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  1. Math problem.

    I have a 100m3 end product that fully produced from 850kg/m3 density raw material, this will give me end product with density of 850kg/m3. Now i have 100m3 end product that produced from combination of 70% of raw material with density of 850kg/m3 and 30% of raw material with 450kg/m3 density...
  2. Modifications done to Inspira

    I try it and it reset the month from 4 to 10 but not the mileage..:stupid::stupid::stupid: [/I] Cant open d webpage la bro. Guess i'll just ignore the service reminder sign for the time being..:driver::driver::driver:
  3. Modifications done to Inspira

    Thanks bro.. tried and everything else is reset except that sign. when i press the trip meter & turn the key, the sign will blink but wont reset. I still can't solve since i dun have the manual book.
  4. Modifications done to Inspira

    Hi guys. I dunno where to post, so i just put this on inspira section. may i know the meaning of this sign on inspira? thanks in advance..
  5. What are you driving now?

    I started with satria 1.5, pass it to my younger brother & now driving inspira 2.0. I like the satria more coz its manual:driver::driver:
  6. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    don't be like dat la bro, me so noob how to race with you.:adore::adore: Should be ok, not that expensive for me.
  7. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    bro vr2turbo, i haven't collect the car coz got no time to come down to kl. so i still don't have pictures of the car but it is the gx model. very basic, don't even have a body-kit and everything is still standard. will collect it by this weekend. since it is just for my wife daily use, i guess...
  8. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    I end up buying Suzuki Swift of year 2012.Condition is good with mileage of 41k km. Mileage doesn't look like tempered but who know, plus overall car condition is good. Hopefully the car got no hidden problem. Thanks everyone for your kind opinion and experience sharing. :driver::driver:
  9. Tire Price list Zth

    even the taukey said the same thing to me, better take ps3 since not much price diff :driver::driver:
  10. Tire Price list Zth

    Michelin ps3 195 55 r15 rm230 Michelin xm2 195 55 r15 rm220 Michelin ps4 215 45 r17 rm420 Michelin ps4 215 55 r17 rm500 Bridgestone potenza re002 215 45 r17 rm330 quoted from UTS Tyre Service, Temerloh.
  11. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Thanks for d opinion bro, very much appreciated since i don't have any past experience with this car.
  12. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Look like my hunt for good condition Latio is not so easy since this car is quite old. Will try to search for few more weeks before moving to next car choice, which is Swift. It's a bit troublesome since I'm staying in Mentakab and most of d car advertised for sale is in KL & Selangor, I only...
  13. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Yup, checked and its HR16DE engine. Latio maintenance shall be not as expensive as Sylphy i guess.
  14. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Fuhh..damn kaw2 la bro, make me think twice to buy Latio. No wonder Sylphy second hand value so low, maintenance is high.
  15. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Bro, don't scare me la. Is Nissan that bad? Coz i got no experience with both of this car. Yesterday I went down all the way from Mentakab to KL just to test drive d Latio car, reach d shop and no people there. Call & confirm with the salesman before departing, he said got people at shop. So...
  16. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Car is for daily use only which will be used by my wife. Comfort & reliability is all she want. Going to test drive Latio tomorrow. If she don't like it, I'll just go for Swift. :driver::driver::driver:
  17. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    What I know is Suzuki convert all of their outlets to Proton and stopped their sales of new Suzuki cars, now they are selling Proton cars.
  18. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Latio, i like d space & comfort even though the spoiler is f****king ugly. Swift, everything is okay except space. I just don't know which 'almost 10 years old car' is better. I don't want to be a regular workshop visitor after getting d car. kinda 60/40 for now :confused::confused::confused:
  19. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    I already own an Inspira 2.0 (A) 2011, so this car is also out of my choice. I don't want to have 2 Inspira at home..:rofl::rofl::rofl: I read that Latio is quite good & comfortable car even though the spoiler is really ugly to me, rarely heard owner complaining bout their car. Swift design look...
  20. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Thanks everyone for d feedback. I'm looking for hatchback, so sedan is out of my range of choice.
  21. latio 1.6 hatchback, swift 1.5

    Nissan Latio Hatchback 1.6 (A) (2008 - 2010) RM26k - 32k Suzuki Swift 1.5 (A) (2008-2012) RM28k - 35k Planning to use for long term. Which one is more reliable & durable? Both car are almost 10 years. :driver::driver:
  22. Reducing road noise level for 225/45/18

    soundproofing might help reducing few dB..
  23. 4G92 low idle RPM after changing alternator

    i thought OBD can adjust rpm, they just adjust the rpm reading on the the OBD..:questionmark::questionmark::questionmark:
  24. Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Re: Gong Xi Fa Chi gong xi fa cai! drive safe everyone..
  25. Gearbox Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from the clutch plate bro.
  26. Gearbox Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    since this thread is transmission related, i will just tumpang my post here. is it okay if i don't replace my clutch set coz the spring inside is producing noisy sound? or will it cause any problem to my drive?
  27. What RPM when shifting gear (manual)

    2-2.5k for normal driving
  28. Inspira any problems ????

    Guys, can i use proton CVT oil for inspira 2.0? Will it affect or damage my transmission? The recommended oil is Mitsubishi Diaqueen CVT Fluid-J1. Thanks!
  29. Can i replace lower arm bushing only?

    replacing bushing is almost the same cost of getting new lower arm unless you go for better than OEM bush..
  30. Tire Price list Zth

    Prices of tyres have come down - Nation | The Star Online Decreasing meh? long time didn't check d tyre price liao.
  31. Working in a luxury car company

    agree with bro Danz.. just mind your own job in d company and don't get involved in those office politics. Just gain experiences as much as you can. I remember when i was working as a fresh grad 6 years ago. It was a family business where MD is the father, oldest son is GM and another 2 younger...
  32. WTA about kancil rims.

    depend on their mood. good mood = no ticket, bad mood = ticket issued:rofl::rofl:
  33. Be careful of bank investment packages

    which bank la bro? d kepala harimau ar?
  34. daihatsu charade g100 steering not return

    I have exactly the same problem with my car. half turn is ok, more than that the steering wont return. when i ask foremen, he said maybe because my tyre is wide causing this problem. I just ignore it since i already use to it.:driver:
  35. Changing banker for housing loan.

    Ok..ok..the banker never mention this kind of thing. look like i have to meet and ask him again.
  36. Dangerous and Death roads

    get a 4x4 car. bump, divider,minor flood no problem.:driver:
  37. Changing banker for housing loan.

    the daily loan is like flexi loan ar? the hsbc bank explain to me bout the reducing interest base on how much you have in ur account. in d end it save like 10 months worth of our installment. for example, let say our loan is 360, we can finish finish the installment within 350 months. dunno...
  38. Changing banker for housing loan.

    there are few types of epf withdrawal for house buying. If i have a lot of epf saving, I will do the same. the problem is my epf acc 2 saving is not even 10% of the house value that i want to buy.hehe
  39. Changing banker for housing loan.

    I see.. I will ask the banker for the processing fee waiver. I will take the bank's panel lawyer for the s&p preparation and then withdraw my epf saving once all is ready. The banker did inform me on the discount for 1st house buyer on stamping. Any other fee that i can ask for waiver or discount?
  40. Changing banker for housing loan.

    yup, i was interested in the hsbc full flexi loan even though the interest rate is slightly higher by 0.1 but their valuation cannot meet the owner selling price. thanks for d advice bro, really appreciate it as a 1st house buyer with no experience. sumore, i have to go settle all by myself...
  41. Changing banker for housing loan.

    yup, d 100% is under cagamas for 1st buyer. HLB offer me 4.5 because i didn't take d insurance, if take insurance is 4.45. Yesterday i did survey to all bank available in my place and i guess i will take dis HLB offer. the banker oso did show me the dsr calculation.
  42. You want it... you get it... epic leather cleaning.

    13 hours of detailing. U damn high level of patience & committed la bro:adore::adore:
  43. Changing banker for housing loan.

    Everything was in order, house seller's selling price is within what the bank valuer quote. And when i apply for the loan, i was promised by the banker for 90% + legal fee included. I didn't buy the insurance from the bank, buy it outside is cheaper. When d approval come, the banker cannot...
  44. Hmm..... which 50/50 would you want to see first.

    simple one but marriage last long is better la, no need grand wedding but after 2 year divorce. just give sincere dinner, untung or not belakang kira. Wah bro DarkAccoon, like dis u & ur wife can open house renovation company liao lor..haha
  45. Changing banker for housing loan.

    Thanks for the advice, bro. I've complained to the banker and now in process to renegotiate with the bank. Now very busy with work and really no time to go around checking other bank while the house seller is chasing my ass since he already have another buyer queuing if my loan is not approved...
  46. Hmm..... which 50/50 would you want to see first.

    I'm still in process of going through this headache part. Now in process of buying house & getting married by this dec. Now my wallet hole is as deep as the earth inner core that if it can speak, i think my wallet is crying out very loud now..:bawling::bawling::bawling::bawling:
  47. Changing banker for housing loan.

    I mean resubmit to the same bank but different banker. I haven't sign it yet.
  48. Changing banker for housing loan.

    I submit a housing loan application to banker A. He promise me of 90% of the house value loan and legal fee to be included for the loan approval. When the loan approved, its only 89% and legal fee is not included in the loan which mean i need to fork out cash of 11% and legal fee. When I ask him...
  49. > Opinion needed to choose used 4X4, Any advise?

    i would prefer hilux or pajero for maintenance & part availability.. for durability, Jimny or Toyota LC is my choice.
  50. Idiot Drivers

    dis is the time where d Team play their role ma..but if alone then run for your lifeeeee la..:rofl::rofl::rofl::vroam::vroam: