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  1. 4G93P, clutch & Flywheel (skimmed)

  2. Calling D.A.W.S Taiko

    denz said here got pic see ..... i saw someone pee at longkang ... :ahhhhh:
  3. RPM meter - (NEW) stock proton 1.8

  4. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    oh ya...forgot bought headlight from keithkeat b4 ... bird bird wont bcome wolves to me la..bcos we know long time already la... real VS photoshop ( tis pic photoshop by a zth fren 6 years ago) ferrari bodykit + 2 doors+GT wing... hahahahaha
  5. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    lol.. funny..tats true ...i think no girl like to touch old steering... everyone oso hope can touch BMW or sport car steering... how much tat steering ? outside workman fees cost how much for put change steering??? ---------- Post added at 07:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:47 PM...
  6. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    putra mivec 1.8 VS seg blacktop ....haha ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:39 PM ---------- i only drive on day time bro drive at night .... i'm old already... last time seg full of mindy and zth sticker .... not no more... hahaha long long time no...
  7. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    how much the steering ???? but not so fast to change steering.. no money already.... 1.3 > blacktop..use alot money ya is ver 7 .... sebaru , SuBaseg.. subaruseg ... haha
  8. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    the steering come wit halfcut ... not very nice .... so i use my finger to cover sikit ..... LOL
  9. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    hi... long time no see ...still remember me ??? LOL:driver: said wanna mod car few years already... finally seg is changed more 1.3cc ... new heart , new look meter, steering come wit halfcut :proud::proud:
  10. 4G93P, clutch & Flywheel (skimmed)

    :driver::burnout: seg can use ?
  11. 4G93P, clutch & Flywheel (skimmed)

    nice item ....:driver:
  12. AE100 original rear lips

    pm me ur best price ... serious buyer here...
  13. JULY 6 - 2010 : A Decade Old ZTH's Count Down!

    Re: 2010 - ZTH's a Decade Old! wow .... zth so long already .... now i only know i oso in zth 6 years already.. :rolleyes:
  14. RPM meter - (NEW) stock proton 1.8

    nice item :love:
  15. 5ZIGEN Exhaust.3"inlet/4"outlet

    nice item..... :love:
  16. Cusco Rear Strut Bar Satria/Putra

    nice stuff ...........
  17. Cusco Rear Strut Bar Satria/Putra

  18. Putra- used GAB (Stock Type)

  19. Putra- used GAB (Stock Type)

  20. Putra- used GAB (Stock Type)

  21. Putra- used GAB (Stock Type)

    :itsme: nice stuff.....
  22. Cusco Rear Strut Bar Satria/Putra

    nice stuff..... bump for u :itsme:
  23. chick car

    fairlady supra toyota caldina suzuki swift nissan march lamborgini all is my favourite car.... but i driving toyota avanza seg -.-"
  24. Putra- used GAB (Stock Type)

    bumppppppppy :driver:
  25. Steelmate Alarm System

    wat is the different 1 way and 2 way. i got budget . less than rm 200 . which alarm is under my budget?
  26. For Sale - Pioneer 2008 CD Player (DEH-P3050U) very low price - RM4**

    Re: [WTS] Steelmate 838G 5-button Alarm with Voice Talking/Shock Sensor/Trunk Release hi... pm me ur price
  27. Steelmate 898G 2 way car alarm RM330

    can u count cheaper ? pls pm me. bcos i got budget
  28. (WTS) NEW STEELMATE 838G 5 Button Car Alarm System

    pls pm me ur price and can u deliver to kl - setapak ?
  29. Interesting local Supra (Super GT style)

    sbird ...macam ur cat taking gun.. bang bang bang anyway i love supra ,my dream car... Toyota moving forward...
  30. Garage Club, Restaurant & Lounge

    tat place susah to find , went there but dint go down bcos feel malu . hahah saw few celica and blackhowling supra only.
  31. SEG Converted for Sale

    past few years already saw alot seg wanna sell .... and i got few frens oso sold their seg . -.-" all is powerful car , they wanna get more powerful car then sell lo .
  32. Garage Club, Restaurant & Lounge

    ok..then i will go there just see carsss .. kekekeke
  33. Garage Club, Restaurant & Lounge

    waaaaa....... wat time start ???????
  34. WTS: Toyota Celica yr2000

    nice celica :proud:
  35. ho!ho!ho!Merry Christmas! :)

    :five: :santaclaus: Merry X'mas:santaclaus: :beer:
  36. ZTH Car Spotted ... !

    SEG ar? seg at home , i drive avanza more than seg now .. :thefinger: :thefinger:
  37. ZTH Car Spotted ... !

    every weekend will stay at damansara ma... i oso keep on saw a green satria , xxx 521 , not sure is u o not , but look familiar .
  38. Sales Executive wanted~

    part time oso can ar... my company dont have any sales man ma .... so at least can help to find some customer lo ..... yi lou wan o not ?
  39. Sales Executive wanted~

    wanted Sales Executive~ experience 1-2 years in sales in hypermarket , office and stationery. Chinese male / female If interesting , pls call 03-40233864 mindy/ jessica
  40. Avanza Turbo, have a look! K3VET inside!

    i heard got a avanza turbo at kuantan . is a malay owner... dunno is this avanza o not ..
  41. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    kakakakkaka bought black face headlight from keithkeat ... hehehehe
  42. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    last nite i went elite highway see illegal drag.. saw 2 seg... dunno is zth member o not.... 1 is black 1 is grey wit black bonnet and black subaru bumper......
  43. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....bang wall geng
  44. TRD Toyota Aurion a.k.a Toyota Camry 2007!!

    i cant see the pic :bawling: :banghead:
  45. Dog Lover Please Come In

    i know SPCA bring lawyer go to discuss wit them ..... i think no use oso....sigh....
  46. Dog Lover Please Come In

    not catch thief , perompak .. but catch dog???? sigh.... @@#$%^%^&
  47. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    anyone go to monash motor show last saturday ?????
  48. "Monash Motor Show" - August 17 & 18, 2007

    me 6pm already at there.... too early already... and back home early..sigh ... no chance see drift and other monster car
  49. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

  50. ZTH Car Spotted ... !

    just now spotted a white satria wit black bonnet at setapak.. xxx 5555 ...nice number oh