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  1. D`s Garage Pro Competition Automobile Parts *SALE*

    BRO! i wan to ask estima ACR50, air con vent set got or not? how much ?? do u know wat i mean? :P the adjuster at air con vent outlet (to adjust left, right, up n down) the leg was broken, can i replace it? or hv to change whole set pls reply me here or this item can DIY not ?
  2. [WTS] Searching for Brand New, Second Hand, Unregistered or Recon car

    man!! i try reply ur mail but ur mial box full!!! pls check!!
  3. [WTS] New and Unregistered Cars Acept Trade In

    estima 07!!! aeras or areas G! best price pls!! pls PM
  4. Unregistered Recon Car

    bro!! estima !! how much ? wat spec ??
  5. Toyota Wish recond unreg 2006

    brother! Toyota wish 2009 u hv not ?? how much ? wat is the spec ?
  6. Recond Car From Japan

    hey fren pls pm me!! toyota wish 2009 !!! or any honda jazz
  7. Unregistered cars for sale

    do u hv toyota wish 2009!! low spec and high spec!!! pls pm
  8. Selling AP and imported car ( cash n loan )

    Re: Imported car for sale check your PM!!! thansk you
  9. cheaper japan n uk unreg cars

    chech your mail box !! PM u d!
  10. [BRAND NEW] Toyota wish 18 2009 faceIift - 1 yr warranty

    Brother !! pm me best best best best price!!!!!!! spec !!
  11. Best price for recon unreg cars!!!

    brother!! do u hv Toyota wish 2009??? how much ??? PM me k? best price and spec!!
  12. [wts] promotion! Items for sale!

    keep for future!! good !!
  13. Clearance Sales Unregistered Cars !!

    toyota wish 2009!! pls pm ! thanks
  14. Toyota Wish Unreg - Many models to choose from (Lots of FREEBIES!!)

    fren! do u hv Toyota wish 2009!?
  15. Japan's Recond Car For Sale 30% Less Than Market Value-Come And View

    hello fren ! i looking Toyota Wish 1.8 year 09. pls pm me or email me! i already send an email to u d !