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  1. sr20 workshop

    lil_jimmy i actually am quite happy with OMS, may i know why you say his work is cut throat and not good? Personal experience? Just wondering.
  2. Mitsubishi OEM Lamp Room Roof Console Sunglasses Holder Evolution 7-9 Airtrek

    Is this the same as the mitsubishi triton one?
  3. importing of series 8 rx7

    Have to use a student AP for such an old car, also, the student (Name on AP) has to keeo the car under his name for a few years before being allowed to sell. Whats to stop that person from selling to someone else? THought of the same thing you are, just not worth the head ache if $h!t hits the...
  4. Upgrade Oil Pump

    Just contact James Loo at Onward Motor Sports, (012 218 8910) he has them for your car. Most of his cars upgrade them. Many Silvias go there.
  5. Nissan 180SX facelift Silvia S15

    Hehehe... Sure anot all negotiable, I thought you just did your r34's bearings and stuff... Plus I already have a S chassis car.... Bump bump bump... Great car here everybody, well maintained, looks great, fast car.... Very few mint condition 180sx anymore, and straight as an arrow...
  6. Subaru s203 for sale

    i wish i had the cash...
  7. satria gti 2004

    Great car, but crappy ecu, oh well, saw about 10 of them in a warehouse a few years back, should be quite a few around.
  8. Nissan 180SX facelift Silvia S15

    Monster... Keep the car and sell me your R34 lah....
  9. Help

    looking for s14 cubbyhole with lid? anyone has it for sale?
  10. looking for parts? post it here...

    S14 cubbyhole with lid?
  11. Preview: TIMETOATTACK 2012: Sepang - Round 1

    Yup Yup... Its nice to see people building their cars up properly and not just taking shortcuts like slapping a big turbo, FMIC, large exhaust and hoping they can go faster. All they get in the end is a car with bigger horsepower, crappy handling and the inability to slow down! HAHAHA...
  12. Preview: TIMETOATTACK 2012: Sepang - Round 1

    Lots of people talk about monster cars with crazy mods there... The real monster is the black silvia s15 in the second pic. It has an original engine with nothing done to it but a front mount intercooler, open pod filter and some tuning!!! Now, i guess that makes the owner the real monster as he...
  13. Looking for S15 Part

    Hello JINEIL2EN, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have seen the Nismo S15 Meter but i find it kind of dark and prefer the Au version. I guess everybody has our preferences. Thanks anyways. By the way, is it new or used?
  14. Looking for S15 Part

    Looking for Silvia S15 Au Speedometer, the one with a 260km top speed, anybody has one and willing to let go, do send me price so i can figure out my budget. Thanks.
  15. Honda EK99 typeR 2doors

    Don't worry, don't worry everybody, i only peed a little in my pants while looking at this car... Everything's fine, nothing to see.... Props to you by the way, was doing the figures for what you put in, worth buying, but you'll need a real nut for this... Good luck...
  16. Sided Pipe-Exhaust

    haha HAHAHA.... Must be la la chai... piping look more like pea shooter from my high school days!!
  17. 180sx!!! FORSALE 49k

    info where's the car from?? cant see the plates? can view?
  18. Fiona Kwok?

    wah... i must say she looks gooodddddddddd..... need to go to clinic after this... nose keeps bleeding.... ;P
  19. How Much??

    okok... thanks.. anybody else out there whose selling or knows someone who is??
  20. How Much??

    anybody?? anybody??? somebody?? HELPPPPPPPPP!!
  21. How Much??

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read my question... By the way, how much are these alpine amps?? New and second hand? Anyone who has them and wants to let them go?? Alpine : MRV-T420 (2/1 Channel Power Amplier) : MRV-T320 (2/1 Channel Power Amplifier) ...
  22. does anybody know where???

    Does anybody know where is KKLau Accessories. I heard that the stuff here is quite reasonably priced....
  23. new in speakers for cars...

    Wow!!! What you're asking is a little to much i think! No hard feeling's ok :) , i dont mean to insult you, its just that there are a lot of things to take into consideration when you want to build a sound system and i dont think any of the people here will be able to write everything down...
  24. need help for speaker size...

    thanks actually i already have a woofer... its just that i feel that too much sound is coming from the back so i want to add a set of speakers in front to balance it out.... by the way... my friend wants to know what is the speaker size for the back, side pannels of a satria... anybody...
  25. need help for speaker size...

    ohhh ohh... but my door already got component..| want more base in front .. this is the only solution i can see...
  26. need help for speaker size...

    one more thing oh yeah.... forgot to ask one more thing.... what are the speaker size for the speakers at the back seat of a satria..the ones at the back seat beside the passengers
  27. need help for speaker size...

    okok thanks you all..... oh,,, thanks for the help... thinking of putting a mid base there
  28. need help for speaker size...

    I would like to ask the people out there whats the speaker size for the speakers by the side of satria's dash board..... you know... the one thats hidden at the left and right corner of the dashboard.
  29. Wts: Alpine Mrv-f540 4 Channel Amp

    amp!!! is your amp still for sale???
  30. Wts: Alpine Mrv-f540 4 Channel Amp

    wondering still for sale?? if it is pm me...
  31. Fs: Alpine Components

    type x is it still for sale??? please check e mail... you can sms me too 012 4050290
  32. Brand New ICE Stuff at cheap price! Soundstream, Peerless, Magnat, Alpine

    TO xcheong... if you feel like selling outside then go ahead lah... we cannot say anything to force you to sell to us also.. Anyway, thanks for the options you have given us so far.. if i ever need anything im sure to look you up.
  33. Brand New ICE Stuff at cheap price! Soundstream, Peerless, Magnat, Alpine

    One thing for sure i will have to agree with xcheong... willy^lei, if youre not interested in peoples products keep it to yourself... How can you say xcheong's stuff is fake? DO you have PROOF??? He may have gotten the stuff cheap and is selling the stuff to our fellow members cheap!!!! Not...
  34. Super-Charge

    a question on supercharging I would like to ask if it is possible to supercharge a mivec engine and approximately how much would it cost??
  35. Rockford Subwoofer For Sale + Powerful Amp -update

    is the item still available if it is please send me price??

    please send me more info about your bd1500.1 amplifier sellign for 1.55k and 15" subs Power HX2 selling for 1.5k i would like to know how much rms is the amp and woofer.... thanks

    so how much are the amps ant the subwoofers
  38. TurboKit for sale

    if the turbo is fitted in to a 1.6 soch engine must there be any modifications to the stock engine and how high can boost?? will it take a toll on the engine??