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  1. Mazda Astina rear control arm wanted..

    i did my wheel alignment that day. the mechanic at the shop is telling me that my arm bengkok a bit d.. touching the body.. any idea of any aftermarket part that i could use?
  2. Mazda Astina rear control arm wanted..

    Hi brothers, Anyone got any "kang tao" for mazda astina rear control arm (both sides)? I would like to have mine change.. they making stupid sounds when driving on a uneven road. Thanks. regards, Yeam Ming
  3. Mazda/Ford Owners Unite

    Hi nice to meet you too.. any repair that you are looking into? I'm also working on restoring my car condition to stock condition before considering any mods..
  4. Looking for Mazda Astina Front and Rear Bumper

    Thanks a lot for the kind reminder. Shall be careful with that.. but sometimes when so unfortunate to meet someone crazy on the road.. still a sad reality to accept.. =.= .. haha..
  5. Looking for Mazda Astina Front and Rear Bumper

    Hi Bro.. i have found it d.. thanks a lot.
  6. Looking for Mazda Astina Front and Rear Bumper

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Mazda Astina Front and Rear Bumper. Anyone has any lobang? Please pm me the offer. Thanks :biggrin:
  7. Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    I'm looking for Mazda Astina front and rear bumper. Any offer?
  8. Mazda Astina BG market value only RM3K? Insurance need help!!!

    To all Mazda/Ford brothers, Recently i caught with an accident in which my front and rear bumper is smashed. At idle during traffic jam, someone stupid swift hit me hard from the back and caused a chained accident. My car was towed to the "PAIM" workshop.. Yesterday i got a call from them...
  9. Mazda/Ford Owners Unite

    Thanks.. i'll get a day drop by and pay him a visit.. :D thanks.
  10. Mazda/Ford Owners Unite

    Hi guys, I'm ym. Just reporting in to ZTH today. car: 323 Astina model : BG 1.8 year: 1989 Anyone to recommend me a good workshop in Penang to have my baby check out?