI Club!

    sureshn...good to know..hey when can ya make it...? lol prolly skyline will be back by then too..n wat an interesting story...hahaha so cool :D so can we expect more mokey's then? hahahaa ..... :D blitz..its being put off and postponed so its not this w/end :D will keep u informed..
  25. ZTH MINI Club!

    heyya aidil.. no worries we will keep u informed .. we have yet to decide on a date and a venue.. we and skyline havent got down to discussing it.. we will prolly by this week :D
  26. ZTH MINI Club!

    skyline... enjoy ur worries there wont be a tt till ur back ;) tell us when u get back :D
  27. ZTH MINI Club!

    heyya Aidil! Welcome to the Group :D hope to see ya at our upcoming tt... ;)
  28. ZTH MINI Club!

    heyya peeps... hafez hafez...tau cian cian org aje.. lol eh tak aci la tu...if promote org punya club kan... hehehee..ill confirm with u soon fatcarb the tt date has been moved back so dont sure ull be able to make it ;)
  29. ZTH MINI Club!

    hahahaa hafez of course he can join us i think u miss read my posting ... only he cant be included for the photoshoot... peter is more than welcomed to join for the tt... everyone is more than welcome to join in the tt .... we are gonna be pushing the date back... and venue...ive yet to...
  30. ZTH MINI Club!

    flintstone... no worries am not all...yes we can go for each others event only we cant be afficiliated together officially...thats wat i mean...actually the smoc has personally invited our group to merge with theirs...only catch is that we have to pay an annual fee and monthly...
  31. ZTH MINI Club!

    paint jobs are alwiz costly for mini's hahahaa... esp if its a 2k paint... :P well doin up a mini definately burns a hole in ur pockets...its not cheap...nvr is LOL... but its all worth while...i suggest an engine a 1.3 maybe?? ;) hehehee...
  32. ZTH MINI Club!

    hola osh! como etas senore? have ya given ya details to me? just wondering sorry kinda lost track of who has n who hasnt given me their details... if ya havent then dont forget to email me these..or PM me ( ) name: contact no: email add: skyline... yea...
  33. ZTH MINI Club!

    skyline shud we actually push back the date of the mini tt ... 10 isnt gonna do bout pushing back a week later? since it is oso prolly gonna be a photoshoot session ....
  34. ZTH MINI Club!

    clubman1275GT... so sorry to hear bout that.. ill try and get you the numbers of my malacca asc. k? u prolly can ask em for help... just get a second hand one in the mean time?? i mean the rims to avoid ur disc brakes frm gettin stolen... damn those ppl that stole ur rims..totally feel ur...
  35. ZTH MINI Club!

    kris... how good is the condition of the car?? :D
  36. ZTH MINI Club!

    4th MTT date: 06 Aug 2005 Location: around PJ area (havent decide) Time: 8:00 - anytime Attendance list: 1. Twistedangel 2. skyline86 3. me AT 8273 4. kamal BBF 878 5. izhar BAF 1903 6. amir (izhar bro) MB 8701- mini wagon 7. fastclubman 8. jo samuel 9. anas fitri 10.minicooper -...
  37. mohawk red speakers n components

    can we get the component speakers only?
  38. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey kris ... welcome ..:D yes we are a mini community over here...hehhee n everyone is welcomed... yes importing frm jap n welding it together is legal hehee... i did mine that way LOL :D it hasnt given me major problems...though hahaa just a few gliches here n therebut yes it...
  39. Mini Coper..owner must help me!!!

    hey guys... if u guys are interested in joining the zth mini club then (mmec) then just check out our thread and email me ur details...we will be havin a gathering very soon :D here's wat to email me.. so we can contact ya... name: nick: contact no: email it to...
  40. ZTH MINI Club!

    hey mini cooper...good to finally see ya posting again.. sorry i cant make it for the event..cant go too far off..only back for the summer ... :) thx skyline for puttin together everything...and if all goes well...we need to organize the upcoming tt for hypertune as soon as i get...
  41. Teh tarik~ 8 july (FRI)

    aduiii rein... wat hap la..kesiannya single aredy huh... poor thing ..if really hadap la...just do grocery shopping i can do the cookin least ull get a decent meal LOL
  42. ZTH MINI Club!

    im sorry guys i was away for the weekend was in indonesia... skyline...thx for gettin the star...btw we also have hypertune photoshoot which i actually need to call the editor and yes we need a whole lot more of ppl..with thier mini's to be more impressive... superz...welcome to the MMEC...
  43. London Kena Bomb again?

    yea apprently there were small explotions and they evacuated a few stations...
  44. Teh tarik~ 8 july (FRI)

    hahahaha .... lousy... i give ur gf the recipe la.. ask her to make for ya :D its so darn make
  45. Teh tarik~ 8 july (FRI)

    hahaha rein..u only miss mac n cheese hahaha everytime....tsk tsk...
  46. Teh tarik~ 8 july (FRI)

    guys im off to indonesia..wont be around this w/end...
  47. ZTH MINI Club!

    no worries hans... :)
  48. ZTH MINI Club!

    tt... 6th it is then guys.. around around 8.30pm..
  49. ZTH MINI Club!

    Hans, im so sorry to hear that.. condolences to you and ur family ...god bless..
  50. ZTH MINI Club!

    zth stickers...i can get it frm Tom...if u guys want a whole lot then...ive got mine aredy... yea im setting the 5th august then!! so u guys have time to decide if thats good for everyone....before we send out emails to all the current members... date: 5th august 2005 time: 8.30pm...