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  1. Fuiyo!!! Somebody transplanting v8 into altezza?

    wallawei!!!...after this we can see alot of this mod to tezza's community..
  2. Toyota Altezza For SALE

    waaah...anyone who buy this is the luckiest..envy envy...grrrr
  3. Altezza vs Mark-X 2005

    Hi..thanks everyone for the great advise..waaah,i can say that everyone is actually giving me the same great advise, which is to stay with the Altezza..from all the advises given, already i can assume that the Altezza is much more 'valuable'.. I had a 50-50 decision at the time i wrote this...
  4. Altezza vs Mark-X 2005

    Hi to everyone..first of all, i would like to wish Happy Wesak day to everyone.. I have a puzzle in my mind regarding my ride- Lexus IS200..Actually, i'm planning to refurbish my car and spend around 20k for the job. This might include 3S-GE installation to replace the 1G-FE. Then, i'm...
  5. Hks sld type 2

    aiya..still no luck ka kawan?...nnti saya tlg peringat si Ah han utk order...
  6. altezza stuff for sale much is Rubber fitment for all for doors of tezza.?...TQ
  7. Original TRD Coil Spring for Altezza

    Hi..may i know this spring lowers the car by how many mm?..TQ
  8. Soft pu engine mounting much is the cost for complete bushing for altezza?..
  9. Altezza TRD Absorber much for TRD spring only? much lowering is that compared to stock springs?..tq