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  1. Heat Shield

    Satria. That one is hard work for me... =P
  2. Felixia Yeap

    WOW! SF. Congrats on getting the date with FY. Really good job =)
  3. Random Exotics Pics

    The SLS AMG is a truly remarkable machine.
  4. Someone Walked Away From This Crash

    What a mess. What a loss. What a fool.
  5. need suggestion about KL

    Life here would be above average for you Sunny747. Nothing to regret hopping over here.
  6. Im new to the world of cars!

    =) Love the jumps.. Once people start calling you Malaysian you'll know you're a pro-driver lol.
  7. D.I.Y 3D Carbon Fiber Sticker "STICKING"

    Very nice loose_end. But careful, Sun might make the colour of the sticker fade. Mine did =(
  8. engine oil can mix?

    I mix it up ALL the time. In fact, never once replenish with the same =))) Same goes for many of my other stuff(s) hehe
  9. Fuel price in May 1st 2010

    What's the update on this?
  10. Proton on fire...

    Thomas D, I went searching for your shop 2 days, 1 hour each cannot find... Lol. Where is it? =)
  11. Heat Shield

    =) Saw me where? I passed by your shop soOO many times, trying to get your attention, now only you say saw me? hehe. Since no one responding i presume nobody knows. So i'll DIY like you la PocketRocket :hmmmm:
  12. Heat Shield

    Hey Just want to ask where do i buy a heat shield for my K&N Open Pod Air Filter inside Klang Valley.
  13. Anybody interested in DIY change meter face?

    Interested. teach teach.
  14. Do you make these 10 mistakes that drive women away? 18sx

    Ahh.. Posts like this makes me feel like a pro. Mistake #11. Forgetting to send to Bevan when you cannot satisfy your lover. Just give it to him, he will handle everything =))
  15. Extractor Cover

    Where's your shop guys? I want to pay you 2 a visit
  16. KL SPA Information (Intercooler for Lancer / Evo )

    This thread very fast humping i see +)
  17. double tint?????

    How they check your % ? Do they really use their gadgets? Funny la. They will always say "you keleta tinted. Itu salah you tahu"
  18. Traffic Police & their new toy

    Looks like a mini-bazooka. The police in the picture so semangat thinks he in army.
  19. WTS EVO 4 engine parts and other stuff

    Come buy come buy. All nice coondition. Ding dong ding dong
  20. mouse hut in car...

    Maybe the mechanic put inside wan for joke hahaha.
  21. Top 10 drugs not to take while driving...Funny

    Stop teaching people to be like you lar :stupid:
  22. Dont ever do this in your office.....

    Haha he purposely wan... See his face after her turned. :biggrin:
  23. Meguiar's car detailing home service

    Wahh nice job Chimaera1855 , free bump for you =) Thinking about visiting you. will call you when i confirm when.
  24. Meguiar's car detailing home service

    Wahh nice job Chimaera1855 , free bump for you =) Thinking about visiting you. will call you when i confirm when.
  25. Proton Satria 97 Need Changes

    I recommend you don't change bro. Take your time and try to find the problem. That way you can learn more and love your car more. Its a great car trust me ^^
  26. Proton Exora Pro and Cons

    Nice one EvolutionZ, Not everyone has high enough income to drive a Euro MPV bro. So what if its proton, Mercedes never broke down before ar? People asking a real question don't la put personal feelings towards proton as answer. Will make proton driver's feel like shit you know. What if you...
  27. Carbed 4A-GE Anyone? :)

    So delicious.
  28. mouse hut in car...

    F*cking gross.
  29. Problem with Call-men (vultures)

    I once had these vulture problems. They take my car even i told them i dont want. cibaiz. ended up inside their shop 1 week plus. cannot sleep the whole week. had to call "nice guys" and shit in the end. really damn headache. seriously, do everything yourself dont need them wan if accident. you...
  30. if ur car make police diz..

    This thread is so funny hahhahahaah. Sooner or later seriously they will accept credit cards.
  31. cheater Spotted... members plz have a look

    Guys, feel sory for you all. How much money he earn from all this cheating. He really should get fucked in the ass. So i saw his friendster. Is it the ugly guy with the black polo shirt that one?
  32. Stickered & graffiti'd up culture

    awesome. I also want to start =)
  33. Subang Jaya TT session

    Haha i not suprised we see each other before wan la. You forgot meh, last time you come to my bed and payed RM220? hehe joking :rofl: Jin!? Which Jin. Haha so many Jin in ZTH. I want BB(BigBoobies) dowan BB(BigBalls) :smokin:
  34. Subang Jaya TT session

    oh 17.. Thought when you said "opposite" you meant behind shell there haha. Wow. so noisy surely at least 300hp :biggrin: Will join you gus next month la. Now super busy.
  35. Subang Jaya TT session

    Fat Koh, you really live across the street ar? What car you drive ar? Sure see you before if you staying there.
  36. Subang Jaya TT session

    Eh where you subang people go for knocking?
  37. A close call at Era Walk, Seremban

    Whoa. Serious meh. Everyday i open ZTH something like this happen wan. Summo our tai kor car.... scaredddd now. Thank God for your phone man.
  38. What's Your Age Group ?

    That Viper show is what made me love cars la brother. That one more chun then Ferrari la for me last time. Dunno why don't see that car in Malaysia. Oh and Thundercats. Hahaha my favvvVVVV! thunder thunder thunder... THunDerCats!! wee!:biggrin::biggrin:
  39. Green driving in Malaysia???

    honda hybrid is hype now i suppose..
  40. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    What the hell is that thing? how come hanging there wan?
  41. Carace Kwan~!!!

    TitanRev : i thought she's your girlfriend?
  42. aircon panel

    DO by yourself sure sluggish work wan. Better leave it to accesory shop if you want nice nice
  43. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    maybe the cigarette smoke from inside his car can output from there? :proud:
  44. Random Car Pics Part 2

    Haha yea so true. Good one.
  45. what great night spots have you been to??

    XTEC: oh shit. Serious ar? haha i was wondering where to get serb plug and play also =) Actually, i saw this place caled level 7 in a magazine. Super porche place for "normal" food wan.
  46. Roadblock at ss15 infront of Sri KL....RM20 poorer T_T

    yalar the Sri KL wan normally around 10-12 . I also kena before there
  47. how much it cost to rewrap seats?

    oh okay.
  48. How Addicted Are You To ZTH ?

    When feel like releasing stim in front of RGP? Haha. Or when feel like looking at idiotic people talking about idiotic things i guess:stupid:
  49. Improving Handling on Satria 1.3 Chasis

    springs and suspensions setup are important too
  50. To those wanting to become Moderators...

    I not scared his aura. Just very irritating cause his cheap headlights very bright and engine too noisy. Thats why must move way for him :withstupid: