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  1. Lancer CB converted

    But but.. Altho Impreza is a good car, I EVO fans leh... buy something that is not my first choice, I will feel something amiss for every single day... hahahhaha
  2. Lancer CB converted

    Is control by the market, willing seller and willing buyer..okay anyway Evo is a legend...So just wait lo like Malay always says “tunggu la Mungkin Ada rezeki”
  3. Lancer CB converted

    I have asked for nego.. and the owner said that the ori E3 is worth 100k in market, i was like “sure or not”?? I add another 20k probably can get an E9 jor.. Then he mentioned the limitness of the model (E9 got about 60units in mkt but E3 have only 10units).. Hmmm.. altho limited but also got...
  4. Lancer CB converted

    Not a friend of mine. Saw it posting in Mitsubishi group fb then it triggered me. Agree that 55k is a bit high..duno can nego or not, let me ask ask
  5. Lancer CB converted

    Afternoon all sifu, Read all the valuable comments.. yup I agreed a converted is still converted, it will not be the same as ori. Somemore I’m not expert duno how to see the conversion is nicely done or not.. In this case I think I will wait and get the ori instead. Ori so expensive and in...
  6. Lancer CB converted

    Hello sifus sifus out there, wanted to seek your advise... recently came across a lancer cb converted to Evo 3. Quite nicely mod (running hicam272, Ecu G4) with new paint. The owner wanna let go @ rm55k.. Hmm wanted to ask sifu is it worth buy? I’m not sure the market out there as I saw many...