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  1. Original Volk Racing Fzero Winning 17x8JJ 5x114.3

    Original Volk Racing F-zero winning. Made in japan. Forged rim. 17 x8jj et35. PCD 114.3. COD PJ area. RM2500. Price is negotiable.
  2. [WTS] Volk Racing winning F-Zero 18"

    Volk Racing F-Zero by Rays Engineering. Forged rims made in japan. 18 x 8jj, pcd 114.3, 5 lugs, offset 38. Bid from yahoo auction japan. Matte black. Price is negotiable. COD in PJ area. Serious buyer only. Pls whatsapp zero13 291 one388 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ----------...
  3. M7 SUPER COOLING RADIATOR CAP for Nissan,Subaru,Mazda (M-Type)

    Hi there. Any stock for lancer gt/ inspira? 100% ori M7?
  4. [wts]mitsubishi lancer evo 4 front brake

    Hi bro. Any contact no or whatsapp to discuss? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. SUPERPRO Polyurethane Bushes

    Re: SuperPro Steering Rack & Pinion Mount Bushings (SPF1706K) do you have it for inspira / lancer GT?
  6. Infinite NA Headers and Extractors

    Any header for inspira 1.8? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. HKS D1 Limited Edition Oil and Radiator Cap

    can the radiator cap be used on lancer gt / inspira?
  8. Rays Center Cap Type B

    Bro? Can measure? I couldnt find any info for the diameter of the cap on ray engs website. I would like to get it from volk racing winning fzero Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Rays Center Cap Type B

    Bro, can can the diameter of the center cap? The clip area. Thnx Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Airtreks front + rear brake set

    May i know which year is the brake set taken out from? Is it Airtrek turbo? And are there any photos of the caliper and rotor?
  11. [WTS] Bosch Carbon Cabin Filter

    Pls pm me the price of cabin filter for proton inspira. Thanks.
  12. WTS: 18 Advan Racing RZ Rims

  13. WTS: 18 Advan Racing RZ Rims

    Is this ori or replica?
  14. Wts: Rays 18inch

    Hi there, May i know what's the front and rear offset? is it staggered offset?
  15. {WTS} Ultra Racing + Stiff Ring , Handling Package

    pls pm me details for proton inspira's package. Thanks.
  16. New Volk Racing T37 SL

    Bro, Can you pm me your shop location and address. Does your shop accept trade in?
  17. [WTS] McGard Wheel Lock Nut Set

    Bro, Please pm me the price for +Black Tuner Wheel Lock Nuts + Black Tuner Lug Nuts (20 pcs total). p1.5.
  18. RALLIART Shift Knob New Model (Red/Black/White)

    How to deal, mr yap?
  19. rim wrc tarmac evo 17"

    bro, May i know the reason for respraying the rim? Coz i know the enkei WRC TARMAC EVO only come in white color.
  20. enkei rpf1 japan 17' pcd114.3 5h

    Hi There, May i know your location please?
  21. 16" 4 hole PCD 100 ENKEI RPF1

    is this ori enkei RPF1?
  22. Original Ralliart gear knob

    BRo, do u have black color for the Ralliart gear knob? Just 1 mroe question, is it ori? Sorry for asking coz there are alot of imitation Railliart gear knob for sale out there.
  23. Ralliart Shift Gear Knob

    is this ori bro?
  24. Mitsubishi Lancer GT Demo Car

    Just wanna ask, this demo car is sold as used or new?
  25. Subaru WRX 8. Urgent Sale. Cheap cheap!

    Doubt it can b legally done. TS please clarify to interested buyer. Thank you.
  26. Satria Neo CPS problem

    Hi bro. it seems like we are in the same boat. I've been thinking quite awhile till now i still haven't get it. Sigh, proton.
  27. Original Limited Edition Satria Neo R3 Clubsport

    hi there mavrick, May i know what happen to the front splitter? As i know that every R3 clubsport comes with it. Yours seem to be missing but it's a nice car indeed. When you mention a set of cams will bring up da bhp to 145. Are you refering to the high cams?
  28. Satria Neo CPS problem

    This jerking problem already mentioned by the TS. You can refer to the front pages about it. You will need to get your ECU swapped.
  29. My Swift Sport ‘08 (M) up for Sale

    bro, pls pm me the details for loan and your car mileage and location to view your car in selangor. Thanks.
  30. Satria Neo CPS 1.6 (m) white brand new. Ready stock, 1 unit only!!!

    Hi there. is the car still in the showroom?
  31. Honda ek9 (track car)*b20b engine*

    Hi Bro, Is this the actual picture of the car you are selling? Because i saw the exact same car that was put on sale in which is a registered road car. If this is not the actual car, please post the actual picture of it. If not you are misleading people.
  32. Subaru STI spec c ver 7

    Hi, are you the owner or dealer?
  33. [WTS]Casio Edifice EF-535 BK

    Item(s):CASIO EDIFICE EF-535BK Package includes:Everything in the Box Price:RM800(negotiable) Warranty:1 year warranty by CASIO Dealing method:COD Location:PJ Area Contact method/details:call / sms 019 278 1688. (only serious buyer) Item(s) conditions:Prestine and it's only 1 Week old...
  34. Satria Neo CPS problem

    Oh, ic. I think they must have given you a set of cheap wiper blade. Sigh, Proton oh Proton. When will they learn and make up for all these crap stuffs that the customers have to bear with.
  35. Satria Neo CPS problem

    You mean the wiper arm bent was caused by the wiper motor jam?
  36. 2007 Honda Civic 2.0L i-VTEC

    I tot you have postd tat you car is sold? So what's wif the bump?
  37. Satria Neo CPS problem

    How did it bend? Some1 sabotage it ? I'm curious.
  38. Honda CTR EP3 for sale

    Bro, I've emailed you but i haven't receive any reply frm you. I'm interested in the car. Pls pm me. Thank you.
  39. Ori EK4 98/2000

    Hi there, is it a 2door hatch / 4door sedan?
  40. Suzuki Swift 05/06 CBU - Pearl Orange (title)

    Acat46, The 1.5L swift is only available in auto tranny in Malaysia. This is direct import by Suzuki Malaysia.
  41. Suzuki Swift 05/06 CBU - Pearl Orange (title)

    Bro Kratos, 1.5 suzuki swift only available with auto transmission. The manual is only available for Swift Sports and that's 1600cc.
  42. ORIGINAL CIVIC B16B E-EK9 Type R -99

    Of coz bro. The chassis has been strengthen by honda. Which you cant do it at any shop and its consider illegal to strengthen it for street use. You should do a search on you will know.
  43. Full TRD spec - Toyota Celica TRD for sale

    Hi there, U've got pm.
  44. Full TRD spec - Toyota Celica TRD for sale

    Hi there, May i know is this ori manual or converted? and also TRD strut bar? I dont c any in the engine bay.
  45. Satria Neo CPS problem

    Black rims with white color body. Looks awesome for those angles. Kudos. Do enjoy your ride. So dato SZ team, is the ppl to look for if anyone has the similar problem like yours, rite?
  46. Satria Neo CPS problem

    Its real disheartening to find out all these issues after you have bought the car. You guys pay with your hard earn money. So it's kinda upset to say that's normal it happens. Proton knows that the rakyat will just say that so the quality of the car never improved. This is sad.
  47. [for sale] honda civic 2.0 vtec fd2 2006 grey

    Hi there, Are you the onwer / used car dealer?
  48. EG 6 K20 For Sale

    Those engine mounts are Hybrid Racing K-Swap Engine Mount. These engine mounts are after market engine mount that was build for the K-swap into EG/EK chassis. It's not modified engine mount for your info and modified engine mount will not pass JPJ. Unless u go another way of getting it approved.
  49. b18C or B20B block, which 1 better

    Below 6500 RPM. Anything more than that, you can say bye bye to your engine. B20B block is not a high revving block for your information. You need to strengthen it in order to rev like the b16a block. So get yourself ready for RM20K and above to get there.
  50. Ek4 (Ori) 2 door

    totally agree with you, mdadlan.