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  1. Proton Satria Mivec 1.6 (M)

    Wgu xx33
  2. Proton Satria Mivec 1.6 (M)

    Selling off my sleeper rocket as I have to upgrade to a more family oriented car. This Satria is powered by a Mitsubishi MIVEC 1.6cc engine. Power on par with a Satria GTI 1.8cc yet has the fuel economy of a regular 1.6cc engine. Engine has clocked 100k in Japan before transplant. Transplant...
  3. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Go to this shop~! venue: 22, jalan industri 1/11, Tmn perindustrian USJ1,Subang. terms: cash and carry for more information call 012-2249991 The shopowner is nice and friendly and packed with lots of toyota wholesome knowledge.
  4. My MR2 for sale

    Add GT wing and 20" rims to the Van later..... And tubo kit And waste gate And bodykit And intercooler And Gull Wing Doors
  5. Power steering Issues

    RM100 at LSF Auto (Ah Kong) in Sunway to make a switch for the Power Steering.
  6. Newbie Reporting In! :)

    Aiyohhh y your nick almost same like mine ? haha lucky i MR2 and not MRS...
  7. Hi everybody, I'm new here...

    the metalic blue veilside MR2 must be Kim Leng's car... its a good car.
  8. MR2 for Sale

    ada loan ka? hahahahhaha jk jk nice ride dude. i wish i can own an MR2 one day.
  9. Shirts for our Club?

    )Joyride : Polo-T, cap and driving glove 2)Soff 3)iexit 4)V-pilot 5)goober1 6)goober2 7)MR2Micheal 8)lil_piggy2 9)lil_piggy2a 10)Mingz + Celine
  10. Any1 Interested for badminton session!!??!?

    i'm on.... call me alvin if u all ON. by the way, we sort of have an unofficial MR2 badminton club oredi organised by Johnson. Mondays 9pm-11pm Stadium Juara after KLGCC (Sri Hartamas area). Ppl i saw there were : Johnson, Dennis, Ah Chun, Danny boy, Me , i heard Rickey plays there too from...
  11. Makan Session part 3

    Please reckon restaurant & place: 1) Las caretas - maxican food - USJ taipan 2) ................. - Portugal food - USJ 9 3) ................. - Japanese food - Desa park city 4) ................. - Italian food - Sunway pyramid (can park at valet) 5) Dave - western food - 1 Utama (valet...
  12. Dilemma in choosing colour for my SW!!

    Alvin, i went through the same thing... it doesn't look as bad as u think it does lar. nevermind lah...Hai Gum Gehh~!
  13. Makan session (non halal)

    the more the merrier.................................
  14. MR2 SW 20 owners discussion thread

    wah got new kakiz..... that day my friend from melaka also asked me to view his nephews newly bought MR2 in kl... turns out his nephew is FISHIE.... haha FISHIE come out yum cha............................
  15. Makan session (non halal)

    interested fella please fill ur name here 1) Alvin + Ashlyn 2) Goober 3) Derek + gf 4) Soff 5) iexit & Ms.exit (But not this weekend i'm in singapore) 6) Mingz n Celz
  16. Looking for MR2 - need some kind advice

    we should make a sticky for this MR2 hunting topic... everyone is asking the same questions.............. 1) MR2 turbo costs between 35k - 65k depending on condition... higher cost genrally equals better condition. 2) Make sure no oil leaks, no overheating, turbo is good, no white smoke...
  17. Magazine Photo shoot Sign Up

    Re: Magazine Photo shoot Sign Up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) iexit 2)Goober 3)Soff 4)Falcon 5)MRMIC2 6)KP61 7)benyeap 8) Ak1r4 9) Ash 10) 11) 12)
  18. Need some help frm mrs members..

    I think this friday got yum char session, check out the postings at TehTarik thread.
  19. any MR2 up for sale?

    Wah Tai Motorsports... Pandan Indah - Andy... hahahahaa
  20. MAPA 2007 @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

    Yaa... RX8 klab is over there wei.... no rotaries here.
  21. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    the 1st pic n the one with kev squatting can be taken rite from the initial D film hehehehehehe
  22. any MR2 up for sale?

    jump in for monash motor show and meguir car care demo this coming week or two.
  23. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    Teh Tarik Session this Friday (03AUG07) at Dataran Prima 10.30 pm to discuss Meguairs Car Care Clinic on next Saturday (11AUG07) plans. So far already 15 confirmed participants. Looking for 5 more Looking for 1 Show Car and 1 Demo car for this event :) 1. Goober 2. iexit 3. Mingz...
  24. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Wanted: 1) Safety belt lock/clip <--- the thing that grips the belt when there is a sudden jolt. 2) Tom Sideskirts
  25. any MR2 up for sale?

    yup... yee is selling off his MR2.. call him at 0123031661 to see if he still has it.
  26. Power Steering Kaputt...

    u can do it at GT Auto or LKS workshop in sunway car workshop area... LKS is the other end of the Continental Tyre/Alignment shop. Facing the sewage pool. GT Auto is BEHIND LKS workshop.
  27. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    TT tomorrow 27th 10pm onwards 1. midship 2. newbie LAI 3. newbie YEW 4. newbie Alvin 5. oldie mickey 6. oldie chris 7. oldie han 8. did someone put my name or that's another - soff 9. oldie Marc :-) 10. Mediumz Mingz
  28. Power Steering Kaputt...

    haha ya man, its just a quick rm100.00 or less job..... do it quick... best rm100.00 i spent on my mr2
  29. Power Steering Kaputt...

    if really cannot, then ask the mech to make the power steering on FULL time with a switch where u can activate the p/s on or off.. i leave it full time on all the time though.
  30. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    Newspapers said JPJ is clamping down on Xenon lights and heavy tinting...
  31. Meguiars Car Detailing Workshop-Looking for participants

    Add me in too but how to get there? Add your name to the list: 1. Goober 2. Koolspyda (got your ok from the wife) 3. iexit (because you love to polish) 4. MRMIC2 5. TheFalcon (because you are desperate for a polish) 6. midship by name only 7. benyeap 8. Mathi 9. Schmues 10. Mingz...
  32. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    i think that ferrari kit is hilarious... like a super-deformed Ferrari.... hahaha... but i wouldn't slap it on my MRS as i luv the the ori MRS shape, make and model.
  33. Meguiars Car Detailing Workshop-Looking for participants

    tom's: remember to bring a bikini for your girlfriend :) hoveyda: kindly intro in view it is your first postings 1. Goober 2. Koolspyda (got your ok from the wife) 3. iexit (because you love to polish) 4. MRMIC2 5. TheFalcon (because you are desperate for a polish) 6. midship by name...
  34. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    1. iexit 2. goober 3. koolspyda 4. Mingz (don't mind driving up to Genting)
  35. Reasons why you like ur MR

    1. Evergreen looks.... I never get bored of lookin at my MR2 (SW20) or any other MR2 for that matter, i'm often caught just staring at MR2s for prolonged periods only to be pinched back to reality. Its very hard to imagine the car is already 17yrs old. 2. Not that fuel hungry.... MR2 is my...
  36. Looking for MRS for TV Ad

    Kit, Try to fit all the MR2s in the advertisement larrr hahahaha... We got a whole fleet of MR2s.
  37. MR2 For Sale RM 4x,xxx

    Nice Ride... Bump for u.
  38. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    then i'll have to get some of my nutty professor formula n make my car from plain to insane~!
  39. Transit - 50 hr Open Track Run Coverage

    nice... almost got a crx myself hehehehe....
  40. Transit - 50 hr Open Track Run Coverage

    bryan, what wheels are u rolling? :)
  41. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    interested mickey.. end of the month.. booked already.. hahahaha
  42. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    no one invited me go shop for parts ler... Mickey: i book 1 scratch free set from u.
  43. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    i'm interested wei... is the shop called MUN LEE? how long have u been back butho? and how long will u be stayin here until?
  44. Bumper sticker Akira/Famy and pic

    famy are u an airline steward who just purchased this car about 1yr max ago?
  45. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    akira... that's a very very cute banner... hahahaha... wonder if we can make stickers from it? *Sorry for offtopic*
  46. what you guys think of mit. FTO?

    My 2 cents: 1) Is it a nice to look at car based on its timeless design? Quite ler... still looks good after 13 years can be considered timeless right? Any car that is shaped aerodynamically looks good. 2) ever thinking of owning one? Yea. I'd like to own them all if possible lol. 3)...
  47. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    TT session this Friday at Shell TTDI at 10pm. We are finalising entries for our Jom Pandu! and also logistics. Please come and volunteer your services for this Sundays event. 1.MRmic2 2.Koolspyda 3. midship 4.Ash
  48. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    DD, what cars is your group of ppl driving? mixed lot? old skool? estima club? mini club?
  49. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    meister: i'm usually up in kl on weekends but these few weeks weekends also have to stayback. Everyone in the MR2 club is very nice and friendly... Don't be afraid to go alone.. :P loki : good job on the 'pink' MR2
  50. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    meister i'm working in melaka.... call me for yum char if u are in the area on weekdays :P