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  1. track car / used car

    saw a couple of M3 E46s in the junkyard ready for export, pm me the price pls.
  2. subaru impreza sti v9 been stolen!!

    sorry to hear that and sorry for your lost. at least your insurance has covered it and make your loses to be minimal. well, let me share a story. when my friend's bike was being stolen few years back, and later being recovered at estate where bike was being sold to the illegal worker working...
  3. Halfcut , Sparepart, Track Car

    nope, will not accept half cut'ed cars. must be complete in one piece, not joint.
  4. Subaru WRX V9(GDBG) Track use only

    post some real pictures. the pic you posted does not help at all.
  5. ken block's ford

    what sort of dump valve his fiesta uses? the last i heard it was on PS1, Gran Turismo2, one of the Touring car. can't recall the car's name, no longer own the game anymore...
  6. Halfcut , Sparepart, Track Car

    where and when to view the WRXs? Permas?
  7. Halfcut , Sparepart, Track Car

    hi, need 2 units of WRX, year 2003 onwards pm me best price, must be cheap as chip p/s: track car indeed..
  8. Subaru Imprezza: Beyond Swirl Free

    gosh, the amount of work and sweat spent were all paid off!!! i wish i could have the patient like you. any chance to do up my RX8? haha, just joking ;-) excellent work!
  9. Negeri Sembilan Vintage & Classic Car Club visits Tampin

    great photos there, nice work!!!
  10. list all of car one car halfcut (sparepart)

    hi, need 2 units of WRX pls quote me best price
  11. Mazda Astina BG market value only RM3K? Insurance need help!!!

    when Insurance co evaluated the repair cost exceeds your car's market value, they would rather write it off and choose not to repair, subsequently declare as total loss. regardless of how bad the incident... sorry to hear that bro, one suggestion, see if you can buy it back from the Insurance co...
  12. A high perfomance Inspira - Could R3 be working on a hardcore Inspira-X?

    good job Proton, you have just put me off from gettin' an evo X!!!
  13. Unsurprising news of the day: Gran Turismo 5 delayed again!

    great, and this sort of news has really putting me off for getting the PS3. well done POLYPHONY!!
  14. 02/03 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R Rm77k

    pm sent. thx
  15. **WTS** Scrap Cars / Track Cars

    370Z? or 350Z also can. must cheap..
  16. Mazda RX7 1.3 twin turbo (A)

    really, the outlook is not everyone's cup of tea... more pics and details will defo help on your sell tho
  17. Time To Attack - random shots

    great shots there!!
  18. rx7 fd3s

  19. Mini Cooper 1275 GT

    what year?
  20. Purchasing a S15 NA (A)

    spec-s you'll get a single port front and rear, non-turbo ecu, na wiring, standard suspension. not to mention you are gettin' the SR20DE without the important T!!! plus you are having hassle to convert from auto to manual, and this will never ever match with factory fitments at all! and for the...
  21. [WTS] Rim Wedsport SA-55M 17'' TAIWAN

    bro, can try to source 18"? SG got replicas 18" leh
  22. silvia s14

    what year?
  23. Work Emotion 17 inch

    bro, what's your lowest price?
  24. Purchasing a S15 NA (A)

    there is a bro from seremban selling his spec R for ard 90k. for this price, rather start from a turbo machine rather a NA.
  25. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    hi weihow, please speak to your banker to enquire loan. coz loan approval is unique to individual. car still available, please call. all pms replied. stan
  26. Wts : Ssr 18" 3 pc rim with tire

    bro, ur location?
  27. Wts : Ssr 18" 3 pc rim with tire

    ok, where is your location then? any pic while the wheels still on car? and what's your final price? cheers
  28. Wts : Ssr 18" 3 pc rim with tire

    hi Fei, i'm very interested. care to share more info. how's the tyre thread like, and year of manufacturing. do you accept trade in? i've a set of 17" Advan RZ 225/50/17 with 80% thread left. let me asap. interested buyer here. stan
  29. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    all sms/pm replied.
  30. Advan RS 17" & 18" Honda Civic Integra Accord DC5 FD2 CF4

    hi, where is ur location? 18" still available?
  31. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    hi skullfire, were u the one who contacted me earlier? pls pm me for your contact details. thx stan
  32. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    sunday BUMP
  33. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    hi bro, i'm not sure with loan, please consult your banker to enquire. AFAIK, student AP could not get a loan. but again, i'm not certain on this statement as i was just being told last nite. please check with your banker and see what they say. let me know if you need more info, i'm happy to...
  34. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    All pm replied. BUMP
  35. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

    all pm replied. BUMP!
  36. Nissan Silvia S14a / Kouki for sale

  37. Mazda RX8 Will not start

    flooded? try depressed accelerator and hold it while turning the ignition for 8 seconds. now release the pedal, and try to start again. or could it just simply run off of petrol?
  38. S14a kouki for sale

    hi all, my 200 sx for sale. please refer to belwo link. any questions, please drop a line a call. thanks stan
  39. New Honda Accord to Debut at Melbourne Show

    come to singapore, it's already lauched here. can't comment much as i havent' been to showroom.
  40. The New Proton Saga - Base Line Model

    how's the quality like? i can't expect a good one from the price, can i? just hope the plastic bits in the cabin won't shake after a year or two drive......
  41. Singapore Night Race Schedule

    free to view from my office!!! :burnout: :biggrin:
  42. Looking for S15 - Any suggestions?

    possible to get it check under Puspakom??? worth the money i'd say as it gives you a report on cut-and-joined car, together with other bits too...
  43. s15 chop shop

    hi everyone, am looking for part from s15. anyone came across any chop shop that stored s15 parts? preferably in JB area but puchong or klang valley will do. needs air conditioning parts to be exact. the whole system if possible cheers stan
  44. Honda Civic Hybrid Launched in Malaysia

    where did you get the price from?
  45. Honda being sued by hybrid owner over mileage claims

    good find as i was about to enquire Honda Singapore for a test drive. It was one on my list of next car but seeing this info i would give it a second thought. as for a hybrid car i would expect it to return high 50mpg, rather than a average normal 1.8l stan
  46. toyota trueno ae86

    people, as we all know AE86 has been overpriced lately due to the popularity, shall we just wish the seller good luck in sale! surely he'll realised the price will ever exist in dream land... tell ya a little bit, in another part of the world, the AE86 Trueno is more expensive than my S14a, no...
  47. Mileage for S13 and S15

    the more you drive, the higher the mileage..?!.:shcokedcamo:
  48. Most outrageous things to do whilst driving!

    LOL , can't stand the little monster? me too :D
  49. Looking For Sambung Bayar Any Car ( Continue pay Loan )

    you better list out what car will not fall into your list otherwise crap offer keeps coming in doh eg, prot-on......
  50. Help help..............bring back car to msia

    If your not student then you can go for working visa's AP. other than these two you'll not able to apply personal vehicle AP. do a search on and you'll find the correct procedure for bringing car back. the tax/duty is depending on the car age. don't worry how much you've paid...