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  1. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    that's kinda expensive. I'm actually looking at just the box and grill. haha will check out swiftclubsg :) thanks dude
  2. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Air filter getting dirty is better than water getting in. haha But yeah, I looked at your pic again, the air has to travel upwards at the engine section. Any idea how much is the b-crew grill setup, with the airbox and all that, and where can I get them?
  3. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    vyrus the b-crew grill looks quite nice. More like a direct air intake. Did you have any issue when driving through thunderstorms or heavy rain? From what I know, stock air filter intakes are usually facing downwards so that it's difficult for water to go up the pipes. If it's frontwards, any...
  4. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    vyrusj, where does the air go in front? can't really see the opening.... or am I missing something ? hehe
  5. Philips X-tremeVision +100% headlight bulb

    do you have a photo on how it looks like when it's installed and switched on? If you have a pic of suzuki swift using this bulb would be better. :)
  6. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    ixeo I find the swift websites not very active too. The only one that seems to have enough swift posts is pakwheels which is located at the middle east or something. sarutobi, Unfortunately, I find that the entire car is restrictive overall. haha power is not that great, top end is not that...
  7. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    aiseh man. no suzuki swift owners here who are contributing... yet. :(
  8. Motul Engine Oil - Where to get?

    Night kids, ok cool. I'll contact you once it's time for my service again. Thanks
  9. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    By the way, anybody know where i can get this kind of window visor? It stretches down all the way until the side "neck" of the side mirror.
  10. Gym Topic

    Neo, you can try out for the audition. I have faith in you ! hehehe hazela, I'm not very... muscular. haha I think ixeo is. you can try to check him out. hehe
  11. Motul Engine Oil - Where to get?

    oh shit, i forgot about this thread for years. haha Nightkids, do you have any suzuki swift m15a/zc21s (the 1.5 auto) buying oils from you? if yes, which one do they usually buy? the last time i used motul, I mixed it with tufoil.
  12. Gym Topic

    Dude, you do it, I'll video it. haha
  13. Gym Topic

    ixeo, you're not... i am lo. haha I dont' sucker punch people ler. I sucker slash. not quite a good idea so what the heck la. he or any other guy don't touch me no more. so I just get in, get my stuff done, shower and leave. on the way out, check out some girls. haha
  14. Gym Topic

    ixeo You make it sound like you're a homophobic. haha I know I am. haha I don't usually compare muscle size, personally, but I compare work out techniques and unfortunately, I would sometimes need to touch the guy's muscles when I train certain people. It's a training technique thingy. Others...
  15. Gym Topic

    Titan, no, that's not me. that's Jay Cutler doing a dead lift. haha ixeo apparently, gays comparing muscles and training together is much much different from straight guys training together. It seems that there's a world of difference. haha
  16. Gym Topic

    I am back !
  17. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Ixeo thanks for the explanation. I think I'll try out NGK first and see how it goes. :)
  18. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Ixeo Mine's blue. :) hehe but quite some scratches already. haha For the oil filter, if it's made in japan, can still keep using it. Will check with service center. For performance, spend a bit is ok la. haha don't expect a lot, just a bit of here and there. hehe itchy hands la. haha RM150 for 4...
  19. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Imprezho, Hey, dude. Thanks for your comments. Yeah, most of the swift threads are dying or already dead. Even singapore's swift thread doesn't gain a lot of popularity. Kind of a waste because swift is actually a nice car to drive in, other than the occasional bad body roll and the bit of slack...
  20. Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    Hi. I have been searching through zth for a while now and even cross checked the Tom. It seems that suzuki swift discussions faded and the interest has died down. Searched on other malaysian sites as well and can't get much. So for now, I'll start one very specifically for the Suzuki Swift 1.5...
  21. RON97 went up?

    Devious17, Well, more has came. RON 97 to cost 20 sen more from today Now stand up and shout hallelujah. hehe
  22. My new suzi's fc

    audiolizard what's your FC on your swift today? I got my suzuki swift in Feb 2011 and I'm getting about 10.9 km/L. For every RM60 of Ron97, I get to 260 km and I'm slowly getting more mileage. But what I do notice is that I need to drive hard once in a while, in order to get better mileage out...
  23. What happen to all suzuki owner?

    steven I not fierce enough to join Team Fierce. hehe
  24. What happen to all suzuki owner?

    Swift '11 checking in. Tried looking for some suzuki swift owners to get to learn more about the swift... but unsure where they've all vanished. Only noticed Jose. any other swift owners? My car isn't very fuel economical, though. haha Just got the car about 5 days ago.
  25. Satria Neo Performance Hideout.

    lordkevin, your post was the kind of post i wanted to read. i'm considering on getting a neo CPS. I don't speed all the time. In fact, I hardly speed. Only on big open roads, I drive a bit faster but usually never more than 140 kmh. To all other owners of a neo CPS, would appreciate some...
  26. Terrible jam this morning in PJ and KL

    Anybody know what happened this morning on LDP and also on damansara highway towards KLCC? Seems like it's jammed up pretty bad. Worst than a regular jam. Seems like the highways are turned into a car park. Tried looking up the net but can't find anything. Just curious.
  27. Humans that are worse than animals

    bullet_nos, Matthew 24..... 5 “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. 6 “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7 “For nation will rise against...
  28. Humans that are worse than animals

    The world is becoming twisted. Noticed how the weather and nature around the world is changing rather drastically? Many human lives have been taken by nature, many left to face the consequences of the natural disasters. Humans are becoming more inhumane. I guess, as written in the bible, the end...
  29. Happy Birthday Tom!!!

    Happy Birthday, Tom. You can't catch me. hehe From Jerry
  30. Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM station

    The world is becoming twisted. Noticed how the weather and nature around the world is changing rather drastically? Many human lives have been taken by nature, many left to face the consequences of the natural disasters. Humans are becoming more inhumane. I guess, as written in the bible, the end...
  31. Drunk Vios Driver Accident(Video)

    skywalker, do not drink and drive, is not just a moral. It's a law !
  32. "heavily" molested at count down, deserved it?

    jpoplover, actually, that comment was neither nice or vice versa. Just felt that it's a cause-and-effect case. You make a cause, there's an effect. The cause here is wearing bra and panty to clubbing. the effect, kena molested. Sounds rather logical in that sense to me. Some may argue, "so now...
  33. "heavily" molested at count down, deserved it?

    1- Why even get high in the first damn place? To get into the mood of hard core partying? Or for what-stupid-ever reason it may be, getting high was always THE NO. 1 stupid-damn-dest thing to do, be it from alcohol, or from xxxxing a rabis-infected-dog's ass. 2- It's a count down party where...
  34. Beware ! The price of your drinks...

    With all this shit happenings, it's no wonder that some 300,000+ malaysians have migrated out of the country in a short period of time. Guess the govt is still listening to the music, "I've got the power"
  35. Car Clubs - Inside view from a friend..

    jin, sometimes, unfortunately, those ugly frogs may have a whole lot of cash that only the gf will know. He may be driving a lousy car but well, the girl's after his cash and he's got it so that's how a gal got stuck to an ugly frog. hahaha And people tell me that money can't buy love. Rubbish...
  36. what a shame

    Yeah. I somehow slowly lost interest in posting in zth. Guess I grew out of it or something. hehe What S90 throttle body?
  37. what a shame

    jin I don't encourage violence but .... oh well, what the fuck. Bring out your strongest batton and terminate at will. If they can't use their fucking brains, we will give them a chance NOT to when they lay in coma in a hospital bed. Remember, aim for the neck with your strongest blow. It'll...
  38. People insulting ZTH

    Dude, tell your friend to spend more time on the website "" and get him to find out exactly how brains works.
  39. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    Don't mean to dilute your hopes but voting in this country is a little bit of a rubbish. Parties who have lost everything can eventually win back something, for the reason of wrong calculation of votes? Tell me just how fucked up is that (pardon my language). Yes, voting can change something but...
  40. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia...

    Titanrev, a 7.9 hits off the shores of Padang, Sumatra. I attached a picture here. We're separated by sumatra and the straights of malacca. Yet, we feel the tremor. If a quake of just 7.9 hits the straights of malacca, our building will collapse. petronas towers will be bye-bye and all the high...
  41. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia...

    We're still at the topic, dude. hehe We're talking about the 7.9r earthquake that caused our internet connection to be shitty. Or at least, our so called "internet connection" which to me never really was an internet connection anyway. haha mizu, I long time didn't off topic already so do it...
  42. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    5115, Take your car and race with the jets. hehe
  43. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia...

    I think the tremor has caused few members to talk crap. haha passo, In m'sia, we don't have that many major natural disaster but our govt is worst than the hurricanes that struck the Philippines. Our govt... that's a total disaster, other than Tun M. I ain't favorable of anyone in particular in...
  44. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    Re: Military Airshow tomorrow 5115, where r u now? I'm at wisma goodyear at kelana jaya and I can see the white jet fighters flying all over the place. The sound damn nice. hehe I think I can come to my office and see the air show. haha
  45. WTS : Subaru Impreza GC8 Version 5

    Nice looking buy and drive car. :) free bump
  46. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia...

    passo123, yes, that's the regular practise for quakes. I didn't search up why we should do that but I supposed the table will be somewhat a 'shelter' from your collapsing home/building. Cell phone is for contact purpose when you're trapped under the table under the rubble. Water is for...
  47. CPS Exhaust System Modification

    Seldom see people post this kind of statement but I guess sometimes, over enthusiasm over rides the basics of a high spirited driver. I supposed one common reason for accidents is not because it's an accident but because the driver pushed the car beyond it's limits, and perhaps lack of...
  48. Myvi Convert Toyota Passo Trd With Yrv Engine For Sale

    Dyno results should clear all doubts.
  49. Kaitospeed : Bendix Metal King Titanium

    kangyoon, Do you have the stock for satria 1.6? Is yes, how much? thanks
  50. Road closure on Satuday (1st Aug) ??

    If I had connections, I order an air strike and wipe them all out. Stupid pigs.