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  1. BNR34 GTR Skyline

    Pls pm price and year of manufactured/registered. Tq
  2. VAG Owner's Count

    14. ongteckweng - VW Golf GTi MKV - Reflex Silver - 2008
  3. 4x4 pickup truck discussion

    Bro, FB have few clubs like triton tuner club n navara Malaysia club. Try there
  4. second hand Golf GTI

    MK6 TSI has a sweet 7 speed DSG n torque of a 2.4litre engine! but u r paying peanuts for the roadtax. in terms of FC, u can easily get over 600km for full tank (around 50 litre pumped). so its very fuel efficient. with 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, its super duper value for money...then...
  5. Shell rewards five more lucky Malaysians with RM30,000

    thats so childish thinking bro...
  6. Nissan navara

    Navara has a PCD 6 x 114.3, which is new to the Japanese market. U won't find any used rims in this PCD...most of the 4x4 rims r in 6 x 139.7 for Japanese 4x4. What u can do is to get aspacer which convert u to 6 x 139.7mm. My friend bought a set of 4 for rm1200. but with this spacer, u wont...
  7. Volk racing TE37X ori

    yeah...last yr sold the VW Golf GTi instead...much much more fun to drive...LOL
  8. FS: Over 100 sets of Japanese Rims!!!

    hi guys..pls call my friend @ 0126739891 Meng or visit his shop in Sunway...lost count what rims he have now...too much to list...thanks!
  9. Volk racing TE37X ori

    hahahaha...yeah...that was crazy sh*t.... so, hows life bro?
  10. Volk racing TE37X ori

    same as my previous TE37X 16" x 8JJ ET0 ah chua ahh? MIA long time lioa...kekeke but i miss the last TT @ his new home in Putra he is still around? Do we meet before ahh?
  11. Volk racing TE37X ori

    now using Raguna D-Force AKRO repainted to 2k black...hehehe
  12. Volk racing TE37X ori

    no bro..still have to wait for it...once u confirm...
  13. Federal RSR

    the cheapest Federal RS-R i could find is in Rawang, Yu Lek Tayar (same row as Balai Polis Rawang just beside the traffic light) got the 235/40R18 for RM662.50. 1 month later, price increased n got 225/40R18 for my bro @ RM650pc (installed + alignment) while in Sunway, its RM675/pc (installed +...
  14. Volk racing TE37X ori

    dont think u will find any auction, its around 150,000 yen factoring taxes, shipping etc etc...RM6450.00 from RAYS/ if i can get u anything below 6000, its already cheap! but have to wait...
  15. Volk racing TE37X ori

    usually only 4pcs....any 16" tires also can la...depends on luck...white or bronze
  16. Volk racing TE37X ori

    LOL bro, i will never use that offset on a pickup like Triton or Hilux. It looks ridiculous and stupid!! if u r on a SUV like Ninja, then its just nice. sometimes deep dish aren't for all truck...unless u r going to widebody like the Arctic trucks...then u will need something like 10JJ -50...
  17. Volk racing TE37X ori

    Pros: -more aggressive stand -better handling compare to stock rims -looks more lika 4x4 :) Cons: -Rains=very dirty body -slightly more noisy on highspeed
  18. Volk racing TE37X ori

    depends what u wan...usually i would recommend 16" x 8JJ +0
  19. Volk racing TE37X ori

    used one around rm5k++..u can get them new around rm9k edit: i could get u the used unit if u r keen..cheers
  20. Mitsubishi 4x4 Club

    i am using Q8 gear oil...very smooth n still clear @ 40000km interval... my dream 4x4 now: 2011 Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup hehehehe
  21. How to clean brake dust off rims

    get the Optimum Power Clean from KC2, our detailien. Very good product in cleaning stubborn stain yet not killing the paint.
  22. STI keeps busy with WRX STI tS

    but the rear is so VIOS...damn...
  23. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    Will try that on the next wash. Thanks KC
  24. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    KC...that's a good info. and i agree..ONR is so easy to use! i washed my truck in 35min and my GTi in 25min! LOL so clean n easy to use...n the can i live without them now! so easy yet effective. u guys have to try it coz its unbelievable. 1 bucket of 6 liter water + 3 caps of...
  25. Vq25 neo di swap ~~

    If not mistaken, a33 n a32 have different mounting. U will need to do some modification. Won't b a direct fit. Why the hassle when can get vq25de from a32? Many ppl think the Neo is good n better fc but not big difference if u ask me. Too much hassle.
  26. FS: Over 100 sets of Japanese Rims!!!

    sorry i can get them for u if u wan...
  27. MOST EXTREME ENGINE TRANSFORMATIONS - From Rag to Riches by KC's the Detailien

    bro kc, could u pls tell me where i can buy the Optimum products? or u r selling as well? Thanks edit: and when will u conducting detailing class ahh? hehehe
  28. Official Gran Turismo 5 release date set for 24 November

    just got my GT5 today and its great its finally here. game play is almost the same as GT4 with better layout n graphics...have to start earning licenses again n just got B-License and won couple of cups..if u haven't got the PS3, its time to get one for this game
  29. Tan Chong marks return to luxury segment with all-new Nissan Teana

    looks good and looking @ the pricing, its better value for money than its competitors...i had A32 for 13 years and Nissan is one of the most reliable car in Malaysia. thumbs up to TC...hopefully they will introduce more models into the market
  30. Clear pdrm summon for roadtax

    without receipt, ur summons will not be cleared. by paying rm60 "bribe", u can renew ur roadtax but not clearing ur summons.
  31. Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup - Hottest Hot Hatch now available here for RM230,000!

    Re: Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup - Hottest Hot Hatch now available here for RM230,000 Looks so much better in terms of spec for the price compares to GTi MK6! Brembo, Recaro and more powerful. Well done ZTH on the review. Thanks!
  32. Y-Pipe

    u cant buy off the shelf locally...they dont have it for Cefiro. u need to custom. just go to any reputable exhaust shop and they will b able to do it for u.
  33. vq20 to vq30

    bro, 2000cc upgrade 3000cc must change engine la...if u manage to do it without changing engine, u r rich
  34. A32 adjustable suspension~

    bro, honestly bro dream is right. with titan, u will b able to service them whenever u want. its easy coz they have their own workshop...u just walk in and they r able to service them in few hours time. while other local brands, although cheaper, will have few probs: 1) 1 setting for all cars...
  35. Bodykits for Cefiro A32?

    bro, those pics r taken when i still own the ride la...duno how it looks like now coz sold to a school teacher for rm40k cash!
  36. Bodykits for Cefiro A32?

    the pic shown was my ex ride bro but sold long time ago. its a local made kit by a famous JB co n inspired by Fabulous Japan. cost me ard rm1500 for the front n rear bumpers, side skirts, door panel and rear duck tail spoiler. quality wise, so so...i spend over rm4k to reinforce them with more...
  37. Almost New iPhone 3GS 32GB

    thanks for ur comment. item sold. ty
  38. Almost New iPhone 3GS 32GB

  39. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers

    bro, im driving a GOLF GTi MKV. how much will be the brake pads and rotors will cost? thanks
  40. Golf GTI Hijacked!!!

    danz, i agree these criminals don't deserve our sympathy. It's their choice. They only have themselves to blame. But we have laws and if they law enforcer didn't follow the law then why should the other ppl? some r innocent as we have seen a lot of misjudgment by the law enforcers. i think we as...
  41. Golf GTI Hijacked!!!

    we can't stop ppl from committing crimes. the best we can do is to be careful with ur surrounding whenever u go. i always ask my wife not to drive alone @ night if possible. never park the car by roadside if possible. go for secured parking lot. if the fuel run out, i will pump for her. be alert...
  42. Golf GTI Hijacked!!!

    hi guys, just helping a fellow forum friend from who got hijacked off his VW Golf GTI MKV yesterday @ Sunway. ************************************************************************* Extract from VW forum: by borneoeye Hi all VW Golf budddies, I just got back from...
  43. Nissan navara

    now we should b getting be the updated one with 3 stars rating
  44. vw & audi

    the cheapest way to do it: custom @ JFA, Sunway. a lot of GTI kaki did it there for fraction of the price APR is offering, but of course without the high-flow cat. n not surprisingly, by de-catting, u get extra few hp. since u already remap, u dont hv to worry abt the engine check light code by...
  45. Cefiro A32 or GTR33...?

    just an advice...if a 2 yrs old car is giving u such a headache, don't ever consider the GTR33! don't think u will last 1 month with it...they r rare breed ride. a dream ride for most of us. but the money involve to maintain such a monster is unbelievable. not considering wear n tear for such...
  46. vw & audi

    unless ur stock DV is broken, changing to the updated version will not increase ur bang for ur buck is still remap...
  47. vw & audi

    bro, urs konged?
  48. Nissan navara

    Overkill...going offroad its a lot safer coz u don't travel @ high speed. most likely danger: dents and scratches on body work n lots of mud....:) 4x4 parts r expensive in Msia. the only way: go to Thailand n do ur mod. even the tires r cheaper than Klang ---------- Post added at 10:37 PM...
  49. vw & audi

    I have a VW Golf MKV GTI
  50. Nissan navara

    overkill, im not surprise u r facing this prob. 1 tiny stone broke my week Triton's windscreen 3 yrs ago. the original was rm1.8k then before dropping to rm1.2k now. while China made glass only cost rm500. for the past 3 yrs +, i have changed 4 pcs of front windscreen!!!!!!!! each time hit by...