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  1. Denso Iridium Spark Plug IXU22 IK24 IKH22 IKH20 IT22

    Denso iridium Spark Plug range for all cars, turbo or NA. Ready Stocks IXU20 IXU22 -- Myvi , Avanza, etc IK16, IK20, IK22, IK24 -- Most Cars NA / Turbo IKH22 IKH20 -- Fortuner, Innova, Murano, X-Trail, Volve, Cayman, Panamera, etc IT20 IT22 -- Campro, W126, W124 Call...
  2. Boost Controller for BMW Mini Mercedes Audi VW

    Good morning, drivers.
  3. Boost Controller for BMW Mini Mercedes Audi VW

    All PM replied. We will close for CNY from 9/2 to 17/2.
  4. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Used Celica seat. Plug and play for SW20. Nice color. No tear and very clean. RM780. Call 0122988659
  5. Boost Controller for BMW Mini Mercedes Audi VW

    Nitro-Data A plug and play boost controller for your car. No wire cutting, installed and dismantle in minutes. Great for in warranty car.:listen: Available for most modern cars with turbo charged engine. It will give additional power increase from 15% - 30% depending on the engine models...
  6. Engine Stall

    1) check the spark plug distributor cover. open up check the carbon connector condition. 2) check the throttle again. under it has a idling valve control. you can see some wires connect to the bottom of the throttle. make sure that valve is really clean up. you may want to give more infor so...
  7. MR2 / MRS video

    Team UNclassified's Featured Car - 95sw21 Fitted MR2 HD - YouTube
  8. MR2 / MRS video

    mr2 turbo gen3 vs all jdm - YouTube
  9. MR2 SW 20 owners discussion thread

    Latest(11th March) TopGear(UK) got SW20 in the show.
  10. Nissan Fairlady Marketplace Links-Parts & Others

    I am looking for z350 17'' stock rim. Any one want to let go please drop me the price with sms 0122988659 Thanks.
  11. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    check this page out : WIDERisBETTER: TRD Widebody, 350Z paint, G35 LEDs, RX-7 Headlights, Lambo Doors, JDM, Best of Show, TV, Stereo, Vertical Door, Lots of Carbon Fiber, Mid-Engine RWD 1991 Toyota MR2 - Denver, CO
  12. Genting for breakfast tomorrow.

    Anyone interested go Genting coffeebean for breakfast tomorrow? 7.30am gather at Shell Petronas stations at MRR2 after flyover from Kepong. 7.45am depart. 8.30am arrive Coffeebean. 10am descent.:driver::driver:
  13. Japan GT - sport car gathering

    I didn't see any SW at the sport car gathering event. Not qualify to join or no one participate here?
  14. MR2 / MRS video

    MR2 Boleh... hehe MR2 Turbo vs Celica GT4 All Wheel Drive - Car Videos on StreetFire ---------- Post added at 11:37 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:26 PM ---------- Nurburgring 9m16s The boost indicator is nice.:love::love: <iframe title="YouTube...
  15. DIY - upgrade Trust intercooler fan

    completed fan shroud. <a href="" title="IMAG0537 by CheeYeong, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="300" alt="IMAG0537"></a> <a...
  16. DIY - upgrade Trust intercooler fan

    DIY continue... now need to extend the shroud to cover up the gap.. Now start construct the fan shroud, measure the plate required... place the fan shroud on the floor use the floor as base guide... <a href="" title="IMAG0511 by CheeYeong, on...
  17. DIY - upgrade Trust intercooler fan

    Oh, SW20 has it engine room fan wiring, it activate with the temperature sensor that located at the bonnet. Once reached certain temperature, the fan will run. I will use back the same wiring source to add a relay as this fan might take more power then the stock.
  18. DIY - upgrade Trust intercooler fan

    The stock fan is small. I think around 6 inches. Now try to put in a 10 inches fan which was one of the long pending project i wanted to do. here are some of the photos to share during my diy. Took out stock fan and intercooler. hook on the 'new' fan to see the right position and fitting...
  19. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    spotted SW20, WDX5151 in light blue color at LDP. Nice body kit. anyone know the owner?
  20. MR2 / MRS video

    Nice color... YouTube - Bill's daily driven Mr2 goes 11.4 @ 123!!! Built by The Driver's Image of Skokie, Il.
  21. Chronic Defect, Simple Solution?!

    Probably you pumped poor quality fuel at certain gas station. Power back after new fueling?
  22. Chronic Defect, Simple Solution?!

    check o2 sensor, airflow for ex.temp sensor.
  23. Chronic Defect, Simple Solution?!

    check the distributor cap. common problem for SW20.
  24. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale
  25. Toyota Autocross

    yeah... if other competitors dun might can post the full result here... :biggrin::biggrin: i know i break the over one minute record.. hahahaha...
  26. Toyota Autocross

    ok ok... will try it out next round..
  27. Toyota Autocross

    Bro tom's , when will be the next even? didn't get enjoy just now la... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  28. Toyota Autocross

    Will you standby fire extinguisher?
  29. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    This is the second right hand |Tom's air scoop i see in KL. The other one was Green color with twin Tom's scoop.
  30. Toyota Autocross

    i am in. just for fun. Venue changed to putra jaya?
  31. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    looking for sw20 sport spring. call me 0122988659
  32. Greatest Driving Roads?
  33. MR2 / MRS video

    YouTube- NA on the run - Amuse S2000 - Hot Version International
  34. MR2 / MRS video

    YouTube- MR2 Turbo attacks Duryea Hillclimb
  35. MR2 / MRS video

    YouTube- SW20 TRD 2000GT
  36. Drives or Touges!

    Traveled a road in Sabah that very nice for Touge. Google Maps this Road is long and at high altitude but not steep. Very nice weather and not many cars. Got a R&R at the highest point. Anyone from KK Touge at this road?
  37. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    14 can't fit into my brake caliper la
  38. Where should this holder place at?

    fuel filter, brake vacuum hose or aircon perhaps.
  39. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    looking for 15'' rim for second set as spare. for sw20. stock rim also ok.
  40. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    moving out? will try to find time come over collect my stuffs
  41. MRS ZZW 30 owners discussion thread

    what u mean by bullying? can describe in more detail? male or female driver? so what u do on the moment?
  42. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    CT26 Turbo to let go. Turbo still in Celica GT4. Taking out this weekend. Interested PM me.
  43. Battery NS70, N70Z

    Good Price. Free bump!
  44. Cam pulley comments

    3SGTE. No budget, otherwise will not consider middle grade. I didn't know HKS campulley also got imitation. How to differentia? What US brand available? Thanks.
  45. Cam pulley comments

    i am looking at toughness on the teeth and precision. I saw some well known brand have worn out quite badly.. Some cheaper brands i saw is not 100% round when it turn....
  46. Cam pulley comments

    Hi, Any of you use Works product before? I am thinking to get a set of cam pulley. Anyone can give some comments? If you do not want to post here, can PM me. Thanks!
  47. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    ↲↲↲↲ Looking for sw20 rear TRD spring. ↲ Contact me at 01229886590↲ :itsme:↲@@
  48. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    very good condition TRD muffler for sales.